Stylish Guide to Long Hairstyles for Men

April 19, 2016 — by MCutts5

cool hairstyles for men with long hair

In ancient times long hair was a usual ‘do for most men. It used to be a sign of great health and male strength. If you check out fashion of Antiquity, Medieval, Renaissance or any other time period, you can notice that many guys used to rock longer tresses and it was no big deal. Today the symbol of masculinity has changed, it is a short haircut now. So not many contemporary blokes are brave enough to grow locks long. However, current fashion is very liberal and allows you to wear whatever you like. If you’ve got a natural gift of dense and long hair, use it and expose to the world. People always appreciate beauty and pure courageous masculinity.

Modern hairdo styles

modern hairstyles for long hair 2016

There are plenty variants of long hairstyles for men nowadays. Among the most popular are classic-styled ‘dos. The requirement for this style is same length throughout the whole cut. Guys wear it brushed back or create a parting right in the middle of the head. This type fits well for any event. You can rock classic long hair while attending your friend’s party or at the business meeting. Universal and appropriate, classic cuts will be the best choice when in doubt. These need some styling skills, however, are totally worth it.

Jared Leto rocker hairstyles for men

Heavy metal musicians often let their locks grow really long. This kind of style is extremely popular among metal music fans. The style is very masculine and sexy, so if you want to emphasize these features of your character, opt for similar cut. It is appropriate to pair this kind of ‘dos with metal-styled clothes, like black t-shirts and so on. Heavy metal musicians often rock long beards and/or dark eyeliner. But it is up to you to adopt similar lifestyle.

Long Hair Men Charlie Kennedy Viviennes Models

Military style is famous for its effortless and very independent look. Guys often wear layered cuts that create an illusion of messy chaos on the head. This style requires some time and quality products to be done right. Casual long hairstyles for men are the most popular now. They look great wherever you go. The fact that casual ‘dos are really easy to style is definitely a plus. You don’t have to spend lots of time in front of the mirror to get perfect look done. Moreover, they work great for most guys, doesn’t matter what your ethnicity or age are.

Straight and curly long hair

long hairstyles for men with straight hair

Make sure you choose mens long hairstyles right: the choice depends on what kind of tresses you’ve got. Curly or straight, there are ‘dos for every type. Men with long straight hair may rock effortless and easy casual styled haircuts. To get ideal ‘do done perfectly, learn some secrets and tips on how to style straight locks. To make your mane really voluminous, brush the tresses against the hair growth direction. When you need to create a sleek and elegant hairstyle brush locks backwards, so you’ll get the exact result you’ve planned. After you’ve brushed the tresses, decide where a parting should be (or should be not at all). Then you can use some blow-dryer if needed. But not too much. The next stage will be applying gel, mousse or wax. You don’t want your hairstyle to look plastic, so add extra texture and minimum details. This way the hairdo will appear natural and gorgeous. Remember, that healthy tresses do not require any extra styling as they always look good.

long hairstyles for men with curly hair

As for wavy or curly haired guys, they need more time and efforts to style ‘do right. There are some cuts that fit them the best. For example, beach locks work best on curly-haired guys. However, it may be difficult for them to control the mane. In order to get the desired appearance you have to flat-iron the tresses, so they look exactly how you want them to. Specialists do not recommend curly men to straighten their locks too often. As you probably know, flat-iron damages hair a lot. If your coarse hair cause problems when you’re styling a certain cut, try using generous amount of quality products. Or you can change the natural texture with perm. The best decision is to take good care of the locks and varying their texture by applying styling products. If your mane is very hard to tame, then use products while the hair is still wet. But the choice is completely up to you. Notice different effects when you use products: which one works the best for you? What problems it may cause? Asking yourself such questions helps to analyze the overall effect and make right decisions.

