Hairstyles for curly hair in 5 steps

If you have curly hair, you are incredibly lucky. Many girls are confident that with curls, it is impossible to do a decent styling, constantly straighten their hair, leaving them in a terrible state. If you don’t know what hairstyle you can make from your curly hair, you’re on the right track! Watch videos to help you understand how much wealth you have.

Before you start learning new styling, you need to make sure that you care for your curls properly. Every time you want to experiment with a hairstyle, start with hair conditioning.

Best haircuts for curly hair

When choosing a haircut, you need to consider the color and texture of the strands, face shape, lifestyle and preferences of the woman. It is advisable to cut the hair so that the curls can be stacked in different ways.

Chubby An informal curl stack doesn’t work.

The best option for this type of face is a cascade with layers as long as possible, as shown in the photo on the right.

Soft milled waves help soften the heavy jaw. Narrow face shape Classic season with a volume bang that balances the proportions.

A great option for hairstyles for medium hair – Caret. It can be supplemented with a long bang that can be stabbed or lowered coquettishly and closes one eye.

No less successful option – Bob. This haircut fits for every kind of faceIt becomes gently oval, emphasizing the length of the neck and the beauty of the shoulders. If the hair is very curly, you need to do a thinning that eliminates unnecessary volume.

Always watch long steps. They work well for soft waves or medium-sized curls. With "small demon" hair, it is not worthwhile to make the top layer too short, otherwise the heads will look like dandelions.

Wavy hair and spectacular with asymmetrical hairstyles. This hairstyle can be done on the basis of a bean or a square. It is complemented by a long, securely cut bang. Depending on the style, curly hair can appear romantic and delicate or aggressively emphasized.

Soft curls

Romantic and at the same time simple styling can be created on the basis of one or more elongated seasons. The strands are treated with mousse, then wrapped on a brush and blow-dried.

This technology allows hair on medium-length curly hair to structure and curl "little demon" to transform into big curls.

You do not need to comb them to give volume, the fingers are lightly whipped at the roots with the fingers and then sprayed with a medium-sized varnish.

Curls can be structured using large curlers.

Fixing cream or spray is applied to curly hair, then they are wrapped in one direction.

To ensure that the curls are perfectly smooth, the curlers are placed in rows on both sides of the partition.

After curling up, they are sprayed again with spray and dried with a warm air stream from a hairdryer. To correct the result, you need a cold blow. Then the curls are sprayed with varnish and only then are the curlers removed. Comb curls do not need. Elegant hairstyle finished in the spirit of classic Hollywood.

Fashion tail

Cheeky and comfortable cock – a real classic, indispensable for everyday life.

The threads are smoothed with a brush and attached to the back of the head or the top of the head with a thin rubber band.

A curl is severed, braided into a thin braid and wrapped in a ribbon around the base of the tail.

The tip must be turned inwards and pinned with an invisible or small hairpin.

Retro waves

Looks very stylish in retro style.

Hair combed and treated abundantly with a softening and moisturizing spray.

Then the strands are divided into side partitions.

Hands shape the waves, each of which is fixed with a long barber clip.

Lay solid varnish. After drying, the clips are gently removed and smooth waves are sprayed with glossy polish.

For girls with blue hair and not only

One of the most popular hairstyles – Malvina. She likes little girls, but adult girls with such styling also look very cute. Its essence – smooth threads on the front of the head and curls that fall freely over the shoulders.

Hair on the forehead can be combed easily, giving it a larger volume, as shown in the photo above. Then the threads are smoothed with a flat brush and fixed invisibly between the crown and neck.

The front part can be lifted slightly and slipped onto the forehead to form a small cook. Long bangs are crammed with the bulk of the hair, a short one is coquettishly released on the forehead.

Malvinka can be decorated with a flat decorative hair clip or an artificial flower.

Classic bundle

Stylish, strict and at the same time sexy hairstyle – simple bunch. Before production, the threads can be smoothed and ironed with a smoothing cream, the knot is refined. For a romantic date, lush bundles of locks of curls fit.

They need to be combed carefully and collected in a low tail in the middle of the head or slightly on the side. The curls are twisted into a loose braid, wrapped around the base of the tail, and attached with hair color hairpins. Several thin curls can be freed from the beam and fall freely on the temples.

An interesting option – High beam based hairstyle (see photo below). The strands are combed at the top of the tail and tied together.

