Hairstyles for curly hair – styling tips for curly hair

We understand the difficulty you face every time you think of hairstyles for curly hair. To make life easy, we’ve listed a few tips below that you need to keep an eye on while styling your hair. Remember, curls have personality and their behavior vary from day to day. It actually becomes a challenge for curly style hair.

Here are some useful tips for curly hair

Take up this challenge by implementing these styling tips for your hair.

1. Don’t wash before you start styling

It always helps to start styling with clean hair, especially if they are curls. Why? Because styling requires application of serum or gel or other hair care products for the reason that look fresh on your style. Remember to use only sulfate-free shampoo or detergent to flush leftover products from your previous styling.

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2. Divide your curls into smaller sections for product application

Sometimes curls behave differently on different areas of the hair. It is due to the inconsistent application of the styling product. To get around this, it is advisable to separate your curls into smaller sections and then apply the styling product evenly. This way, all sections of the hair could not be given due care. You also start the product from the back of your head application, where hair is thicker, then on the sides and finally on the top of the head.

3. Avoid touching hair

With curls, unless they get completely dry, do not touch or manipulate them with your hands. This will result in unmanageable ruffles. Let the hair dry completely and then you can start styling. Also, instead of blow drying them, it’s better to let them air dry naturally.

4. Soften curls with the help of Light Oil

Many times, excessive use of gel or another hair styling product will make your curls go dry or stiff or hard. In this case, you should apply even light oil in nature such as marula or argan oil to your hair from root to tip. Take only a small amount of oil and rub it through your hands first to avoid the oily look. Remember to let your hair dry completely first and then apply oil. If you want to use while styling product while avoiding crunch, you can dilute your product with water for application.

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5. Apply leave-in conditioner before styling

Moisture can help keep your hair free from frizz. Before you start styling the hair, coat strands of hair with a leave-in conditioner. It will keep your hair hydrated during the styling process.

6. Add bounce with a curl refresher

Investing in a good leave-in conditioner can come to your rescue if your curly hair styling. Spray a mixture of leave-in conditioner and water on your hair post styling. This keeps the hair fresh and springy. If during the day, you can feel your hairstyle starting to lose its freshness, simply spray the mixture back to get a fresh look immediately.

7. If little time, use headband

If You less To have time to shape your curls, just use a headband to pull your hair back while it’s still wet. This will automatically straighten your hair at the crown and will only curl at the ends of your hair.

8. Wear little gel if your hair is still wet

After washing your hair, take a small amount of the gel on your fingers. Well, knead your hair while the water from the Squeeze hair. After that, separate curls in the cut and normally let it air dry.

Celebrities who have styled their curls

(Rihanna. She’s using textured gel on her curls to get this bangs.)

(Gwen Stefani. To achieve this, twist your hair bangs and pin it back towards you.)

(Vanessa Anne Hudgens-)

(Gugu Mbatha-Raw. To create this look, pull your hair back up and then pin up. Then pull your curls on the sides and front.)

These curly hair styling tips will surely come to your rescue for your next party or outing! You share your hairstyles for curly hair with us.


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