Possible variant of styling: buns, braids, ponytails and dreadlocks

men long hair bun
mens long hair braid styles
male ponytail hairstyles

Really long hair allow you to endlessly experiment with styles and ‘dos. Mens buns look fantastic and very unusual too. More than that, it is one of the most comfortable updos ever. Use it when you work out in a gym or go jogging. Braids are another option for guys with good sense of fashion. If you have no extra time for styling, then go find some variants of braids that will fit you. Get ready to spend some time trying different options and mastering the skill, because if you want to create gorgeous braid you have to know how to style long hair quickly and the right way. The result is worth it and you can vary your every day look more often. Braids that are made of only top or back hair are very popular today. They allow you to appear neat and feel really comfortable. Feel free to rock it when doing sports. There are plenty of stylish options of regular ponytail. Check out current trends, such as half ponytail, to know what is in style right now. Definitely try this comfortable and sexy hairdo.

mens black dreaded hair

Dreadlocks is another cool alternative option for creative guys. Although it is very popular among black guys, you can rock it too whatever is your skin color. It looks good for both curly or straight hair, but you’ll have to visit a professional barber. The guy should know how to do dreadlocks and have some experience with creating it. Experiment with color: check out some cool colorful dreadlocks hairstyles in the net to decide what you would like to try. Dreadlocks are hard to plait, but extremely easy to take care of. If you get tired of it, just visit the hairdresser and ask him to undo the hairstyle. Notice that dreadlocks are very popular with talented and creative musicians who desire to solve the problem of coarse hair.

How to grow long hair for men

how to grow longer hair for men

Have you ever thought about how to grow long hair for men right? Growing longer locks may be not as easy as it seems to be. If you’ve got thin hair or receding hairline then it is totally a bad idea. Mens long hairstyles draw attention to such problems and you don’t want to look weird. Better sport gorgeous short hairdo. If you are lucky enough to have dense and rich mane of healthy tresses, then definitely opt to grow the locks long.

The process takes lots of time so you need to be patient. Typically tresses grow about an inch per two months. But there is no other way so get ready to wait. It is a wide-known fact, that locks grow better during summer or spring period. But be careful with sun bathing: protect the head from ultraviolet with appropriate products or bandana/hat, cause it can damage hair structure. Usually the locks on the sides of your hair grow faster than on the top, so you will have to shorten side tresses until top hair are long enough to shape an appropriate cut. As you start growing long locks your hairdresser will see you not as often as he used to. However, visit him once in two or three months. So your sides, hairline and neck all will be trimmed and look good. Cut off the ends approximately once in two months. It is a great way to reduce the amount of split ends so the overall hairdo appears neat.

During the period of in-between length hair wear headbands and hats to hide it. Eat healthy food and make sure your diet is well balanced. You need extra amount of vitamins B, calcium, chromium ferrum, iodine, etc. These micro elements are responsible of growing process. Make sure that you take care of your locks right. Avoid really tight ponytails, bleaching and coloring. These procedures damage tresses a lot and you want to get gorgeous and healthy hairstyle. Shampooing should take place no more than 2-3 times a week. It is obvious, but let me tell you: find right shampoo for your hair type. The right choice will keep the tresses healthy, shiny and beautiful. Before you wash the mane make sure you’ve massaged the scalp skin. It will prevent hair loss and make locks grow faster. Don’t apply shampoo straight to the head, rub it in your hands until the foam appears. Then you can massage it into your mane. Rinse it out with a huge amount of clean warm water.

Buy a good conditioner: with this product your tresses will be easy to brush and appear very shiny. But never apply in in the roots, as it will make locks greasy the very next day after washing. Don’t brush wet locks at all and keep blow-drying to a very minimum and low temperature. Avoid rubbing hair with towel – that’s an easiest way to damage it. Invest money in quality comb and brush. Both should be done with ecological and natural materials. Never use the ones made of metal. Use different masks for your hair type to moisturize the locks. Now when you know exactly how to grow long hair for men go ahead and get your perfect long mane.

Moreover, you have to learn styling growing hair right. It should be based on current length. As an example, don’t try to do a man bun or braid if the length is not enough yet. It will totally appear ridiculous. Just choose appropriate guys long hairstyles and look cool at whatever stage you are.