The curls are moistened with a moisture spray and stapled with hairpins to a beautiful crown with clean rings. The hairstyle is fixed with lacquer and decorated with decorative needles or small artificial flowers.

In this video you can see another example of a curly hairstyle that you can easily do with your own hands:

Direction possibilities

Many curly hair owners dream of making them smoother.

Various aids and preparations have been created to fulfill dreams, which can change the appearance of the strands in the short or long term.

In the cabin is offered Keratin straightening, which not only smoothes inflammatory curls, but also protects them from the negative effects of the environment.

During the procedure, a special composition is applied to the hair, which covers each hair with a breathable film. The threads are then ironed and the effect is fixed.

After straightening, the hair shines, the color becomes lighter, the curls appear more voluminous. The effect lasts for several months, after which the process can be repeated.

Curls can be straightened at home Pliers with ceramic plates.

You shouldn’t treat your hair too often, but in special cases the tweezers work wonders.

A heat spray is applied to the strands before treatment.

Then alternately rather narrow strands are clamped between the plates. In this way, you can work on the entire head of the hair or only a part of it, everything depends on the idea of ​​the hairstyle.

More radical option, suitable for long-term use – Use of chemicals. Straighten wavy hair that contains ammonium trioglycolate and sodium hydroxide.

The preparations are distributed along the strands with a comb, the ambassadors for the preservation of the composition are washed off and treated with a scalp neutralizer.

There are less aggressive remedies that can smooth out too steep curls.

Care for curly hair

Wavy and curly hair is usually prone to dryness. They are fragile and brittle, with improper care, the strands begin to split, lose their shine, look shaggy and neglected. An integrated program will help restore their natural beauty.

For washing, you need shampoos that have been specially developed for curls. Preferred professional series, including products for colored, dried or thinning hair. Will fit Shampoos with natural herbal extracts, oils, soft tensides. The kit consists of buying a non-erasable conditioner or conditioner that covers every hair with the thinnest protective film.

Need to comb hair Wooden or bone comb with sparsely rounded teeth. Metal and plastic combs collect static electricity and can injure the tips of your hair.

It is necessary to dry the threads in the fresh air. You shouldn’t use a hair dryer twice a week. At the same time, the device is switched on in the warm air mode, which causes minimally traumatic hair clips.

Suitable for the care of the dried tips natural shea butter, macedamia, argan or coconut. They are warmed in the palms, rubbed gently into the threads and then combed with a brush for better distribution. This procedure can be done 2-3 times a week, it quickly returns the lost shine to the curls.

Useful and nutritious mask with egg, essential oils, herbal brew. They are carried out 1-2 times a week before the next shampooing. Structuring curls help with gelatin-based wrapping.

More information about hair masks can be found at:

Preparing the composition is easy. A spoonful of powder is poured with water, the mixture is heated and stirred until it has completely dissolved. It is applied to the strands and withdraws a few centimeters from the roots.

The head is covered with a towel and blown with warm air using a hair dryer. After half an hour you can wash off the composition. The process easily smoothes cool curls and turns them into soft, elegant waves.

Improving hair condition will help Silicone-based styling products. They cover the hair with an elastic film that gives shine and protects against mechanical stress. Products that contain mineral oils and alcohols cannot be used to care for curls, they can dry the already fragile hair clips.

If you have selected a suitable hairstyle and have thought through the care program, you can turn an informal stack of curls into an elegant, fashionable and very beautiful hairstyle.

Knots, bundles, harnesses

"Creative nodules"

"Stylish beam"

"Double buns"

Braids and weaving

"Sloping waterfall"

1. Divide the hair side into 2 parts. Mark a wide strand. We start weaving a spikelet. We take new threads only from the side of the face (no need to take them from the back of the head).

2. Weave the braid up to your ear. Hair is still only caught from the face. We carry the scythe further down from the ear into the occipital zone.

3. As you walk through the occipital zone, you can gradually grasp the threads from below so that the skewer is held in place and does not dangle. The braid itself is almost circular.

4. We weave a braid on the second ear and attach the tip. Spit a little fluff.


"Fluffy tail"

"Unusual tail"

For this tail we use an unusual rubber band – a rubber band with a hook. It retains all the splendor of the curly hair, you can also adjust the degree of tension of the rubber, its position on the hair.

