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Connoisseurs and lovers of Asian cinema, especially that chinese film art, names like Alan Mak, John Woo, Johnnie To, Tsui Hark or Won Kar-Wai will not be unknown. After all, these names can be assigned to the best-known and most important directors of the Chinese film metropolis of Hong Kong.

Mostly with tangible stories, Johnnie To and Co. have made Asian film known worldwide, especially with police thrillers, the distinctive Kung Fu cinema and gangster films. Instead of action, it can Hong Kong cinema but also with experimental and romantic works convince what, for example, Wong Kar-Wai with his film 2046 proved.

As a result of the continued success, numerous actors have conquered the sky of stars and starlets in the past as well as today. These include Anita Mui, Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jiang Wen or Gillian Chung, to name just a few. But not only actors have become famous, but also the city with its countless film locations himself, appeared in various facets in the film productions. In this way, visitors and film lovers have the opportunity to at least experience Hong Kong’s film history as a passive observer.

Avenue of Stars: China’s Walk of Fame

Whether you’re a film buff or not, every visitor to Hong Kong won’t be able to avoid visiting Avenue of Stars 星光 大道. Along the Victoria Harbor and lying opposite the Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙嘴, the Chinese Walk of Fame leads the Hong Kong film and music stars with embedded in concrete Name badges and personal handprints honors.

The avenue was built in 1982 and got its current name in 2004. Over the past decade, it has become one of the most popular sights the city of Hong Kong and attracted more than 500,000 tourists a month.

Under the motto "Avenue of Stars Continues to Shine", the avenue is unfortunately closed from 2015 to 2018 and therefore inaccessible. The reason is repairs and renovation, which should ultimately deliver a completely new and entertaining experience. For the period of repairs mentioned, reference is made to locations such as the Garden of Stars and the Starry Gallery.

Every tourist should take some time to visit the Avenue of Stars, because the names of almost 108 stars can be discovered here. And you’d be wondering how many of the people immortalized there you might even know. Are there well-known actors like Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, especially known for their older action cinema, Cecilia Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Gong Li, Tony Leung Chiu-wai and many others.

Along the water front of the Tsim Sha Tsui a very special honor was given to two people, in each of which a large bronze statue was erected. We’re talking about film and kung fu star Bruce Lee and the Hong Kong music icon and actress Anita Mui. While the bronze statue of Bruce Lee remains in his famous fighting pose, Anita Mui is portrayed in an evening dress and an upscale hairstyle.

Bruce Lee had freed himself from the traditional kung fu cinema during his lifetime and revolutionized the action cinema with the representation of realistic and dynamic fights. Today he is still an icon and a role model for many martial artists. Anita Mui was an outstanding actress and music icon at the same time. She is known from productions like The Heroic Trio or The Legend of Drunken Master with Jackie Chan. Like Bruce Lee, Anita Mui died early.

Hong Kong film location: well-known film locations

As the names are spread out on the Avenue of Stars, so are numerous filming locations across the Hong Kong area. Not only do the local film productions draw on the cityscape of Hong Kong, but also foreign productions like Christopher Nolan with his work Batman: The Dark Knight. In the second part of the latest Batman trilogy, we see the dark knight with his wings boldly jumping from the roof of the International Finance Center Tower 2 to the facade of the opposite one first Break Towers of the IFC.

The tower represents the modern Image of busy Hong Kong and was previously used as a spot for Hollywood blockbusters. At the time of the shoot, the tower was also the tallest building in the city at 420 meters, but was surpassed in height by the International Commerce Center (484m). The IFC is located on the waterfront of the Central and Western District of Hong Kong. The exact address is: Jinrong Road No. 8, Central, Hong Kong Island 香港 島 中 環 金融街 8 号.

One of the most famous Chinese film stars in Europe is one of them Jackie Chan, who entertained the entire crowd with its often funny and always spectacular stunts. Many of his younger films like Police Story 1-3 were shot in Hong Kong. The fourth part of the series from 2004 bore the name New Police Story, in which Jackie Chan was in front of the camera with Daniel Wu. The dramatic showdown between the two protagonists was on the roof of the unmistakable Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center turned.

Like the International Finance Center, the Convention and Exhibition Center is located on the waterfront of Hong Kong Island and is wonderful to see from the side of Victoria Harbor. The exact address is: 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai. In any case, a direct walk to the center is recommended, because at this point on one Hong Kong landmark must be referred.

Directly in front of the center is the Golden Bauhinia Square 金紫荊 廣場, which was named after the giant pond of a Bauhinia Blakeana 洋 紫荆, also known as the Hong Kong Orchid Tree. The statue is the symbol and a reminder of that Handover of Hong Kong and the associated establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 1997. A ceremony is held every morning at 08:00 am to raise the flag of Hong Kong.

The Starry Gallery

As already mentioned, the Avenue of Stars will be closed between 2015 and 2018 due to renovation and improvement work. The Starry Gallery offers an exciting alternative. The gallery highlights that Great moments in Hong Kong’s film history and offers a lot of information about the films and actors of the past decades. The gallery is divided into five areas and runs along the 200-meter pedestrian subway. The exhibition begins with photographs of actors and film quotes.

The pictures were specially made by the photographer Jupiter Wong, whose work can also be admired in the Garden of Stars. In the further course the exhibition holds 20 classic movie posters ready in showcases. These include works from the genres of romance, action, kung fu, crime and comedy. In the third area, film names of over 120 works are listed unique style of Hong Kong film art stand. The highlights of the last two areas include the highlights that the Avenue of Stars has been able to experience in the past ten years.

It concludes with the fifth and final area of ​​the exhibition, which is entitled "100-year Legacy of Hong Kong Cinema". Perhaps this part might even be the most exciting for movie lovers. This is how the top films of each decade are presented, as well as the highlights of Hong Kong’s film development. Various recordings will be put on display to give visitors an impression of how Hong Kong has changed over the past century.

Hong Kong offers visitors and China enthusiasts a very special stopover on their journey through the Middle Kingdom. In addition to special features such as history, language and the very special flair of Hong Kong city life, film art is also formative. It is part of Hong Kong’s culture that continues to be great and distinctive works brings to light. Therefore, it is recommended to every visitor to get to grips with the Hong Kong film and music industry if you really want to get to know the city. Among the top 10 sights of Hong Kong


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