Popular long hairstyles for men

mens popular haircuts for long hair

Although mens long hairstyles are not as popular as short ones, there are plenty opportunities to create interesting cut that reflects your personality. If you’ve got gorgeous tresses then try as much ‘dos as you need, until the right one is found. Some are casual and need little styling while other require lots of time to be done. Choice will depend on your preferences, amount of free time and ability to style the locks. Remember not to damage the locks with extremely generous amount of styling products. Use as little as possible and rinse it out at the end of the day.

Straight and sleek look

long sleek mens hairstyles

Really long straight hair appear great if it is healthy and shiny. This sleek ‘do is perfect for dense tresses. The look is simple yet chic. Do the parting on the top of the head and make sure that the ‘do appears natural and effortless. You can rock this cut whether you attend an important business meeting or casual college party.

Male Pompadour for stylish guys

male long pompadour hairstyle

You can hardly find a guy that doesn’t like male Pompadour haircut. It is a well-known classic cut that has developed into so many options and mixes so everyone can find his own. To get perfect Pompadour you have to grow long hair on top. The sides should be trimmed short. The longer the top, the more outstanding is your cut. Make sure that you’ve styled it right and it looks voluminous and sexy.

Curly ‘do with fringe

mens hairstyles for long curly hair

If you are fashion obsessed you might have noticed that many 80s and 90s trends are back today. And we totally love it! For this grunge hairdo you need naturally curly locks with a fringe. You can wear it with a little bit of messy touch or add extra chic while rocking a bandana. Pair the look with stylish denim or leather jacket and you are true star now.

Edgy and stylish cut

mens edgy haircuts for long hair

Dreaming about unusual style? Here is one that deserves attention. Combine classic Pompadour with cropped sides and some kind of long Mohawk tail. Complete the mix with perfectly bright color and Voila! You’ve got creative haircut that will definitely be noticed by people around you. Don’t forget to fix the top with pomade or wax so it will remain the same all day long.

Extra long Mullet with spikes

mens extra long mullet with spikes

Mullet cut requires mens hair to be long on top and at the backside. To make it more dramatic, style some spiked tresses. It is a wonderful option for thick haired guys. Back locks should be long enough and well-brushed. For this ‘do you have to know how to style long hair. Use high quality products such as wax, pomade, spray or mousse. Apply them in order to fix the ‘do and make it look shiny.

Pompadour and Mullet mix

long mullet with pompadour bangs

Well this is a really a hot trend today. Mixing different haircuts is something typical for our Postmodern times, so keep this fact in mind. Seriously, how chic is this Mullet and Pompadour mix? Good news for men with long hair is: if you’ve got enough length then you can rock this extremely stylish hairdo. Just spend some time at barber’s and ask the professional guy to style it right. You need sides to be trimmed short while saving top and back length. Shape effortless male Pompadour transforming into sexy Mullet. This is a great opportunity to draw people’s attention if you like to explore your creativity. Some high quality styling products will definitely help you while you shaping your ideal ‘do.

Ponytail for guys

guy with long ponytail

If you are tired of your long locks constantly getting in your face then opt for ponytail for guys. Smooth and sleek hairdo is exactly what you need when tresses have to be casually styled. Pull your long locks back together and shape chic and elegant tail. Use some pomade or wax to make the ‘do extra sleek and neat. This is a perfect style for important meetings or other business events. However, you can rock it while go shopping or partying with friends.

Dreadlocks for curly guys

mens long curly dreadlocks

Long curly hairstyles for men often offer fresh and chic variants. If you have wonderful long dreadlocks and want to go further and be more creative, then opt for curling your ‘do. You will fall in love with the result: beautiful texture is something to be proud of. Make sure you moisturize the tresses regularly and take good care of them.

Shaggy and Messy

pictures of long shaggy haircuts

Channel your inner hippie with this absolutely effortless and sexy cut. It is very easy to maintain. All you need to do is to wash your locks, air dry them. After that create a single thin braid. Now you are ready to spread peace and happiness. Casual and elegant way to rock your long tresses. However to wear this ‘do make sure you have healthy and shiny locks.