Malvinka, mussels, Greek, Babette


  • We divide the entire hair mass into three parts: left, right, back.
  • The side parts are not yet needed – put aside.
  • The back of the divide above and below.
  • The top up clean.
  • Twist the soil into a bundle and put a snail – fix stealth.
  • Do the same from above.
  • One of the side parts (the larger one) is split in half.
  • One of the halves that doesn’t pull much is attached to the back where the snails are.
  • The second half and the side part from the other side cross the shell.
  • Spray your finished hair.


A good option for curly strands. Length suitable medium or long.

  1. After applying the foam, beat the entire hair mass a little.
  2. Take a few strands from your left and right temple.
  3. Tie them from behind in a low tail.
  4. Secure with a rubber band.
  5. Decorate with a hair clip or bow.

Curly and curly hair is very hairstyles with bagels and rollers.

To lay curls more conveniently and easily, you need to properly care for such hair. Competent drying and use of styling products is the key to a successful hairstyle. Be sure to read the care instructions for curly and curly hair.

Styling options for curly hair

First, try uploading your photo and see how these hairstyles work on you

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Hairstyles and haircuts for curly hair look different for every girl. It is therefore important to take the individual properties into account when choosing, so that you always look luxurious, even in the simplest version of the styling.

It is important! It is not necessary to experiment with cutting curly hair at home. Working with such hair has its own subtleties that only the master knows. It is better to trust the hands of professionals so as not to look ridiculous. The price of the work depends on the level of the hairdresser and the prestige of the salon.

Spit, tails, bundles – the space for imagination is not limited.

Naturally beautiful hairstyle to make yourself requires a small toolkit. Therefore, curls cannot do without silicone-based products, varnishes with different degrees of fixation, foam, hairdryers and even curlers. It is worth paying attention to the accessories with which you decorate your hair – headbands, ribbons, hairpins, hairpins, rubber bands – everything will be useful.

And if you are totally bored with the curls, the straightener will help you get rid of the curls quickly, but do not forget to apply a heat protectant before the procedure.

In general, when choosing hairstyles, it is important first of all to correctly determine the type of your strands. So if the curls are small, a cascade haircut is recommended, in which the hair frames the face pleasantly. If the curls are big enough, make a bob – this combination looks great.

Easy curling

Hairstyles for curly hair are not always complicated and complex. The following laying method confirms this, and detailed instructions with a photo only make it easier to create.

Separate a small strand from the side and twist it into a bundle.

Wrap the top of the harness in the form of a ring and fasten it with the help of a camouflage cap or a hairpin.

Make the next bundle, slightly lower than the previous one, and attach it also in the ring shape under the first.

Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Divide the lower part of the hair into equal parts and lay each one individually, creating a flagellum and light bundles.

To do this, fix a hairstyle stealth and a varnish.

Unusual Malvinka

Malvina is a hairstyle that everyone knows and that suits almost every beauty, regardless of hair type. It is suitable for a walk and a romantic evening meeting.

However, this simple hairstyle can be easily modified and the result is a smooth, elegant and simply irresistible image. Thanks to the fleece, the styling is immediately solemn, becomes large and refined.

This option is suitable for hairstyles for curly medium hair:

  1. Comb the hair and curl the curls with a curling iron or hair curler if necessary.
  2. Divide the hair horizontally into two parts.

  1. The lower part is again divided horizontally, with the top leaving a small strand in its original shape. Mix the soil thoroughly and spray the varnish onto the stack to fix it.
  2. Cover the hair with the rest of the hair and collect everything in Malvinka.
  3. Part of the forehead is at your discretion – leave the bangs (if any) or loosen some romantic curls.
  4. Fasten your hair with hairpins and decorate it with a hairpin if desired.

Easy and quick setup

Looking for a hairstyle for every day? You will like the next option as it offers several advantages. First, it fits every hair type, second, it gives volume, third, it is very easy to make, fourth, it looks feminine and informal.

To create a curly hairstyle with your own hands, you need the following arsenal of tools:

To look irresistible, create a styling with a photo test (see below):

The initial phase of creating hairstyles

  1. If you have slightly wavy curls, use the styler to twist them.
  2. Divide the hair into two parts, the top – from the forehead to the ear, pinch with a clip or crab.
  3. Tie the lower part of the threads in the tail, formulate a bundle with loose tips that fix the invisible.

Separate the narrow strand from the tip of the hair and twist it into a bundle.

The harness was attached to the beam with bolts.

Do the same on the back.

