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Modeling three-dimensional hair

Do you need to be faced with the latest hair trend? Semi-sinus hair has become very popular in recent years. This year you will find semi-assembled hair with knitting patterns. We found out how woven and knitted are, let’s see what you think

You can do this hairstyle with wavy and straight hair. But adding natural waves to add a natural look can be a much better choice. It is also useful knowing that this is the ideal model for short, medium and long hair. To give your hair a natural wrinkle, you can put sea salt on the spreyi on your wet hair after showering before doing this haircut. When you dry your hair, you can get a natural look using tweezers to get wide waves and open those waves with your hands.

Voluminous hair

You can easily tie a knot with different tricks after getting this bulk hair. You need to keep the ball low for a good performance. You can make a ball a little away from your crown. If you don’t have a low muzzle, you should of course choose the type of face and type of hair. Since the model pens can vary depending on the hair shape. The same knot pattern can create a different type of thin hair with other thick hair. Make a semi-woolly style that’s easy to do and looks good.

How to make hemispheres

After you have determined the most suitable ball for yourself, you can wrap it with a rubber band and wrap it around the rubber band. The most important part, you notice in models with a hemisphere is not the perfect Appearance of the ball, but creating a disorderly and messy appearance. You can get a stylish and stylish look with a handle that gives you carefree wrapped air. You can sprinkle lightly to maintain both the shiny look and shape of your hair.

Flower bun

Bolts in a floral pattern are very suitable for the spring months. You have to give this hairstyle a chance to hit the new season. Bring the hair forward and shake it back and fix it with round fingers. Then fix the hairspray, you’re done!

half bulk hair models

Braided half top hair model

Half split half hair model

Ovumbi half button

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