Hairstyles for glasses wearers

Choosing the right hairstyle is particularly difficult for people who wear glasses. The latter not only needs to match the shape of the face, but also the glasses model fit. Nevertheless, glasses wearers can also wear trend hairstyles. All that matters is creating a harmonious overall appearance.

Note the distance between the eyeglass bridge and the hairline

If you naturally have a high forehead, you should make sure when choosing the hairstyle that the distance between the eyeglass bridge and the hairline is not too large. Hair combed back over the head was out of the question. Better is a fringe cut bangs that fall loosely in the forehead. A side parting also makes the forehead appear lower.

Not too lavish curls

Glasses wearers should avoid curls if possible. Those who have natural curls opt for a short haircut. A flowing mane would draw attention as much as the glasses frame. Accordingly, glasses wearers give priority to straight hair.

Highlights spice up rimless glasses frames

Rimless glasses are often boring. Especially to pale skin. The face can be spiced up when the hairstyle receives highlights. For example, highlights highlight the face and enhance the glasses.

The classic bob goes well with horn glasses

Horn glasses have been popular again for some time, the classic black models are the favorites. Elegance shows who wears a bob with accurate bangs. In this case, the setting of highlights is not necessary. The combination works best tone on tone or when the color of the hairstyle is in stark contrast to the glasses frame. For example, platinum blonde hair works particularly well with blue, red or black glasses.

Experimenting with the hairstyle and the Hair color glasses wearers are also allowed. Ultimately, when choosing the glasses frame and hairstyle, it is important that the glasses wearer feels completely comfortable.

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2 thoughts on “Hairstyles for glasses wearers”

I will have to wear glasses soon. Sounds stupid, but I think it’s a huge change and also relatively stupid. That doesn’t match my self-understanding and my look. Thanks for the article. I will my Adjust hairstyle &# 128578;

I didn’t know that there were hairstyles for certain glasses, great to know. Already thought that I just have no glasses hehe


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