Bun made of dreadlocks

A picture of a hipster black male with a manbun hairstyle made of long dreadlocks

If you posses gorgeous heavy and long dreadlocks then this hairdo is for you. Just pull together the tresses and push them up. There are different options on how to wear male bun, you can either follow the one you like or create your own. The overall ‘do looks super stylish and awesome.

Messy Long Mullet

mens extra long messy and mullet

Messy haircuts are extremely sexy and appear to be effortless. This Mullet is kind of classic undercut with a very long back hair. Add extra texture to your cut using mousse or hairspray. Apply only quality products, there can be special variants for men with long hair.

Stylish surfer look

surfer men hair style

Beach locks is one of the most gorgeous long curly hairstyles for men. Guys with natural curls have an absolute advantage here. Use the gift you’ve got and sport the “wet” look. Straight-haired men can also wear this ‘do if they want to. But you need to curl tresses first. Remember to take good care of the mane and moisturize it from time to time. Avoid to curl it too often though. For long lasting effect and stylish texture apply quality spray or mousse.

Messy ‘do and beard

messy long haircuts for men

If you want to look really masculine and grown up then try this long hairstyle for men. Messy tresses shape beautiful mane of dense tresses. Bushy eyebrows and beard with mustache will create a sexy and strong look. It appears especially great with your natural hair color. Add some texture to your cut curling it up a little bit. Keep it simple and fresh, the overall look should be effortless.

Curly Mullet hairdo

curly mullet hairdo

Mullets are definitely in style nowadays. If you are naturally curly then check out this awesome Curly Mullet. It highlights the beauty of your locks texture and allows you to keep tresses long. The impression of messiness and effortlessness appears sexy and fresh. Celebrate your long curly treasure with this trendy hairdo. Get ready to trim the sides short and style the cut with mousse, spray or wax. This variant is perfect for casual lifestyle.

Brushed to one side

guys with long blonde hair

Guys who posses fine thick hair have more options when it comes to choosing right haircut. However if you want to create an illusion of dense mane try this ‘do. Clean and moisturized locks should be brushed to one side and shape few big waves. This surfer-inspired look works best with blonde tresses with dark roots. California flavor can be accentuated with precise and neat facial stubble. Don’t forget to shape and groom your eyebrows to get the perfect look effortlessly.

Classic dreadlocks

medium dreadlock styles
dreadlock styles for long hair

Whatever culture you are in, dreadlocks are considered cool and outstanding everywhere. Taking care of this hairdo is quite different from regular, so make sure you know how to do it. This hairstyle will boost your self-confidence, for sure. There are plenty styling opportunities for varying it from time to time. Like you can make a mens bun or ponytail of your dreadlocks. Be open to new variants and experiment a lot. Some guys like to add color to their dreadlocks. It definitely deserves attention and is outstanding.

Mohawk dreadlocks

mohawk with long blonde dreadlocks

Wonderful way to rock your long dreadlocks. Visit your hairdresser and ask him to make an edgy Mohawk made of dreadlocks. The look you’ll get is very fresh and outstanding. Try blonde hair color, it makes people younger and really attractive. You can decorate it with whatever you like: bands, beads etc.

Sleek Mullet for long locks

mens long sleek mullet hairstyle

Mullet hairdo isn’t famous for being sleek. However, in order to find your unique style try this variant of haircut. Both sides should be fade-shaved by your trusted hairdresser. Precise and geometric facial hair will complete the overall look well. To rock this ‘do on a daily basis, you have to apply some high quality products that will fix the haircut. The obvious advantage of this option is that it allows you to be creative and show off your long tresses.

Two colored dreadlocks

hair color for men dreadlocks

Experiments with color is totally worth all the time spent on it. It is no secret that dread styles look great on almost every man. So when it paired with some nice tones the overall impression is fantastic. This variant combines blonde and brown colors that perfectly complete each other and create beautiful depth effect.

