The Best Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

April 26, 2016 — by MCutts1

haircuts for thinning hair male

Thin hair can be hard for most men to style. Thin hair surely leaves you with less options than a rich, dense mane. However, knowing some of the professional styling secrets will help you get a nice-looking ‘do without spending hours with hairspray in front of your mirror. The right haircut will create the desired illusion of thickness for the locks. Now you can finally say ‘goodbye’ to the flat and limp haircuts that do not flatter your looks. Check out these top hairstyles for men with thin hair and choose the one that suits you the best. Learn what products you should avoid and which ones will make your ‘do even more trendy.

Men’s short haircuts for thin hair

mens short hairstyles for thin hair

Hair tends to become thinner with age. But don’t get upset; the situation can still be saved with one of the following options. In order to choose the one that works best for you, get ready to try them all. Ask your friend or girlfriend which haircuts for men with thin hair they like the most on you. You might be surprised with how hot you will look with a trendy ‘do that suits you well. Be open to new things and experiment a lot.

Opting for a short razored haircut

razor short haircuts
short razor cut hairstyles

When choosing hairstyles for guys with thin hair pay attention to the hairdo that works for almost every man. Razored finish of the locks’ ends not only creates an illusion of volume, but also distracts from the thinness of the hair. It looks best contrasted with cropped sides. To get this look, use some mousse and hairdryer, and style your hair so that your locks look more dense. Razored style is extremely popular among celebrities but requires some time to be styled right.

Short and simple ‘do for thin hair

simple short hairstyles
simple short haircuts for round faces

Ask your stylist and they will definitely recommend this one. Hairstyles for men with thin hair do not necessarily have to be extra short, but shorter cuts look really good and neat. The right hairline will flatter the shape of the face so it looks masculine and strong. Beautifully groomed facial hair is the best choice for this cut. Try goatee or balbo.

Curly thin hair styled smart

hairstyles for men with thin curly hair
mens hairstyles for thin curly hair

For men with curly, yet fine hair this look may be the best variant. Opt for a short and textured cut, but avoid using gel – it makes locks even thinner. Better try wax, paste or mousse to get your perfect look, but don’t overuse the product. Knowing how to style your thinning hair without ending up appearing awkward is definitely a necessary skill today.

Slick hairdo

slick back hair style
slick hair styles

Although most of the hairstyles for men with fine hair tend to increase volume, slick coiffure is one of the most effective ways to get a neat and classy appearance. Professional stylists recommend slicking fine hair to one side and back. This way it will easily appear dense and rich. To get this ‘do apply creams or waxes with a matt finish. Done right, this variant will help you look as cool as a Hollywood actor of the Golden Era.

Contrast textures

short textured hairstyles for men
textured hairstyles for men

Haircuts for men with thin hair look best when there is some contrast going on. Mixing different textures – slick sides and a little bit messy edged top – will give you a trendy and flatter appearance. This ‘do is easy to create if you know how to style thinning hair using the right products. Get creative with this one. Stylists recommend making this cut look effortless and messy.

long & Medium hairstyles for men with thin hair

long hairstyles for men with thin hair

Long hair is something to be proud of for both men and women. And if your lovely mane is not as dense as it used to be, invest some time in solving the problem. Thin tresses should be cared of and styled well. Right ‘do can make your look even more admirable and awesome, so nobody will even notice your thinning locks. Sport your long tresses with pride using these tips and trying the top hairstyles for guys with thin hair.

Trendy male pompadour

long pompadour
pompadour thin hair

Originally named after the King Louis XV’s beautiful mistress, Madame de Pompadour, this ‘do is one of the most stylish haircuts for men over the past centuries. Thanks to the Rock King Elvis Presley, it became extremely popular among guys back then and has now it’s definitely one of the hottest trends. There is a huge variety of ways to style male pompadour depending on your preferences. But generally it has to include long locks on the top of your head and both sides cropped short. You can ask your barber to leave the pompadour as long as you wish: experimenting will be fun. To get the timeless look on a daily basis you will need to trim sides regularly and style the top of the cut. It best suits the guys with triangle or oval face shape. Adding facial hair to the look may help to accentuate your cheekbones and make you appear really masculine.

Effortless loose bun for men

loose bun hairstyles for men

If you feel that your locks may require too much time every day, try this popular loose bun. It’s pretty easy to get it done. First, put your tresses back and up, then tie them all into a soft ponytail. It shouldn’t be too tight. Then, after pulling the end of the ponytail in and out, you should divide a part of it and twist around the bun. Don’t try too hard, the bun should look effortless and a little bit messy, so that the illusion of volume takes effect. Some texture spray will work on thin hair just fine.

Sleek and low male ponytail

low side ponytail hairstyles

This hairstyle works best for guys with straight long locks. Low ponytail appears to be very elegant and chic, so you can opt for it on special occasions. But it is so easy that many men with fine long hair wear it on a daily basis and look really cool. It requires a little bit of styling product after you’ve tied your hair into a low ponytail starting at the nape of your neck. However, it is not recommended for curly locks. As an alternative, try to plait a sleek braid instead of the ponytail, or add some extra rubber bands.

