Half open braided hairstyle instructions: easy casual beach hairstyle

Are you looking for a casual but simple beach hairstyle? I really like the half-open, braided hairstyle with beach waves. Of course, you can also leave out the beach waves, then the half-open hairstyle is made even easier and faster. Have fun copying!

Basic knowledge required

Basic knowledge: You have to be able to braid for the braided, half-open hairstyle.

Difficulty: light

recommended hair length: shoulder-length to very long hair

time: 5 minutes without beach waves, 10 minutes with beach waves

Hairstyle half-open braided aid

  • brush
  • 3 elastic hair ties * to match your hair color fit
  • alternatively: 1 elastic hair tie and 1 hair clip to attach the first braid in between
  • if desired – curling iron for beach waves: my recommendations are the Remington CI91X1, which conjured up beautiful beach waves in the practical test or the golden curl curling iron
  • Heat protection spray if a curling iron is used
  • Medium hold hairspray

Hairstyle half-open instructions. casual beach hairstyle

1. Brush your hair well so that there are no more knots. Take a broad strand of hair on the left side of your head. The half-open, braided braid works best when the strand of hair is taken from the ear to the temple (approx. 5-8 cm wide).

2. Divide this strand of hair into three strands of equal width.

3. Braid the hair towards the back of the head. If you braid the hair down as usual, the approach won’t look as good.

4. Attach the braid with a elastic hair tie or alternatively with a hair clip. If you use the hair clip, all you need is an elastic hair tie when tying the two braids together.

5. Also braid a braid on the right side. The selected strand of hair should be the same width and open himself Start altitude. Attach the two braids with an elastic hair tie.

6. If desired, conjure up casual beach waves in the hair lengths with a curling iron. To get beach waves, choose broad strands of hair. Only wind the hair on the curling iron from medium hair length. The tips of the hair should remain straight (so do not wrap them around the curling iron). A thick, conical curling iron such as the Remington CI91X1 is particularly suitable.

Alternative: Of course you can also leave your hair straight, because after a day on the beach the hair has natural beach waves anyway through the water.


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