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March 15, 2017 — by MCutts0

Do you have straight, thin hair? Do you give your hairstyle a lot of volume? Or do you have wavy hair? But you want to shape the loops? Good news! Here you will find, how to curl with a flat iron . With the help of Tutorials and videos below you have an amazing hairstyle. You also don’t need a curling iron!

How to make curls with a flat iron? With little effort!

Today, one of the most used beauty accessories by women is the hair straightener. Thanks to its compact design, we can easily create beautiful hairstyles. The initial idea was to start with kinky hair or unruly hair in general. So the flat iron should be used to get perfectly straight and straight hair. But human creativity quickly changed perspectives. Now this irreplaceable tool is used to straighten and loosen hair.

Women are not only elegant and beautiful creatures, but also innovators. A woman can always customize any object. This is the case with the flat iron. With little effort and lots of creative ideas to fetch the ladies get the best out of their services. Have a nice hairstyle in just a few minutes. Without visiting the hair salon. This is possible. For long hair and for a square haircut. You also can’t be the most capable person in the world. Master the techniques.

In the following article we will see different ways to curl your hair with a straightener. Above all, there are some important prerequisites in order not to damage your structure.

  • It is recommended never to treat wet hair. Make sure they are dry. If not, they will burn quickly from high temperatures.
  • Use cosmetics to protect your hair. A heat protection spray like this or an evaporator against heat is very useful.
  • To achieve a permanent result and fix your hairstyle, apply a hairspray just before the treatment.

Nice and very natural hairstyle

Innovative technology – make light curls with a braid and straightener

Use products to protect the structure of your hair

Get great results in just 4 steps!

How to do curls with a flat iron? We’ll start with the simplest technique.

  1. Depending on the desired effect, you have to split your hair into several strands. Their size depends on the intended result. For wider curls, use thicker strands. If you like English curls, that is, tighter ones, take finer strands. When you have determined the type of waves, proceed to the next step.
  2. Take a wick. Hold the straightener diagonally off the floor.
  3. Wrap it around the wick.
  4. Slide it carefully.

How to curl with a flat iron

Look forward to his new hairstyle

You can get the loops you want in just three easy steps

Ripples emphasize feminine beauty

They are very suitable for blonde hair and sweeping

With quality products you keep the softness and health of your hair

Square haircut with blonde highlights

The mirror will guide you through the process

Or you can leave yourself in the hands of a professional

Improvise with a wavy fringe hairstyle and straight hair

Part your hair in curls to make it easier to work with

Give volume to fine hair

Do not over tighten the straightener

Wind the ends of the wicks

Complete your vision with natural makeup in pink lips

Innovative technique to wave hair with a straightener

Opt for a semi-attached hairstyle

Black shades are always in fashion

Original variant for a special hairstyle


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