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Ellie wants to have the best honeymoon ever. Where should she go with her new husband Ken?

Time for these two best friends to plan their next vacation. The two love to travel together. Can you help them find great outfits and the right make-up for their trip in this online dress-up game?

Blondie has just arrived in Europe. It will definitely be the perfect vacation! But what should she wear? In this dress up game for girls you get her off to a great start on her first day of fun and adventure! How? By creating stunning makeup and a great outfit!

These princesses want to fly to Italy and have a good time with their best friend. As soon as they get there, will you however, need your help to decorate the cool motorcycle scooters that will then bring them into the castle. They also need fashion tips in this great dress up and design game for girls.

Curly is ready for the summer of their dreams. Can you help her find the perfect clothes for great activities like surfing and chilling on the beach? She urgently needs your help in this dressing game.

These three princesses are looking forward to their first cruise in this dress up game for girls! An adventure that you will never forget. But they need your help to choose the right wardrobe. Are you looking for fantastic outfits and hairstyles for an elegant dinner, a relaxing afternoon on the ship and a hike to a tropical beach for you?

This princess spends her summer vacation in three exciting locations. Are you helping her prepare for this terrific journey? You can choose three great outfits for her in this attractive dress up game for girls?

This princess won a trip to Greece with her best friends! Before they leave for the airport, they need help packing and choosing the right cute hairstyles. Can you help the princesses prepare for the trip in this makeover game??

Winter just doesn’t want to end in this adorable dress up and vacation game for girls. So these sisters decided to escape the cold and travel to their favorite vacation spot. But what should they wear and how to style their hair? Help them make the right decision now.

Ellie has been camping for months, and today is the day! Do you help her pack so that her trip becomes an unforgettable experience? She needed cool clothes and matching makeup in this online girl game. And as soon as she has checked in, you can make soap bubbles with her at sunset.

This princess’ blog about her travels and her favorite fashion is a big hit! Help her write the next post in this online game for girls. Give her fashion tips on what to wear on her latest adventures. You can also help her decide which exotic place to go next.

New York City is an exciting city and these two princesses want to visit the biggest sights. Help them choose cool outfits and pretty hairstyles before they leave their hotel in this girls’ makeover game?

These princesses were in today the school totally boring again. Fortunately, a time machine suddenly appeared! Accompany them on their journeys through time in this crazy dressing game. Can you help them find the right outfits and accessories to match Victorian nobles as well as futuristic fashionistas?

Ibiza is one of the best travel destinations in Europe! Join the three princesses as they watch the hottest clubs and coolest beaches on the island in this online dress up game and travel simulation game. They need your help choosing great outfits that will make your vacation really spectacular.

Ellie takes an epic journey through Europe and America in this online dress up and travel game. And she urgently needs your help with the preparations. Help her find the perfect outfits for Paris, Amsterdam, London and other great cities!

These four princesses just don’t know where to spend their next vacation. But you can help them get started in this great dress up game. Join them when they decide on a goal and the right wardrobe!

This fashionable girl hasn’t seen some of her friends in a while. That’s why she sets out to visit her in this online travel simulation game. Can you help her find the perfect outfit for every stage of her trip? After all, your friends live in some of the coolest and fanciest cities in the world!

Ellie and two of her best friends want to be photographed in one of the most exclusive studios in New York. Help them find the perfect outfit before posing in front of the camera in this cool dress up game for girls?

These princesses are going on a cruise! They’ve been looking forward to it all year, but now they don’t know what to wear. Can you help them find cool clothes for their cruise in this dress up game? They also need your advice on their hairstyles.

These friends want to make the streets of Paris unsafe, and with style. But first you need an invigorating breakfast. Help them choose two stylish outfits for an unforgettable day in this attractive online game for girls?

Ellie and her friends want to visit one of the coolest countries in Europe: Greece. Can you help them choose outfits for this trip in this great dress up and design game for girls? You can also create a scrapbook with photos for so that you can relive the best moments of your trip later.

These three friends are looking forward to a really great vacation, but what should they wear? Can you pick some great outfits for them before they go? Oh, and they also need your advice on Aachen makeup in this cute dress up game.

These princesses want to take a break from their royal duties and are planning a relaxing holiday. They want to travel to a luxurious tropical island, but cannot decide what to wear. Help them choose great outfits that are great for the beach, a boat tour, and more?


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