Messy styling for a bohemian look

bohemian hair styles

Making your hair look messy and busy is a great opportunity to distract attention from the receding hairline and thinness of your locks. A fuller mane is guaranteed. To style it right, you will need a blow dryer and some molding paste for the ends. It will keep the mane in control, yet voluminous. Apply some hairspray to fix the cut. In fact, you can use some long tresses to hide receding hairline. This style works good for curly long-haired men. But remember: this ‘do requires some time to get it done perfectly while appearing effortles.

Opt for asymmetry

asymmetrical hairstyles for long hair

This hairstyle is often chosen by creative personalities. Bohemian chic and elegance of the slightly messy asymmetrical ‘do is something to admire. Sweep off your front locks back and divide your hair into unequal parts. Style this ‘do so that it looks natural and effortless. Apply some texture spray to get an extra hot look. Stylish haircuts for men like this one work better on middle length tresses.

Hairstyles for men with receding hairlines

hairstyles for men with receding hairline and thin hair

Aging is often followed by appearance changes such as losing hair. Receding hairline is not a reason to panic or get upset. Smart approach to this problem will help you choose the best cut that makes you look more attractive and trendier than ever. Even celebrity guys suffer from hair loss with age, but thanks to their genius experienced stylists, we know how to deal with it with class. Check out these best haircuts for receding hairline and pick up the one you like. Keep in mind the amount of free time you would like to spend styling your ‘do.

Stylish Mohawk

trendy mohawk hairstyles

It is common for specialists to recommend getting an extra short cut for your receding hairline. However, classic mohawk is definitely an option. While your barber may crop both sides, ask him not to touch the top of your head. Allow your locks to grow longer and, with some styling products, you will be able to sport this rock star look every day! There are plenty of variations for the mohawk ‘do. Experimenting with numerous texture sprays and styling products will broaden your possibilities with this cut. Wear it wavy or straight, dye it, grow longer locks or cut them shorter – it’s entirely up to you. Furthermore, many guys enjoy wearing a braided mohawk. Looks totally cool and high-fashion!

Shaved sides for creative persons

mens shaved sides haircut

Got strong sense of style and courageous attitude? Then this haircut for receding hairline is just for you! The locks should be trimmed very short at first. After that, the hairdresser will shave the sides in order to make a perfect rhombus part of hair at the top. However, this type of ‘do will best suit the guys with an oval face shape. To define your jawline, make sure to grow some facial hair. If you know a really creative and professional stylist, ask them to experiment with the shape of the shaved parts. You will be surprised how awesome it may look!

Curly guys’ choice

haircuts for guys with receding hairlines

Curly hair may appear a problem when you struggle with receding hairline. Even so, try fade-shaving the sides and leave some length at the top. It is especially good for guys with dark locks. The ‘do requires almost no daily styling; just wash your tresses on time and it will look great. If you like experimenting, try some texturizing spray or mousse. Your appearance will be best completed with neatly shaped facial hair.

Sport a military style

mens military style haircuts

Wanna have no worries with receding hairline? Buzz your tresses off. Military styled cut is a very universal option. It looks great on most men, no matter what their age or nationality is. It’s extremely easy to maintain and looks awesome coupled with neat facial hair.

Trendy shaved look

shaved head look on men

That’s quite a radical move, but it guarantees complete riddance of the problem. You will need to visit your hairdresser regularly to get your head shaven when the stubble grows too long. The shaved variant goes well with clean and precise mustache or/and beard. Specialists advise to keep at least a minimal length of your facial hair up to the ears. This way, the look will be more sophisticated and elegant. Right accent on the jawline and cheekbones will make you even more masculine.

Dye it light

male blonde haircuts with receding hairline

Natural light colors like gray or blonde will help you hide receding hairline. That is quite an option for older men who want to still look fresh and full of energy. Platinum blonde is great for seniors experiencing gray hair, as it appears trendy and stylish. Do not forget to back brush the locks to create an illusion of volume for thin hair.

Don’t dos for styling receding hairline

tips for receding hairline

Avoid at all costs heavy styling products, especially gels. They make the hair appear even thinner with a revealed scalp. Instead, opt for waxes, sprays or mousses with light texture. Do not comb over your locks too much, like, ever. Better change your cut or make it shorter. Right hairstyles for men with fine hair will help you solve the problem in the most effective and fastest way.

It is quite complicated for long-haired men to deal with receding hairline. Creative shaving or mohawk seem to be the best options to get rid of the balding look. It is important to ask your relatives or friends to tell their opinion on the results of your experiments. People often see what suits you the best and what makes you look awkward. To get trendy visit an experienced hairstylist who will help you with the look and recommend best products to take care of thin tresses. It is natural for your mane to get thin with as you age; many guys struggle with receding hairline, so you are not alone. With the right haircut you can still enjoy your life at the very best!

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