Hairstyle trends spring time

Which hairstyle expects us in the spring and warm season? Much exciting! Because one thing above all was confirmed once again on the catwalks of which spring and warm season shows once again clearly: the more sparse the make-up (nude and pastel shades dominated), the more opulent the hairstyles plunge. Of course, in addition to boho hair, extravagant latticework and pearl jewelry, the stylists also showed classic hairstyles such as beach waves, chignons – and, our favorite – numerous
Short haircuts. Here you can see which top 10 hairstyle trends 2020 we are scouting for you per spring time and warm season.

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: braids

Lukulent, braids have long been not only en vogue out of the Oktoberfest, but are suitable for everyday use and going out. Next Warm Season Admittedly New: That main focus is on the neck. Either will small Braids combined with buns, or braids mirrored in the neck or the sides. Tip: So that it doesn’t look like schoolgirls afterwards, make sure to braid the braids strictly and refine them with shiny spray!

Seen with: Alexander Mc Queen, Erdem, Max Mara

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: Pixie

Stars and models show it: That pixie is the trend hairstyle 2020! Whether in a long or short version, it makes every Nullipara with a narrow, oval or round face appear elven and is super easy to style.
You can find more non … on the pixie cut here.

Seen with: Dior, Michael Kors, Valentino

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: Boho Hair

The favorite hair accessory by which designer? Without ifs and but that music group. And ours equally. Because with no other hair accessory, hairstyles and outfits can be spun airily so quickly. In this context, either which entire head is wrapped with ribbons, or fine strands twisted into fake dreads.

Seen with: Saint Laurent, Alexander Mc Queen, Missoni

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: Chignon

That season, globally en vogue, is what a classic topknot in the strict snail look. To do this, lightly gather hair at the back of the head deep in the neck, spin a cord and fix it with clips. Super gasoline for the office alike!

Gorunway, Getty Images

Seen with: Victoria Beckham, Chloé, Gentle & Gabbana

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: try

That new curl trend for hair is really beautiful! Notwithstanding everyday use? Hmm, it goes like this … after all, you don’t want to spend hours trying to get into wool conjure. Create legal remedy
those curly tricks above night. Or the good aunt perm, which is making a comeback without any divide by two.
We have them tested!

Seen with: Miu Miu, Stella Mc Cartney, Louis Vuitton

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: Messy Hair

Messy hair is back! Finally we have permission to style our hair again with casual buns and knots. If you dare, you can even put two buns on the top of your head. In favor of everything else there remains what simple classic.

Gorunway, Getty Images

Seen together with: Chromat, Fendi, Rebecca Minkoff, Caroline Hu

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: sleek look

Trying is one. Irrespective of the extremely smooth wool, the catwalks are an integral part of 2020. Whether worn unprotected or in deep Braid styled, which sleek look is without ifs and buts trend – and thanks to straighteners equally quick and lightweight to imitate in the treadmill.

Seen together with: Loewe, Erdem, Burberry

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: Beachwaves

Together with the hair, which beachwaves are which no-make-up or nude look is with the hair. The gentle waves will always be trendy for exactly two reasons: 1. They look super airy – in any situation. 2. They are super quick to style. Just pour some salt spray into the mane, spin the bun, sleep a night, done!

Seen together with: Chanel, Balmain, Celine

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: pearl power

From long as long to stubborn: That spring and warm season 2020 is without any ifs and but under the accessory of which pearls. At least when it comes to the designers of which 2020 fashion shows, who this year are putting out giga-size pearls, hair bands and barrettes or subtle pearls in braids.

Gorunway, Getty Images

Seen together with: Rodarte, Simone Rocha, Alice + Olivia

Hairstyle trends spring time / warm season: wet look

Just came from the ocean? No, from the jetty! Many designers let their models walk above the catwalk in a wet look this year. We take a look at it every warm season, because it fits perfectly with evening wear as well as with a swimsuit. Lightly pour some water and gel into your hair and comb backwards.


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