How to dress to look slimmer? 6 best tricks!

Fashion is becoming more and more lenient towards chubby women. Really. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and deserves the best clothes. And fortunately, fashion designers are increasingly thinking about the wardrobe of chubby women. Therefore, today we will discuss the most suitable outfits, starting with dresses and ending with pants.

Blouses for plump women

Clothes that completely cover or lower the waistline change the figure for the worse. Your legs will be shorter and your waist will be wider. Choose pants, dresses, skirts and high waisted tops. The waist can be emphasized with a stylish belt. A belt is a great accessory to balance your outfit and emphasize your sophistication.

If you are chubby and wear high waisted pants, you should pair them with a tight top. Thanks to this, you will emphasize your forms. Avoid loose, straight cut clothes that will make you look chunky. You want a blouse that will emphasize your bust and emphasize your waist.

Jackets for plump women

The right jacket should be a continuation of what you started above when choosing a blouse. In other words, it should gracefully emphasize the chest without disturbing the balance between the top and bottom of the outfit.

Choose body-fitting jackets that reach the hips. Short women look good in short jackets and tall women in longer jackets. Avoid patterns with lots of pockets and cluttered finishes, as well as those made of thick fabric.

Pants for plump women

Choose high-waisted pants that will make your legs appear longer and slimmer. Be it classic pants, joggers or jeans. The effect will be even more pronounced if you add a pair of high-heeled shoes to the pants.

Skirts for plump women

The skirt adds sensuality and elegance to every woman. Skirts accentuate your figure, give you self-confidence and look fantastic whatever your outfit. We recommend high-waisted pencil skirts close to the body. On the other hand, if you like comfort and A-line skirts, know that they go well with voluminous tops, balancing each other out.

Dresses for plump women

If chosen correctly, the dress will mask those extra pounds and help you look taller. We recommend long asymmetrical dresses, preferably with slits, dresses with vertical stripes, long shirt dresses, sailor-style dresses, off-the-shoulder dresses with ruffles, party dresses, and of course, high waisted dresses. All these styles will bring out your strengths and dilute your weaknesses.

Casual outfits for plump women

It is important to consider texture, fabric, shape and even colors. Avoid dense, hard, thick fabrics that will make you look bigger. Choose clothes with vertical prints. And if you don’t have such elements in your wardrobe, create vertical lines by combining trousers and shoes of the same color. Vertical lines will make you look taller and slimmer. This effect can be doubled with heels.

Avoid overly large, bright, vibrant clothes, intricate prints, embroidery, inserts, and anything else that can make your outfit look heavy. As for the color, 1-2 colors are more than enough. Multicolored outfits will emphasize the shortcomings of your figure.