How to choose high-quality potatoes: 5 things to pay attention to

Perhaps no vegetable is as sought after and loved as ordinary potatoes.

On its basis, a huge amount of delicious dishes is prepared, which are the basis of our diet. However, not everyone can choose high-quality potatoes. Here are a few details that are worth paying attention to.

How to choose the right potatoes?
1. If you want to buy a particular variety, it is worth going to the marketplaces because the breeder knows exactly what variety he is growing. In stores, this matter is much more complicated.

2. Don’t buy large potatoes, even if you think it’s a great way to shorten your peeling time. Such potatoes are usually grown not entirely “honestly” – various additives are used.

3. If the potato has green parts, you don’t need to buy it. This suggests that root vegetables can be dangerous to your health.

4. The abundance of potato sprouts indicates the presence of various diseases that do not meet the quality requirements. Inside, you can expect a “surprise” – blackened potatoes, unfit for human consumption.

5. Before buying, touch the root crop to evaluate its quality. Soft fruits indicate improper storage and other shortcomings, therefore they are not suitable for cooking.