  1. Twist and attach the scourge until you have all of the top part of the hair on. However, the forehead should be a little stringy.

Mix part of the hair on the forehead well to create volume.

Turn combed hair back and leave it there. Hide the ends in the twisted bundles.

Fix the result with hairspray and remove a few strands from your face for lightness and romance.

Unfolded beam on curly hair

Hairstyles for long curly hair don’t necessarily have to be emphasizing the length of the strands, as sometimes they just bother you.

Unfolded bar – a quick way to always see in the foreground

The next option is suitable for everyone who looks cute and at the same time does not want to lose practicality – because sometimes the time for laying is limited. It is then a bunch of you and will help, enough to get a comb, eraser and varnish.

The scheme for creating a style with a photo will help you get an excellent result:

Extend the tail through the gums without pulling the end completely.

Divide the curls in half over the base of the tail.

Wrap the loop inside.

Fix the styling fix hairspray. Decorate as desired with a hair clip in a style chosen with a dress.

Tip! To make working with hair easier, spray it with saline before laying it. The tool makes curls soft and elastic.

As you can see, if the curly hair is pulled, it can also be soothed, creating a smooth, refined and elegant styling. No matter – you have a lot or little time, there is always a way out, because there are many options.

In addition to the hairstyle, the correct care of the curls also plays an important role, as there are some special features. Don’t forget to regularly feed the strands with natural masks, and to emphasize the curls, choose the right styling products, such as wax, curl cream or mousse. If you do everything right, you will look stunning.

Men should not avoid styling either, because men’s hairstyles for curly hair require no less attention than women. In addition, the weak half of human beings value well-groomed men. The video in this article helps to understand this problem in more detail.

The choice of haircut depends on the structure of the curls

If your hair is very elastic and spring-like, it is better not to choose a very short haircut, as you risk becoming like a dandelion. The best option is shoulder length or longer hair. However, keep in mind that the longer they are, the harder it is to maintain them. The average length is ideal for curls of medium hardness, which makes the haircut look elegant and feminine.

Haircuts, bob, bob or pages, which are made by a professional hairdresser, can be done well on soft curls. In addition, the hairstyle should improve the shape of the face and correct certain defects. Before you go to the salon, you can play with different hairstyle variants yourself: with the help of hairpins, raise the strands, go back, change the separation – so you can assess which options you have.

Haircuts for short curly hair

Short hairstyles for curly hair look playful, loose and a little sporty. In the past, they were only made on straight hair, but now curly short hairstyles are also relevant, which look very beautiful. If you choose this option, you should be prepared to relocate it and maintain it properly.

haircut "under the boy" curly hair can fit thin women with sophisticated features. It’s easy enough to shape a styling based on it – just hit your hair with your fingers. You can also pull the curls out while drying to get a curly shape.

A stylish and fashionable option is a bob that is suitable for owners of an oval or triangular face. He also needs to be looked after carefully enough, but the end result will look great. Large facial features may prefer a square or asymmetrical bob for themselves. With this hairstyle, you can focus on the merits of the face and distract him from the existing small mistakes.

Medium-length curly haircuts

If short haircuts with curls are more suitable for young girls, then haircuts for medium hair – for women of all ages. They allow you to create a harmonious image that emphasizes the dignity of the shape and facial features.

It should be noted that curly hair has a special structure. Their hair follicles are comma-shaped and their total number on the head is lower than that of straight hair. In curls, subcutaneous fat is mainly at the roots and is almost absent at the tips. This complicates the process of hair care as well as the correct selection of haircuts.

A good choice for medium length hair owners is a bob hairstyle. Straight bangs go to almost everyone, the weird one works well with an elongated face and an obvious asymmetry. The caret can be extended. Stylists are also advised to focus their attention on a one-sided elongated bean.

Those who appreciate the naturalness and playfulness of the image can take note of the layered haircuts on medium-sized curly hair, emphasizing the natural beauty of curls and giving ample opportunity for experimentation.

Haircuts for long hair

Luxury long curls – it’s always stylish and beautiful. Of course, they require special care, but the result justifies the time and money spent. The right haircut is also important.

Such curls can look like cascading haircuts that create an imitation on the head of a waterfall from hair of different lengths. Brave fashion women love to complement such hairstyles with multicolored color.

graded "ladder" -Hairstyles are another great option that differs from the previous one in that the layering is applied only to the front strands. Thanks to this hairstyle, the hairstyle looks longer and more voluminous.