Half-ponytail for guys

guy half ponytail styles

This will be perfect variant for guys who haven’t got much time to style their locks. Half-ponytail adds extra volume to the hairdo, that is very important for men with thin tresses. You will only need to brush your mane and fix a half of it with elastic. To appear really masculine and strong, wear beard or short facial stubble. Make your hairdo somewhat messy and natural-looking.

Boys long hairstyles

boys long hair cuts

Young guys seem to be more courageous when choosing hairdo. Guys long hairstyles vary a lot and offer plenty of gorgeous opportunities for creative type of person. Teens usually have really nice dense tresses, so most of the cuts look good on them. Moreover, it is always great to start early when it comes to growing long hair.

Simple and neat

simple haircut for boys
neat boys hairstyles for long hair

Very young boys always look cute if they have healthy and long locks. This simple yet chic hairdo requires a parting on the top and some shaggy ends. Hair should be brushed well and appear neat. Suits best to light-haired boys but the hair color is not a big deal. Deep side parts are extremely popular with skater guys.

Emo style Mohawk

emo guys with long hair

Well maybe today not everybody is so into emo lifestyle as it used to be. However it is still considered cool and popular among teenage guys. If you feel that emotional stage is not over yet, go for emo boys long hairstyles. Particularly for this dramatic haircut channeling your dark emotional side, you need medium hair at the top and sides with long back locks. Tresses should be layered and then angled around your face. Back locks need to be pushed up and shape something similar to Mohawk cut. The overall ‘do creates an effect of ear to ear mane. To fix it all you have to buy good products: hairspray and lots of wax. Get ready to style it daily and spend many time doing it. However when you master the skill it all will be easier and faster.

Neon colored Scene haircut

long neon hair color ideas

Some boys long hairstyles are meant to shock and impress people around you. Check out this edgy colorful hairdo. If you enjoy being talked about then it’s right for you. Keep a heavy and dense deep side parted fringe. Brush your long side and back tresses in order to get neat look. You can choose colors you like but bright neon variants appear really impressive. Be picky when it comes to choosing color: the combination should look fantastic.

Long cut with symmetric parting

Young Teen Boy with Freckles and Long Hair

This is the option that looks great on most young boys. It can be chosen without considering the face shape or hair color. Just make sure that you take good care of your growing tresses and wash them regularly. After the locks are dry, create a neat symmetrical parting. You may apply some hairspray but don’t use it too much. You need to create an illusion of natural and effortless haircut.

Oval fringe and curly locks

long curly hairstyles for guys

This hairdo accentuates naturally curly tresses you’ve got. The oval-shaped fringe creates a beautiful dense mane around your face. Remember to detail few single pieces in order to get messy and careless look. Apply hairspray for curly hair or some mousse so you’ll get gorgeous texture that compliments the overall appearance.

Ragged hairstyle for young boy

long edgy haircuts for guys

Stylish and edgy haircut for young guys may be appropriate not for every school. However if your environment is liberal enough then try this ‘do. Layered and angled locks are shorter on top and longer at backside.

Undercut + long hair + ponytail

guys undercuts for long hair

Teen guys often desire to stand out of the crowd and show their unique style. This haircut totally allows to appear stylish and it is still very comfortable. To rock undercut with long hair you need to grow tresses first. If you already have them, then go visit your barber and ask him to create beautiful undercut. Make sure he doesn’t trim the length and only sides are cropped. When it’s done, pull locks together and make awesome high or low ponytail. To vary the look from time to time, add some extra details to it. For example, try some thin braids to decorate the tail. Curl your tresses or add some texture to it.

Whatever mens long haircut you choose, rock it with pride. To grow such tresses requires many time and efforts, so you’ve done a great job. Have fun styling it, experiment and discover new opportunities that may be unique and fit only your personal style. Make good friends with your hairdresser and ask him about whether hairdo you’ve chosen looks great. Don’t forget to communicate with your relatives and close friends, sometimes people can notice if the hairstyle doesn’t compliment you and appears weird. And develop your personal sense of fashion and style while watching catwalk shows and beauty trends. Be creative and enjoy every single second of getting inspired!

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