Hairstyles of the 19th

Modern stacking means you can create practically any hairstyle with your own hands quickly and easily. Stylists come up with a new haircut, but the girls turn them back to the classics to give the image of femininity that a lady had in the 19th century.

What were the hairstyles in the nineteenth century?

19th century hairstyles are popular nowadays due to its elegance and brevity. In contrast to the 18th century, when the heads of the modern ladies of high society were created half a meter of buns, curls and fleece (as rumored, were carried out inside the pimple mice and cockroaches), the 19th were romantic in fashion light Styling. Girls wavy hair in curls of different diameters and gently put them around his head.

In those days, fashion was the old days, hairstyles were created in the image of the ancient Greek nifm. Separate hair carelessly hung over her shoulders, hair looked natural and relaxed. Sometimes it is trimmed with flowers, ribbons, pearls.

So beautiful and romantic hairstyles of the 19th century. Photos in the article – the undeniable evidence. The fair sex packs like this look just adorable.

funds available

How to make a 19th century hairstyle with your own hands? To create a picture from the Pushkin and Turgenev period, you first need to learn how to make curls in different sizes. The most popular way to create curls remains curlers and hot rollers. They make it possible to save time, make it easy to wrap and ensure that no strand of hair does not go unnoticed. Types of curlers large number, they can be used to make small, medium, large strands.

The main disadvantage of the curlers – it is impossible to adjust their shape in the process of creating curls. If you make a mistake and timed a strand of hair, it remains asymmetrical compared to the rest of the hair.

Another option – curling irons and straighteners. Each strand is twisted by hand, adjust the angle and force easily each can be crimped to produce different amounts of different nozzles.

And the hairstyles of the 19th century to create a variety of useful clip, decorations, artificial flowers, hairpins, invisible, rubber bands – everything that can fix the hair in a beautiful shape.

In order to better styling hold and locks do not fall apart, it is better to use hair foam. And of course, after the foundation of hairstyles of the 19th century, it is necessary to fix the varnish of strong fixation.

classic styling

It is the most common form of stack, it enjoyed great popularity in the 40s to 50s of the 19th century. Fashion the years were constructed on the back of intricate beams, head bushings and arches, and her hair curled at her temples. Make a similar hairstyle too home is very simple.

To create a pair of rubber bands, close in color to need the tone of your hair, comb with a thin tip and often close, curling thin diameter curlers or the like. The hair should be shoulder length down.

You have to comb your hair parted in the middle. Then the hairline is held back by about 5 cm to keep the comb transverse line. So separate the hair on the back and the front will leave a few strands. Second, the cross, the separation should be smooth and neat line. The hair on the back of the head should be gathered in a ponytail, braid in her hair, and gently tousled, pulling a few strands. So you can bulk it up. Then you need to wrap around the base of the tail a few times and secure with pins. Strands of hair before divided into thin curls and screw in curlers or termoploykoy.

Low beam with a side parting

Another easy way to create a romantic picture. To create the hairstyles of the 19th century, large curlers, invisible, hairpin, comb and hairspray are required.

Twist hair in curlers all over length the roots. This will give volume to the hair, and large curls will appear at the tips that are wider and create a hairstyle. The hair should be divided into a side parting, and the roots on each side of the comb should give additional volume. Then the front strands do not have to pull back and secure hairpins in the neck. Remaining hair swirls upwards, and also secure the dipped beam pins. If desired, it can be decorated with flowers or other decorations.

Asymmetrical beam or bun

Such 19th century hairstyles look sophisticated and elegant, the perfect choice for publication. To create these curling need medium diameter and invisible pins.

It starts with hairstyle and classic styling. The hair should be divided into two parts, the occipital and temporal. All lock of hair curling towards the person. Then the strands from the back gather in a sloppy beam of light from it carefully locks, strands can be removed. It has to be three-dimensional if you want to give your hair asymmetry, do it right or left. Remaining front whip strands with your fingers so that they are bulky, carefully combed back, so that they lay on your head with nice waves, and fasten she with hairpins.

As you can see 19th century hairstyles with her hands completely, which makes it not difficult. Be beautiful!


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