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July 5, 2018 — by MCutts0

Male fashion has undergone enormous changes in recent years. Instead of the shaved, popular and modern pages a few years ago, the hair long

The style of "Hipster" dictates its rules in men’s fashion. The popularity of men’s hairstyles and longer manes increased with the appearance of the fashion of the beard and the opening of a variety of hairdressing salons.

Hairstyles for long hair and modern cuts for men

There are many different types of haircuts for men and hairstyles for long hair in 2017 trends that will continue in the next year. The hairstyles for male long hair are varied, there is no doubt about that.

They are divided into two large groups: symmetry; Asymmetry In the first case, the hair on both sides of the face has the same length and construction. While this doesn’t prevent the presence of shaved areas, their size and position are symmetrical. In contrast to the asymmetrical haircut, the maximum length is only reached on one side of the face. Often the maximum length also has one and bangs.

Medium-length haircuts are those that fall under the chin or the angle of the lower jaw. A modern haircut for men and women is the long bob cut and similar ones that are used a lot this year. You look better in people with thick hair.

It can be done with a bang or without it. The longer male haircuts take a length below the shoulder. Hairstyles in grunge style, double or square. The long male mane has always been a sign of health and good genes, so don’t hide it in 2018.

Hairstyles for long hair ideas for straight hair

The ideal style for long, straight hair is the oblique separation. The fringes can be left on one side to go behind the ear. This style is fashionable for many seasons and rules on the catwalks.

With a waterfall haircut, it is necessary to give volume to the roots and lift the hair. Men’s hairstyles in long asymmetrical style require a shape that emphasizes asymmetry (different for different haircuts).

Hairstyles for curly long hair are very popular. The latest trend is a slight permanent ripple that can be achieved with a medium thickness curler. As a result, a hairstyle is formed around the head with the strands falling freely on the face.

Hairstyles for long hair ideas for curly hair

Men who have natural curls have greater difficulty. On our We show you photos of different fashion versions that can inspire you. In general, you should choose grunge and punk style hairstyles.

They do not require careful placement, on the contrary, the chaotic arrangement of the tufts is welcome. If your hair is medium length, then simply structure it with foam or mousse after washing and drying. If they are very long, sometimes you need to shape some strands with a curling iron or iron to give a clean look.

Hairstyles for long hair ideas of tails and braids

There are many variations of hairstyles with hair gathered behind. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing their hair. Even if you have very long hair, this does not always correspond to the dress code.

For this reason, we can always pick up part of the hair or all of the hair in a high, low middle tail or do a braid. Hairstyles for men and women with long hair are similar.

With hair gathered in a tail, it is easier to go to the gym, and even going to work in a business suit these are the most suitable options. The asymmetrical hairstyle is more difficult. It is almost impossible to pick it up in a queue. It requires careful daily work.

A hairstyle with pulled back hair for which you need a gel for a wet effect. Despite the apparent simplicity, this is an interesting and creative male hairstyle if done correctly.

A hairstyle with pulled back hair for which you need a gel for a wet effect. Despite the apparent simplicity, this is an interesting and creative male hairstyle if done correctly. A simple tail is suitable for long curly hair, comfortable to wear, do not disturb and do not get confused. This type of hairstyle goes well with a business suit.

If your hair is on the sides of your head up to part of your neck shaved is. But you have the long top that you can pick up in a high queue. It is enough to have a creative haircut that not everyone can wear. There are options with shaved sides or not. You can also create a bun, but this option looks better if your hair is medium length.

Hairstyles for long hair can be made in a variety of shapes. You can choose hairstyles for men that are made daily with ease. That means that people can also do braids. Often an option chosen as an alternative to the queue.

They can be made very close to the head or looser. Some teachers can form a complete pattern on the surface of the head. This option is not suitable for office workers, but will be an ideal option for athletes and creative people.

Many years ago, Native Americans kept their hair long because they helped them improve their connection with the country and enabled them to better perceive their environment. In addition, the royal family left their long hair as a sign of status and wealth. And even the warriors left him long on the battlefield as a sign of masculinity and skill. Cutting hair in the past was the same as neutering a man.

We have all heard the myth of Samson and Dalila a Hebrew Old Testament hero who gained superhuman strength that could be removed by cutting the hair. Finally popularized again by skaters and surfers, long hairstyles for men are a modern trend and can be seen in celebrities and models.

While men with long hair are sometimes associated with rebels, they also represent artists and intellectuals. Whatever the association, the man with the long hair looks more mysterious and often looks lively. We don’t know that part of the male population around the world has long hair, but we are sure that it fits very well.

Everyone is individual, so every man has his own reasons to grow long hair. For example, not to go to the hairdresser or hers too often lifestyle to change. But there is no doubt that men with long hair stand out.

However, this fresh look comes with its difficulties and maintenance needs. Long hairstyles require frequent washing and use of moisturizing products to nourish and hydrate the hair, which improves its natural shine, as well as macaras and conditioners.

When do we have to wait for hair to grow? First of all, it takes courage for a man to grow his hair. But the hardest part of growing long hair is the transition phase, when the hair isn’t long enough to get behind the ears. In this phase, the hairstyle looks and feels uncomfortable.

The growth rate of an adult man’s hair is 1.2 cm per month. For example, if you have 5 cm long hair, it will take several months or years to get long. Also an important thing to say is that there are no miracles, forget the potions that promise you rapid growth and a mane in two weeks. You just have to be patient.

Finally, regular exercise, proper sleep, and foods rich in essential vitamins help hair grow faster when tension increases the risk of hair loss as well. Hormones are another very important factor.

How to take care of your hair

The most useful tool for men’s long hairstyles are their fingers. We recommend that you use your fingers on most of your hair and leave the comb. But if you still choose a comb, it is very important to use a boar brush.

First, start brushing the ends while holding the rest of the hair in your other hand to avoid pulling on the scalp and hair roots. The tangles need to be untangled with your fingers to prevent the hair from stretching and damage, causing breakage and split ends that won’t let the hair grow at all.

In addition, you don’t have to wash your hair every day so you don’t remove your natural oils from the hair, causing it to dry out.

You can use a good conditioner to limit tangles, replace natural oils, and add moisture.


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