Top Great Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

April 30, 2016 — by MCutts0

men hairstyles for thick hair

Choosing hairstyles for men with thick hair can set difficult problems as thick head of hairs are hard to control and therefore style.Whether curly or unruly, thick hair can be difficult to manage and even simply taking care of the hair may not be enough as haircut, texture and colouring is a huge part of attaining peace with your thick hair. Here are some cool hairstyles for you to try to give you that stylish and refreshing look.

Short hair

short hairstyle for thick hair

Spiked hair.

This style of hair which is now associated with punk subculture is gaining rapid popularity among men and women alike. Men with thick hair can easily wear this look as it does not require too much to style. One version is called Liberty spikes because of its close resemblance to the spikes on the head of the statue of liberty. This spiked style might require more attention to achieve as the spikes are made to stand in all direction.

thick short hairstyles
short hairstyles for thick hair and oval face
thick hairstyles for men

Another variant of the spiked hair is called messy spiked style which involves the spikes being artistically scattered in all direction. Whether liberty or messy, spiking your hair would require using your fingers to set the desired style after applying the gel that suits your hair type. Men with extra curly hair would have to straighten their hair with hot iron before adding the cream that would suit the hair. Spiked hair can be worn short or long and can be cut into different styles to give other variants like the mohawk-spiked hairstyle.

side swept hairdo
swept side hairstyles
Side sweep.

First made popular by Cary Grant in the 40s and by the American College boys in the 50s, this style does not fail to give its wearers a classic look. It can be creatively carved to give desired style that would fit your lifestyle and the most desirable aspect of this hair is its easy maintenance and its flexibility: it can be worn in both formal and informal situations. No wonder most celebs including David Beckham, George Clooney, Jidenna, Leonardo Dicaprio steadily rock this hair style.

To get this style, cut your hair so that it is longer and fuller on the top than it is on the sides. You can tell your barber to make a side parting. Next step is to style the hair and the comb from the point of the parting sideways. Comb back the side hair behind your ears.

short hairstyles for wavy thick hair

The short Dishevelled look.

The practicality behind this hairstyle is what sets it apart. It suits all occupation and it is very easy to maintain. Furthermore, the hair appears to be shorter than it really is which enables warmth on the hair for its wearer. It is ideal in a cold environment. The hairstyle goes for all face shapes and hair types and the man with thick hair would have no problem styling himself ( you do not even need a comb, just style it with your fingers and you are good to go).

The hair can be styled in various fashion- long or short top hair, the top hair can be styled backwards or forwards to form a fringe. What matters most is the hair density on the top of the head which men with thick hair should not have a problem with, obvious shape and very neat sides are also important. If hair is too curly, add smoothing cream. Dry hair before styling to give the hair a dense and natural feel.

quiff hair
the quiff hairstyle
The Quiff.

Gaining popularity since the 50s, The quiff merges pompadour with flat tops and sometimes with mo hawk to give varieties of looks. The quiff is the hair in front that curves back so that no hair drops beyond the scalp. It can been given various heights and styled in so many different manners so that with this hairstyle, the thick haired man has a lot of options to choose from. The style was made popular by Elvis Presley in the 50s and John Travolta in the 80s. Recently, celebs like Bruno Mars, David Beckham, David Gandy, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling have revisited the style, flaunting its diversity: the hair could be kept short or medium sized.

The sides and back of the hair are to be kept shorter and tighter than the top hair, enabling the maneuvering of the top hair into desired quiff styles without the side or back hair distracting the process. Then, hair styling products are added which might include gel and then brushing until the hair gets into wanted position.

mens faux hawk hairstyles
faux hawk mens hairstyles
The Faux hawk.

This style emerged from the Mohawk in the 80s. The Faux hawk is more subtle, leaving the bold statement of the Mohawk and towing the line of simplicity and versatility. It is mostly spiked but can also be curly to give it a different feel. Made popular by David Beckham in the 90s, it is mostly characterised in its cuts rather than in its styling. It is popular among men with thick hair because it calms restless hair. The hair on the sides and back are cut shorter than the hair on the top, The level of the hair in the middle stays in between the height of the frontal and lateral hair so that there are three hair levels, the highest being the hair on the top and the lowest being the hair on the sides and back.

