How to look fresh at 50? 10 expressive styles for every taste!

When creating a stylish look, it is important that all the details are connected to each other. Without adherence to this principle, it will not be possible to create a harmonious and integral image. We are talking not only about color combinations, but also texture, the purpose of the style. Here are some examples for middle-aged women.

Elegant styles for women 50+
Regular fit jeans are a great choice for women of all shapes and sizes. When choosing, pay attention to the fit, give preference to jeans with a medium or high cut. With jeans like this, it’s easy to create a casual style by opting for a loose white T-shirt and a black classic blazer. You can complement the image with sneakers or shoes.

If you plan to create a more strict image with the same jeans and a jacket, then instead of a T-shirt, it is better to take a thin sweater in a tangerine shade. The whole thing is completed with classic light brown pumps and a handbag matching the shoes, not made of suede, but of matte leather.

Another stylish, casual look. The basis – navy blue pants and a T-shirt with a romantic floral pattern on the chest. Classic pink cardigan with a length of mid-thigh completes the whole. The clothes go well with accessories – a handbag matching a cardigan and beige sneakers with thick beige soles.

A very effective look based on the contrast of black and red. The basic element of the styling are black leather pants with a straight cut and a black turtleneck. Turtleneck should be chosen not tight-fitting, but partially close-fitting. Accessories – a scarlet stripe and burgundy pumps – emphasize the look.

Black and white sets look no less impressive. To create this unconventional look, the same leather pants were chosen as used in the previous example. This set is harmoniously complemented by black leather wedge heels, as well as fashionable jewelry made of yellow metal.

A beautiful look can be achieved with velvet pants in a rich wine color. They were combined with a pink shirt with a large print and a light beige classic coat with a belt. The whole is completed with a sand-colored handbag and shoes in the same color, but in a slightly lighter shade.

A light coat in a white and gray large cage below the knees looks very stylish. The look is complemented by high suede ankle boots in a gray-beige shade.

A light cream jersey dress is a staple that can be used to create a variety of styles. In the example, black accessories were matched to the dress. It’s a long leather cape, high-heeled shoes, a rectangular bag. And also a leather belt and an original necklace.

The dark chiffon dress with a floral print looks very feminine. The model is complemented by a short sweater in a lavender shade, as well as white sneakers with laces in the color of the sweater. Another stylish accessory is a stylish handbag with an ombre effect.

Don’t hesitate to dress expressively. A few bright touches will not hurt anyone. On the contrary, they will emphasize your beauty, because vivid shades rejuvenate.

And don’t run blind to trends. Yes, fashion is good, but your style and individuality are better. Trust your own style.