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, but before that in May, there will be a whole boom of graduation events in kindergartens, and therefore parents will have a lot of trouble and exciting preparations. This is not surprising because a small child has completed its first phase of life, and before there are still a lot of new discoveries that mothers and fathers need constant ingenuity and carefully on their own child.

And if a boy prepares for a party does not require a lot of effort, it is necessary to think and bring outfit and decorations for girls, but also do not forget to complete the picture of the little princess beautiful and unusual installation. Children’s hairstyles at the 2017 graduate surprise with their creativity and a sufficient variety of unusual possibilities.

There are many questions before preparing for the parents. How to make a hairstyle for the graduate child alone than to decorate it? What styling to choose and how to speed up the process of guiding marafeta when the baby is not too diligent? If you don’t want to ask for help to the hairdresser then this article will show you how to make a stylish child’s hairstyles with your own hands, using only certain hair accessories.

Little graduate dreamed of his first Ball this fairy princess look should be noted, so think of the image of the girl hairstyle and should not move nervously, and get it have to takes on the child because of lack of time. You need to determine in advance where to make your hair: at home or in a salon with a skilled artisan.

Do not forget that the most important decoration is the girl, it is not recommended to look her too, even to overload "adult" hairstyles.

The easier and faster you can put hair, the greater the likelihood that a solemn appearance will not cause the child discomfort.

Long curls

Long hair looks great with romantic curls, unusual ropes and various types of weave. A girl of this age can already have her own views on what a beautiful hairstyle should look like. Therefore, ask in advance whether the baby has any wishes and preferences and how she will personally see her future festive picture at the prom in the garden.

If the choice falls on the still lush curls, in this case it is not recommended to use hot curling iron, it can only hurt the hair. It is best to use the help of ordinary soft hair curlers or rags, which will not cause any discomfort while sleeping. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast, as humid, humid air can easily spoil all your hard work.

Do you want voluminous and slightly wavy ringlets?

  1. Then the night before the event, braid a few ears and loosen them in kindergarten.
  2. Get the resulting wavy strands in the form of raspberry.
  3. You can decorate your hair with a tiara or a stylish frame with additional decorative elements.

Similar kids hairstyles don’t need certain hairstyle subtleties, so you can easily do them yourself.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine different combinations of different harnesses, curls and tails in the same hairstyle.

To apply and fix the desired amount of strands of hair, a small amount of a varnish or foam is used, which contribute to the reliable fixation of unruly curls.

We make butterfly out of hair:

  1. To begin with, carefully comb each strand and put the hair in the tail, using an elastic band. To the appearance of "taps" To exclude, use a special wax, first rasterev agent in hand, then apply it in a thin layer, processing each strand.
  2. The resulting

    -Tail is in four >

short and medium length hair

Although variations in hairstyles for short Hair is not much, you can always decorate the picture with optional accessories, pens and rims.

  • With a curling iron, you can easily twist the curls, giving the hair lightness and volume. A beautiful ornament will be a bright bow or a brilliant tiara that is neatly attached to the head.
  • When choosing hairstyles for medium hair, pay attention to different versions of tangles and ears that can be decorated with interesting crabs, colored pens, and other optional accessories.
  • Very interesting look tails, tied all over the head. In this case, you can use colored rubber bands and hairpins with ribbons and twist the ends with a curling iron.
  • Medium hair can be collected in a high tail and complement the picture with a colorful, matching tone to the dress, bow.

It should be pointed out again that children’s final hairstyles shouldn’t be too showy, so don’t try to abuse a lot of jewelry.

Make a bagel out of your hair

Hairstyle for graduation girls can get a very practical one, but it’s quite a festive one if you make an ordinary bagel out of your hair.

  1. We make a high tail that combs all threads cleanly to prevent the appearance of "taps" to prevent.
  2. Pre-order a special foam rubber bag or make this element yourself with a clipped toe.
  3. Put the lower part of the tail in a bagel and wrap it. Hide the tail under the foam. Start gently twisting the rest of the tail with a bagel, then pull on the nice rubber band.
  4. The picture can be decorated with a small crown or a soft tiara so that the girl can feel like a really beautiful princess.

Bagel from the hair on the graduation of children – video

Braids and braids – one

Fashion trends prefer to spit on the outlet and did not want to do the usual banal tip, you can create a really true masterpiece of hairdressing. It can be a fish tail, a waterfall that weaves with many strands and other unusual ideas.

If you are just a beginner child hairdresser then you should practice in advance and do a simple but necessary exercise. You can start with a standard braid that is made from the base of the forehead with the subsequent capture of strands.

Long hair will become a broad field of activity for your limitless imagination and adorn the children’s hairstyles in the garden, you can use the colors, pearls, crystals and even the weave pattern.

To keep your hair as long as possible, use styling. Above all, it is necessary in the event that the girl’s hair is very naughty or curly crooked.

You can use fabric ribbons or hairpins with voluminous bows, and small inclusions of living or artificial flowers give the picture a really festive look. Brilliant ribbons of the whole picture of the princess become pearl ribbons, which serve as an excellent addition to the festive event.

Hairstyle on the graduation with a tiara

introduces, not always to fix a tiara so tightly on the head and mask the auxiliary fastening. Therefore, you need to choose suitable hairstyles where a small decoration does not become unnecessary. Prefer classic options like a romantic raspberry with slightly curly locks or a simple high tail.

Alternatively, you can use the

but first you need to figure out how to attach the accessories and how to hide all the fasteners.
suitable hairstyle would be a simple bar on the head in this case, and hide all fasteners:

  • two strands released from the temples recycled;
  • Auxiliary strap to which the product is connected;
  • dense weaving or several harnesses that would fix the decoration;
  • down the tail.

Useful tips on how to style a child

and you are also satisfied with the result, there are a few important points to note:

    Wanting to get voluminous and voluminous curls doesn’t have to use uncomfortable curlers. Before the celebration, both you and the child should rest well so that the holiday is not overshadowed by various dissatisfactions and irritations caused by lack of sleep. Therefore, at night it is better to use simple napkins or towels that do not cause unpleasant sensations. The best option is braided out of wet hair pigtails that create natural twisted strands.


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