Japanese girl hairstyles: how to do traditional hairstyles with your own hands

February 10, 2020 — by MCutts0

Japan is a wonderful country with its culture and its people. Girls from the rising sun can easily find out through their make-up and hairstyles. Stacking the geisha leaves no one indifferent. At first glance, they seem easy, but they have many features, so not every girl

can do Japanese hairstyles with their own hands.

japanese hairstyle Original, but complicated to execute

  • Features Japanese-style hairstyles for girls, girls and women use to beam the tail
  • traditional Japanese hairstyles for long curls with chopsticks, as a geisha national image do your own hands
  • Japanese haircut anime for boys and girls: the picture
  • japanese student hairstyle bob with bangs short hair

features Japanese-style hair for girls, girls and women the tail beam

use a yap presentsOno girl the first thoughts on the emergence of kimono, black hair, and the presence of flower pens and wide horizontal in the range.

wore such hairstyles, dresses in the 17th century, so that they only dress on a traditional holiday. Her conclusion is labor intensive, it is not easy to close it the second time, the technique is quite complicated. It is best to do it on long hair.

In everyday life, Japanese women do simple styling and even allow themselves short hairstyles. But they also have nuances, not every hairdresser will ideally fulfill them can. Japanese hairstyles for boys are not much different from women. They are suitable for brave and creative people. Locks are painted black or red or painted in light colors with small strands.

The peculiarity of these hairstyles is bangs and asymmetries, they give the picture a riddle.

traditional Japanese hairstyles for long curls with chopsticks, as a geisha national image do your own hands

To create Japanese hairstyles for long hair girls needed:

  • origami.
  • ramps.
  • Sticks in different lengths. They are made of wood, turtle shell or bone.
  • jam.
  • flowers.
  • hairpins.

The pounding above is universal and popular with students in Japan. Japanese hairstyle with kazanshy bumps (wooden sticks) is said to:

  • collect hair in a ponytail and secure with a rubber band while leaving ribs on the sides.
  • Then tighten the tail in a tight tourniquet and wrap it around the gums.
  • Gently end the hair under a seagull and fasten it on the sides with two sticks (chestnuts).
  • Fill hair with gel or wax.
  • Let two hang from the sides of the strand.
  • The laying can be decorated with flowers, rivets or other decorative elements.
  • Another option can be chosen for girls with long elbows. You need to collect hair in a knot and wrap it in a loop shape, then attach screws and locking varnish. This loop can be placed on the side, on the crown or on the neck.

    For each Tag you can create a light stack: split the hair in two parts (top and bottom), twist the top part into a bundle and leave the bottom left side free. And to complete the picture can be a thick and smooth forehead, with left strands on the sides. Every Japanese makes such traditional Japanese hairstyles.

    Japanese anime hairstyle for girls and boys, student picture

    Anime – the most creative haircut in Japan. Japanese cartoon characters are also fans in other countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, etc.) who mimic their style of clothing and hairstyle. This relocation is even done by the boys.

    Japanese men’s anime hairstyles are listed as well as for girls with short hair. But the completion of the creation process is very complex and difficult for most locks. Finally, they need to be painted in bright colors (you can even combine them), use different tools to fix them, so they need to create a special and timely supply. Japanese-style hairstyles are made by young people who are interested in cartoons of anime or unusual images.

    The peculiarity of Japanese Hairstyles for Girl is layered hair styling, crocheted at the ends, thick, long and sometimes torn. Following the same principle, anime is made on medium and short hair.

    Japanese haircut with bangs on short hair

    The simplest Japanese hairstyles are the chest. The length of the girl’s hair is not important, the main thing is the bangs. The hair can be cut precisely, and if necessary, gather it in the tail. You can get this hairstyle creatively and shave the curls, lengthen the front and gradually shrink to the neck. But such a stack is already collected in the tail, does not work, and hair in everyday life will interfere. To decorate a haircut, flowers, hairpins, or hair can be in a vibrant shade.

    Japanese Japanese looks exotic

    Japanese hairstyles and hairstyles will attract attention. They are bright, extravagant, bold and at the same time very interesting.


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