How to make a retro hairstyle by yourself: step by step instructions, women secrets

The film “The Great Gatsby” has caused a surge in interest in retro-style hairstyles. They are perfect to underline the femininity of every girl. How to get retro hairstyle at home? Imagine a step-by-step guide to creating retro hairstyles with your own hands.

Retro hairstyle can be done on hair of any length, but feminine look hairstyles for long and medium hair.

Romance 20 years

Great Gatsby hairstyle

Intricate hairstyle made of curls with an elegant wrap was made on the basis of long hair. In the first step, comb your hair, securing the top with a cute hair clip. The rear lower strands are braided, in thin braids, which are fastened tightly under the neck with the invisible, they create the necessary volume in the lower part of the head. The upper basket weave, closed, with strands of hair firmly attached to the clamps. The upper strands of hair are wrapped on the curling, each strand is twisted in itself and in rings and secured with a pin. In the final phase of the top of the hair should be brushed and stacked light waves all over the head, attach them by wrap. The hair should be slightly disheveled, not having the feeling of a long and careful styling. To wear this hairstyle with a matching dress in retro style.

The elegance of the 40s

Hairstyle in retro style step by step

Make the classic hairstyle in the spirit of 40 years, very light. The first step is to create curls. For this, hair is wound on curling and slightly warm. Subsequently, each strand needs a little backcomb at the roots to create volume. Then the front strands of both sides of the forehead are twisted into tight-bundles that are fixed by studs and invisible. The rest of the hair is spread out in the form of curls over your shoulders.

Simplicity and elegance

Hairstyle in a retro style step by step manual

Very light retro hairstyle for long hair, suitable for every day and for releasing, it only runs for five minutes. The first step is to create light curls with a curling iron. All hair needs to transform, curl. Then a lock of the front hair also separated and pulled into a hard roller, which lay on its side and fixed with needles. Form a band that will help long stem from a comb to the wound hair. The scooter should be tight and close to the head. The rest of the hair comb and bloom on the shoulder.

Sexy 60s

Retro bouffant hairstyle with your own hands

High-water-head haircuts were brought into the fashion of Brigitte Bardot. Today still as relevant hairstyle in the spirit of the sexy 60s.

In the first step, comb the hair over the entire length. Then the strands on the back of the head much necesitada at the roots. The next step is to cheat all hair, using curling iron or styler to get light waves and small curls. The front lock of hair or bangs hides under the rest of the hair, sticking firmly to the head. So, the entire volume is focused on the back of the head.

A touch of history

Hairstyle in a retro style does not necessarily have to be strict with every era, you can choose a model with just a small allusion to a historical model. Simple hairstyle with a slight retro shade will do so. First do you have to divide the hair into strands, then each of them with a pair of tongs or a styler, you need to spin yourself into a hard roll, warm up for 1-2 minutes. Then, without spinning, rings, hair clip, and let them cool for 4-5 minutes. After combing the hair gently, there should be quite strong waves at the ends of the hair. You can consolidate the effect with hair spray.


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