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April 15, 2020 — by MCutts0

An interview in itself is a big challenge and certainly an event that you should properly prepare for. From the tip of the hair to the toe. And hair is an important topic in this case. At least most women always find it very difficult. While sometimes gentlemen have it a little easier. There are various ways that women can wear hair for an interview. So that you are not alone with this topic, we want to clarify and inform you a little about it in the following article.

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The hair is only part of the overall impression

The complete attention laying on the hair is certainly not right. Because even if the hair is beautiful and cared for, it is part of it overall impression. And if this is not correct, bring it too best hairstyle just nothing. So the hair should too to fit the rest of the person. That means you just have to your clothes and your appearance respect, think highly of. Always keep in mind that you also have to convince the HR manager of your performance in an interview. And that also includes your appearance. Because in the best case you will present the company or the company in this way.

Classic or rather trendy?

It is of course decisive for this choice >

Hairstyles that always go down well (women)

1. The bob

The bob is a real classic, which is still popular today and which is mainly worn by one classic hairstyle also in a trendy look can be transformed. The bob can be curled or worn smooth. In addition, it can be simple short or graphic be worn. In addition, you can Carriers also add a pony to the bob wear. This is particularly useful if you have a high forehead or if you have blemishes on your forehead. This is how it works Overall picture more harmonious. Brown-black, gold-brown or dark violet can be selected for the bob as hair color.

2. The bobbed head

This is a cheeky and funny haircut. This is especially preferred if you prefer an easy-care short haircut. You can do one this way smart look effect and thus also score with the personnel manager. There are also different versions that can be worn.

3. The Garcon cut

This is actually a haircut that more for men is thought. Still, you have to make one with this cut little braver his. Because he’s already something wild. The outer coat in this case a little longer carried. The woman then receives one as a result cheeky, elegant haircut, which expresses your own femininity a little more. This cut can also be done with a matching bangs be worn. In this case, it is up to your own taste how you want to wear the hair.

4. Long hair with a bangs

If you now Not on one Short haircut want to put, but prefer long hair you can also do that. No matter whether they are very long or shoulder-length, you are welcome to have your hair interviewed also open wear. But you should make sure that yours Groomed hair and with a bangs you can beautify this hairstyle a little.

5. The braid for the interview

On beautiful coiffed braid is just ideal for presenting long hair during an interview. If the classic ponytail seems too boring to you, then just choose one braided braid. Looks beautiful and elegant too Fischgrätenzopf during an interview. In this case too, you can score with your hair during such a conversation.

Hairstyles that always go down well (men)

1. Long hair must be taken care of

Men with long hair should definitely make sure that the Hair very well cared for are. Streaky or oily hair has no place in an interview. In addition, men with long hair should also prefer hair for an interview tie a braid together. This way, the whole hairstyle looks a little more serious.

2. Don’t fear baldness

If man now no more hair on my head has or passionate bald man you shouldn’t be ashamed to show it during an interview. In the end, you can in this case don’t really do anything. Gluing hair is not possible and you should not appear for an interview with a hat on your head.

3. The hairstyle with the great one

The Short haircut with the great, the above all through the Football player David Beckham is famous for an excellent hairstyle for an interview. In this case it is important that the Hair very well cared for are. With a little gel or too hair spray the great thing can be shaped a little better.

4. Haircut with parting

The crown in itself is today no longer so frowned upon, like a few years ago. Ryan Reynolds can be used as a prominent example. This wears a casual short haircut with a parting. The hair can also be used be a little longer and don’t need to be shaved.

5. The undercut as a highlight

The undercut can be done by many men in different hair lengths be worn. The Undercut distinguishes above all that the Sides of the head shaved become. Accordingly, it sometimes requires one little courage this haircut to wear. In general, you should always make sure that the undercut is on the sides not too long becomes. Because then it just looks neglected.


And have you now found the right hairstyle for your interview? Outstanding. Because certainly were one or two ideas there. It is particularly important that the Hairstyle for your outfit and appearance fits. And always remember that your hair is well taken care of. Then nothing can go wrong during an interview.


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