Hairstyles that make you younger

September 14, 2018 — by MCutts0

Look younger – who doesn’t want that? Our anti-aging tip: try a different hairstyle! With the right hairstyle, you can opt to cheat away for a few years. Scalpel, creams, wrinkle-away methods? Don’t need it. We show which hairstyles and colors rejuvenate naturally

There are actually a lot of hairstyles that make you younger. Most styles and cuts with an anti-aging effect are old friends. Popular classics like shortcuts or the bob make you look a few years younger. The general rule is: naturally falling hair, casually coiffed looks, loosely pinned up or styled into soft beach waves can influence the look and charisma – no matter how old or young you actually are.

Anti-aging effects

Sweet, gentle and casual – these are Attributes that make up a youthful hairstyle. For example, try a cool short haircut or trendy trend cuts – you will immediately radiate self-confidence, individuality and power. Character traits that are often associated with youthfulness.

Look naturally younger with the right haircut

Naturalness is also one of the magic words when it comes to hair styling that gives a young look. An oblique XL pony looks soft and charmingly overwrites first wrinkles in the eye area or wrinkles in the forehead.

Soft waves are also a good choice – such as beach waves. They make the facial features look softer. Alternative youth looks are updos or a ponytail. Make sure that hairstyles are always loosely styled – ideally, individual highlights, a side bangs or the hip gringe (grown out fringe) fall in the face.

Long manes are generally feminine, rejuvenating and soothing wrinkles. But also medium-length hair and a shorter bob optically cheat away a few years of life, because they look cheeky and modern. A step cut that plays around the face provides swing and great volume, a braided hairstyle promises girlish charm.

How colors rejuvenate

As for the hair color, you should look at fresh and warmth Keep nuances. Copper, for example, invigorates the complexion, warm brown tones (e.g. mocha), but also soft blonde tones let you shine. You can also look younger with natural colors such as ombré, dip dye or the two-tone style.

As for hair color, you should stick to fresh and warm shades. Copper, for example, invigorates the complexion, warm brown, but also soft blond tones make your complexion shine.

In our gallery, we have great anti-aging hairstyles for you to style – from gentle waves to loose ponytails.

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