In addition, long wavy hair, regardless of the structure – this is a complete hairstyle, also very beautiful. That’s why you can’t do anything with them – just regularly shorten the tips and ensure proper hair care.

Choose haircuts by person type

Many girls are dissatisfied with their oval faces. Improve it visually and emphasize dignity, the right haircut helps again.

• The oval face type comes very close to the ideal. Your owners can safely experiment with symmetrical and asymmetrical hairstyles. You can use the pony or do without it. Unless it pays to be careful with the loose, long curls, which can visually extend for a few years.

• A round face looks too flat and makes the owner complete, even if her body is rather slim. You have to choose a hairstyle so that it looks optically pulled out and looks oval. You shouldn’t choose hairstyles that take up the volume in your cheeks and cheekbones. It is also not recommended to use separating and direct pops. Asymmetrical sloping bangs are enough. She should cover her cheek and look a little with one hand as if pulling out the shape. Emerging curls match the styling, in which the height of the face becomes larger than its width, making it visually narrower. In this case, the hairstyle should have the shape of an inverted triangle: wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

• Curly square face holders may prefer a square with a split that hides wide cheekbones and a heavy lower part of the face. Variations of the bob hairstyle are appropriate. The optimal length in this case is average. It is better not to choose bangs and haircuts with perfect symmetry with a square face because they make the face heavier and its facial features coarse.

• Fit hairstyles with a triangular shape, the length of which is slightly below the height of the chin. You can use the caret and complement it with a scythe or a long bang. Avoid short bangs, styling, slickly combed to the side, ideally straight separation.

• When the face is full, you need to choose a haircut that visually lengthens and pulls the face down. Asymmetrical hairstyles with bangs can work well.

Haircuts with bangs for short hair

Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to put bangs on curly hair, many girls prefer to add their hair. The classic version is a combination of long curls and straight bangs, but keep in mind that it has to straighten up all the time. Shorter bangs make the picture stylish and youthful, longer ones give excellent styling options.

With curly hair, the haircut can complement asymmetrical diagonal bangs. It can visually correct the face, especially round or asymmetrical. Well-cut bob and bob.

Top of the best curls

Classical Haircuts for curly hair that we’ve already looked at – it’s bob, square, cascade, ladder. But there are also other options, such as a pixie hairstyle. Curly hair gives it a special highlight, and the advantage is that you don’t have to think about styling. If you choose this hairstyle for yourself, ask the stylist to leave more hair on top. Another interesting idea is a ragged haircut that gives the roots more volume.

You can pay attention to the crazy styling in the style of the 70s, which is about chaotic curls. The wavy bangs that complement the short hairstyle look interesting. You can ask a specialist to make two strands at an angle.

You can also play with the picture and experiment with styling. So if you like a sporty style, choose a short haircut, messy place it with your fingers and fix it with gel or varnish.

You can add a clean hairstyle to profiled or graded strands. This technique makes it possible not only to complete the haircut beautifully, but also to facilitate maintenance and to overcome the constantly split ends. Asymmetrical elements complement the hairstyles well. Side bangs can perfectly correct the shape of the face. Profiling it can make the picture more serious.

So the variations of beautiful and up-to-date haircuts on curly hair are more than enough. Take into account the properties of your hair and the look in general and you will find the perfect option.

For every day

This option is suitable for laying long and medium curls:

  1. preparatory phase – You need to apply mousse or a special cream to clean and dried hair. The important point – when using the gel is the "Effect of damp curls".
  2. It is necessary to curl the curls lightlyby making movements towards the base of the hair growth. This creates natural curls.
  3. After that, you should dry the hairwith a hair dryer with a diffuser. It is important to handle every strand of the nozzle.
  4. Last stage – It is necessary to carefully separate the entire hair mass with your fingers and fix it with varnish. This creates soft and elastic curls that retain their original look for a long time.


To create spectacular styling, the hair should be long:

  1. Clean and dry hair must be well combed.
  2. The next step is to collect all of the hair mass in a high tail. The important point is that there should be no "tails", the hair should be straight. To do this, use a special smoothing tool. Finally, fix the curls with a rubber band.
  3. Strands of the tail should be wound up, with curling or hair curlers. It is important that they are clear and separate.
  4. Last stage – You need to carefully comb the tail with a comb with rare teeth or with your fingers. It is best to sprinkle the resulting hair with varnish.