The versatile nature of this hairstyle is reflected in its styling. A mild appearance can be achieved just by brushing the top part to let the hair relax. The direction the hair is brushed to get this effect would depend on the type of hair. The hairstyle can be used to achieve a bold look by styling with hair product that would make it spiky or curly, depending on desired appearance. For this style, dried hair is easier to work with as wet hair would not hold properly. Another key aspect to this hairstyle is the texture. This style thrives on texture of the frontal hair. To achieve this effect, brush diagonally with your fingers and flatten the sides to make it neat.

thick fringe hairstyles
mens fringe hairstyles
The Textured cut with fringe.

This hairstyles suitable for guys who, not only have thick hair but also have cowlicks as it allows the hair to grow in whatever direction it wants to- that is the main aim of this hairstyle. It is most efficient not to go against the hair’s particular direction of growth.

When going for this style, it is important to make the hair very dry before adding a little texture enhancer, manipulating it with your fingers in a way it does not look too groomed since what stands the style out is its carefree nature.

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the cutting of the hair. Most barbers are too excited when cutting with scissors, you should make sure they do not touch the top so that the tips of the hair do not look too wispy. To achieve desired look, razor blade is best.

hairstyles for very thick hair
hairstyle for very thick hair
The Buzz cut.

The Buzz cut is a vintage hairstyle that is splendid on men with a good shape of head. However, if you are not too confident about your head shape, a little more hair on the top of your hair and lowered side hair would do the trick. There are varieties of buzz cut which include Ivy league, flattop, crew cut and butch cut which all include different styles the hair could be cut into perfect styles that would fit any head shape.

The Ivy league leaves much hair on the side of the head enough to put a parting, the hair on the top of the hair is still higher. The flattop involves the top hair being longer that the side and back hair and being cut in such a way that makes it have a flat top. In the butch cut, the top hair and the upper parts of the sides and back are all the same length, the lower parts of the sides and back hair are however lowered.

Whether, butch cut, ivy league, crew cut or flattop, the idea of the buzz cut is simple: to leave the hair extremely short. It is usually executed with electric clippers that do not have a guard comb in place.

The hairstyle is easy to maintain and it lets you flaunt your good head shape.

bowl hair cuts
modern bowl cut
The bowl cut.

One of the easiest cuts for men which involves cutting the hair in such a way that there is a fringe on the forehead.The rest of the hair, that is the side and the back hair would have an undercut or would be the same length with the fringe on the forehead or slightly longer. It has been popular since the 1930s and has received much recognition, being the hairstyles of popular men like George Harrison of The Beatles to being worn by the recent Justin Bieber.

The hairstyle would not be suitable for men with coarse hair types and men with round face.

Medium sized hairstyle

medium length thick hairstyles
medium hairstyles for thick wavy hair
Slicked back hair.

This epic hairstyle has been around for upto a century. It is truly the king of the classics. It involves gently dragging the hair to the back from the front hairline. Pomade is applied on the hair when it is damp, using the finger to coat it so that the pomade can get to the scalp. A comb is used to slick the hair backwards starting from the top hair. To achieve the classic slick hairstyle which was the favourite style of the males from the upper class in the 20s through to the 50s, the hair on the side is also slicked in the same manner as the top hair. A lot of pomade is required to hold the hair together.

For modern slick, only the top is slicked backwards initially, the sides may be slicked backwards or whichever direction you feel would suit your face shape and hair style.

male pompadour haircut

Voluminous Male Pompadour.

Male Pompadour looks especially gorgeous on thick hair. To make it appear even more attractive and noticeable, ask your hairdresser to create a really big and voluminous top part. The shorter sides will contrast with it. Make sure you have enough time to style it properly. Buy only high quality professional products like hairspray, mousse or pomade in order to fix the haircut.

medium hairstyles for thick curly hair

Creative curls.