"side tail"

Best suited for long curly hair:

  1. You need to collect the entire head of hair in a low tail and attach it to the side with the rubber.
  2. A small amount must be allocated on each page and wind it up with your fingers.
  3. Last stage – Use hairspray to fix the styling.

The main advantage – emphasizes the natural "curvature" of hair cheap and effective.

Perfect for long and medium curls:

  1. On clean wet strands have to use a special smoothing agent.
  2. After that, the hair must be dried with a hair dryer with a diffuser.
  3. It should take locks off your face, twist them into braids and attach them to the back of the head with stealth or hairpins.
  4. Last stage – It is necessary to sprinkle the hair with varnish.

Evening option for medium length curls

The peculiarity is a somewhat casual appearance, so you should not be afraid of "cocks":

  1. First you need to collect the curls from the ears and face in the tail at the back of the head. At the same time, it is necessary to leave the hair loose at the back.
  2. Next Step – It is necessary to have one "node" to form and fill the end of the tail under the gums.
  3. Repeat the action again.
  4. The loose strands must then be filled. in the knot formed.
  5. Similar manipulations must be repeated from the other side.
  6. completion – You can sprinkle the hair with varnish and secure the hair with the needles.

Evening option for long hair

Versatile and practical styling that conveys an image of femininity and charm:

  1. It will be necessary to imitate 3 tails and arrange them on different levels at the same time. – The first is slightly lower than the top of the head, the second is at the back of the head, and the third is quite deep near the neck.
  2. The end of each tail should go through the hole above the rubber forming knots.
  3. Then you have to hide the ends under the tailwhich is below. The bottom part should be turned in the same way. Lacquer repairs the created hairstyle.

Suitable for long and medium wave hair:

  1. Clean and dried hair should be divided into 2 equal parts.
  2. Take a strand of the same width on each side and move to the middle.
  3. How to create the effect "slight negligence" It’s worth pulling a little curl in different directions when weaving.
  4. Made weavingshould be securedwith chewing gum or tape.
  5. Last stage – the use of varnish for fixation.

Which hairstyles are suitable for curly curls?

Long curly curls are very popular with hairdressers because they offer more opportunities to express their own imaginations.

However, there are a few important points to keep in mind:

  1. Cascading haircuts are suitable for girls with thin and slightly curly strands. As a result, a head volume is added and the curls are clearly structured.
  2. Nice option – cut strands evenly up to the height of the blades or even deeper. This is the most beneficial way for thick hair since the hair is not "presses", the curls keep their shape and retain the external attraction.
  3. Specials with a rectangular or triangular oval Hairstyles are suitable, supplemented by a graduation around the face, since the strands create the necessary volume around the cheekbones and make the face optically proportional.

The average hair length is very popular because it doesn’t require special care and looks incredibly feminine:

  1. The best option – classic style square. It can easily be kept in perfect condition. In addition, this haircut makes it easy to style your hair in different hairstyles and decorate it with different accessories.
  2. An alternative approach is an asymmetric caret. It is enough to just cut the curls on one side of the face a little shorter, and the picture changes immediately. Suitable for brave and daring people who want to be the center of attention.

Haircut cascade

It is based on "steps", ie a graduated mechanism if some strands are shorter than others. The length and volume of each "step" depend on the thickness and structure of the curls. The larger they are and the harder the hair, the more expressive the levels are.

This hairstyle enables bangs and the complete absence of them. The bangs can also be cascaded and divided into individual strands if they reach the middle of the forehead or the eyebrows.

It is important that it does not cover the entire forehead, otherwise the impression of a heavy hairstyle is created.

If the bang is long, it can be divided into two equal (even separation) or unequal (oblique separation) parts. And then the bangs merge with the composition of the cascade.

Important note from the publisher.

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The benefits of a cascade for curly hair

  • This style adds volume and gives all threads lightness and airiness.

Cascade rejuvenates, lasts 5-10 years, so it is already preferred by adult women who want to look attractive and young.

Grooming doesn’t require a lot of styling power, since the strands are trimmed so that the hairstyle is actually done.

The sufficient length of the side and rear strands allows you to experiment with the styling and always try out new options.

A haircut hides certain flaws on the face, for example its contour that is too wide or too narrow.

Cascade and different face shapes

The haircut cascade can be used universally because it is suitable for every type of face. A few final steps hide the shortcomings.

    If your face is narrow, give the curls on your cheeks and cheekbones more volume. You do not need a very long bang in the middle of the forehead and also have it cut off in a cascade, ie split into strands of different lengths.

If you’re a chubby girl, choose an even cascade so the threads cover your cheekbones and cheeks lightly. Add volume on top of your head, and then your face will stretch outward.

How is the haircut cascade

Before the haircut, the hair should be wet: this will make it easier to handle them.

    Next, you need to zone the hair to do a graded haircut.

Gather the hair in the parting of the parting and attach the clip.

Next, you need to select the temporal zone on both sides, and then the occipital zones are on both sides. The last posterior occipital zone in the form of a rectangle. Start from this area to cut.

Take the top strand of this area, lift it perpendicular to your head, and shear off the top. This is the control line on which you will be guided during further cutting.

Take the next strand below the control, simply lift it vertically and cut at the level of the control strand.

Also cut off any threads that make up the neck. How to achieve a cascade effect on the back: The lower the strands, the longer they become!

The next stage is the lateral occipital zone on one side. Release it from the clamp, take the top strand, lift it vertically and add a short, already cut part from the back of the handle. Cut the thread from the side of the occipital zone at the height of the short thread. You have a control strand for this zone! Lift the next strand and cut at the same height as the control strand. Do the same with the back of the head area on the other side.

Now go on to the parietal area. Loosen it from the clip and comb it from the crown to the face. First you have to create a control line. To do this, take the rear parietal cord and connect it to the already trimmed occipital cord. Cut the longer thread. Next, cut each strand of the parietal region according to the height of the control strand.

The last section is the temporal. Loosen it from the clamp and take the entire strand, lift it vertically and align it with the sheared strand from the apex area. Do the same on the other side.

Finally, complete the last strand processing. Let yourself be guided by the facial features and the length of the bang when working in the parietal and temporal area. The rear strands are framed in a semicircle.

After the haircut is complete, continue styling. Apply fixation to the hair. The laying begins in the back of the head. Brush the thread and blow it off with a hair dryer. Then go to the parietal and temporal sections.

Curls and different types of face

This hairstyle fits all types of faces and small accents help hide certain flaws. For example, if the face is round or square, the drooping front side strands cover the cheeks and soften the corners.

If the face is narrow and elongated, a sloping side parting and a side edge help. The bangs can also hide a forehead that is too wide.

How do you

The hairstyle is done on clean hair and created immediately after washing.

    Wet the hair in a towel and let it dry for a while. Generally, all styling is done on wet hair.

Comb your hair gently and slowly. Apply the styling oil to it, spread the product over the entire length and then comb again.

Squeeze the threads and lift them to your head. The hair will therefore remember the necessary arrangement and form curls. Repeat several times on each side. To increase the effect, you can bend down so that all the hair falls down and squeeze them all together.

To give the hair more volume, you should use a hairdryer with a special nozzle that forms curls. Bend down to let the hair fall freely and turn on the hair dryer in cold or warm (but not hot!) Mode. Blow up your hair, every strand. Then treat your hair to oil for styling.

Now you have a luxurious curly mane on your head. You can either lay the hair on one side or split it straight or sideways.

The benefits of high hair

  • Raised hair looks elegant and solemn. They give the whole picture a festive tone.

Since the hairstyle is high, the face and neck are completely open. Nothing covers festive makeup, earrings and necklaces. You can brag about your jewelry – it will definitely stand out.

Several loose hanging front strands adorn the hair and frame the face beautifully.

High hairstyle with weaving

High hairstyle selection, complemented by interesting weaving. With such an element, the hairstyle looks more solemn, attracts more attention and allows you to add more variety to the familiar look.

creation technology

  1. The hairstyle begins with a deep side parting. The front strand from the side where there is more hair, wrap it in a bundle, twist it on the back of the head and fix it with stealth.

Repeat the same steps with the front side strand on the other side and do the same with the other side strands on both sides.

Leave the back hair so that you weave the same braid.

If desired and to increase safety, you can attach the resulting rope to the top with a rubber band.

Lift the rear belt and roll it up with a roller. Secure the design with a hair clip and stealth.

So curly, curly hair offers unlimited scope for imagination. You can change the styling every day: today you are a romantic young lady with curls and tomorrow you are a strict lady with a high hairstyle. And then you will understand how happy you are that nature has given you curly hair!

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