This hairdo is designed for outstanding personalities. It allows you to stand out the crowd and express the bohemian feature of your character. Beautiful thick natural waves are asymmetrically parted to the shorter sides. The textured locks appear to be really gorgeous and dreamy. The side fringe in one of the most popular nowadays. Try this look in order to refresh the old one. Apply some hairspray to add extra texture to your curls.

medium afro hairstyles
male afro hairstyles

Popular since the 60s, This hairstyle is worn by people with kinky hair textured. Afros are best for men who have tight curls which means that not all curly hair types would suit the Afro. The first thing to know when growing an afro is to ditch the comb. Instead, use your fingers to puff out your curls and groom them. Also, use a pick to detangle them and keep the afro in good shape. However, if you have straight air, you might need to comb to straighten the hair and extend it so that it forms a round shape. You also would need to start off with having the same length of hair all around.

For the curly hair types, you would need hair products to hold the hair in place. One big advantage about this hair is that it does not require much to maintain: just wash three times a week, use hair product to keep in shape, use fingers to groom it and then you good to go.

asymmetric hairstyle
medium length asymmetrical hairstyles
The asymmetric hairstyle.

Initially, this hairstyle was worn by daring women in the 80s but since the 2000s, men have worn this hairstyle as it compliments facial structure and easily allows you make a statement with your hair. Asymmetric hairstyle has a lot of varieties as it leaves you with enough room to style your hair anyhow you desire. The important thing about asymmetric hairstyles is for the haircut and the styling not to be even all through the hair, that is, the length of the side, front and back hair should not be all equal.

Asymmetric are usually a combination of different hairstyles. For instance, one side might be a long bob while the opposite side might be shorter- shaven or short pixie length. Consequently, the hairstyle is not easy to maintain but the stress is worth it as it gives a varieties of looks that would be suitable for all kinds of situations.

Long hairstyles

Men with thick air can live their hair long to give them a warm and flattery look. Long hairs have been perceived to be hard to maintain. Contrary to this perception, long hairstyles can easily be groomed as they can be left shaggy to give that casual and laidback appearance or straightened and smoothed to give a non-trivial look.

thick long hairstyles
hairstyles for long curly thick hair

The dread locks involves separating the hair into locks. Several methods are adopted to encourage this process which include braiding, back combing and rolling. It has religious origins with Christianity, Islam and even Hinduism closely associated with the hairstyle. In recent times, around the 60s, reggae music brought the hairstyle into fashion trends and since then, the hairstyle has gained more and more popularity.

All hair types can rock this hairstyle but it is more suited for the kinky hair texture. Traditionally, the hairstyle was made using the neglect method in which the hair is neglected and not combed or brushed. This method leaves hair locks of varied sizes. Modern methods of making dreadlocks have emerged which involve sectioning the hair into braids or coils. Dread perming could also be used to make dreadlocks.

Regardless of the hair texture or methods used, Dreadlocks require time and the process is continuous. However, it is worth the time as it can be styled in various manner – long and full, short and thick, individual twists, blond, twist and bun, mohawk- to compliment the shape of your face.

hairstyle mullet
mullets hairstyles
The Mullet.

The Mullet became popular in the 80s with the arrival of rock and roll into the mainstream. It involves growing long hair at the back and short hair in the front and sides.

It is suitable for all hair types especially the straight, wavy and curly hair. To rock this hairstyle, the hair on the front should be 2-6 inches long while the sides should be from to 1 inch. The back hair, especially the lower back hair, should be longer than both the front and the side hair.

Styling the mullet is not difficult and leaves a lot of options. The hair at the back can be flared, or narrowed into a ponytail. It can also be narrowed with the help of gel into a tail form. In modern times, spiky hairstyle has been added to this style to give it a more trendy look. You can use pomade, wax and even hair spray to treat the other sides of the hair. Just be creative and you would be fine with this hairstyle.

Whether short, medium or long, these hairstyles would give you a incredible and trendy look for your thick hair. Also they can be adapted to fit your personality if you spice it up with your creativity.

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