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Hairstyle is often the most important point of the picture. How our hair looks depends on how it looks. It is therefore important to keep up to date with the latest trends in the world of beauty. Fashionable hairstyles in 2019 can make you look perfect even without updates in the wardrobe, and conversely, dignity will help wear most of the trendy outfits. Braids and short hairstyles, carefree and exuberant styling are in fashion, let’s see what hairstyle trends 2019 are in detail.

Hairstyle trends 2019: how to wear short haircut in 2019

Short hair is very relevant today. Modern women are too busy to spend much of their time with long hair. Short hairstyles are in hairstyle trends 2019, the laying of which shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes. This is the case if your hair is out of shape or you wash your head every day. In other situations, the haircut should only be done after washing, i.e. every 2-3 days.

How to put short hair in fashionable hairstyle? For the daily feminine image, part the hair in a straight part and twist the ends with a curling iron or hot iron. If the hair roots aren’t too fresh while the head length is still great, put the hair on one side. Fix the smooth part with a large hair clip, whip the splendid part and split it into structured, slightly curly strands. This styling is ideal for girls with curly, stiff hair.

To get a high-spirited and ultra-stylish look, stretch your hair with a hair dryer and comb it back. Use gel for attachment, but so that the hairstyle maintains an uneven texture and volume. Each of these quick folds fits any type of haircut with no big difference in the length of the hair (variations of bean haircut). The appropriate length of the haircut is from the middle of the ear to the shoulders.

Hairstyle trends 2019: fashion braids

There will be a boom in braids in 2019 hairstyle trends. This simple female hairstyle will be so popular that with some changes, it will really become part of the business style. Business hairstyle is best with 2 perfectly smooth braids, braided behind the ears. However, you can wear smooth braids with a cracked leather jacket.

For every day and for every occasion: from shopping with friends, banquets in evening clothes, three-dimensional braids with elaborate weaving.

Very nice look in braided hair with colored strands braided. To do this, you can dye strips with unstable color (washed 7-10 times), or use special materials: synthetic strands, ribbons, colored threads with feathers or pearls.

Hairstyle trends 2019: thick fringe

Stylish trend of female hairstyles 2019 is bang. You can wear it with long hair and very short haircuts. In the second variant, Bang looks incredibly cool! With the help of thick, even and long bangs, you can refresh the picture, focus on the eyes and get a mysterious, slightly cosmic look.

In any case, Long Bang with a short haircut is for brave girls, ready for experimentation. If you like more classic, try to make bright bang, remaining basic length of hair. It is best to lighten the hair a bit from the middle, and to duplicate the color transition on the bangs.

For the girls who want a new hairstyle but are not yet ready for radical measures, we recommend cutting medium-length hair in 2019: extended bob or karette without asymmetry, and, yes, emphasize haircut with a big bang.

Hairstyle trends 2019: colored hair and tail for blonde

A few years ago, girls with pink or blue hair caused shock. In the 2019 hairstyle trends, this is not only common, but also very fashionable. Pioneers in color coloring are pink and violet. There will also be fire-colored reds in 2019, including a carrot-colored orange.

Pay attention to interesting trends among popular beauty bloggers: bright colors are preferable for short hair, but long hair owners should be painted in pastel shades. True, red color circumvents this rule: red chestnut and copper will be gorgeous on lush and long hair.

Lead stylists recommend long-haired blondes to collect hair in non-tattered ponytails in 2019. This elementary hairstyle is becoming a cult! Ponytails are loved by everyone for their versatility, you can work with them, go shopping and be irresistibly beautiful at any party. Spicy hairstyle will give a slight promiscuity: just don’t put on elastic until the end, leave free volume. And you have to worry about strands that are not in the tail, just take them by the ears.

By the way, in 2019 the unstrung ponytail is particularly recommended for women with gray hair, it looks classy and stylish

Hairstyle trends 2019: loose and lush hair

This is one of the current hairstyle trends of 2019 that will attract girls with medium hair and with a catastrophic lack of time, good or lazy. In fashion of 2019 there will be … only loose hair! The main feature of the hairstyle is the volume, so that owners of lush and curly hair can be happy. If you have thin hair, give it natural volume at the roots so the styling looks lively and moves. Curl ends aren’t worth it. The longer or thicker the hair, the better for your fashion picture.

There is no need to remember that careless styling is styling too, so try different options: comb all of the hair on one side, or forget about parting, reset the hair.

Hairstyle trends 2019: spit with tails

Don’t be surprised to read about fashionable skewers again. Weaving is a beauty hit, especially when it comes to celebrations and celebrations. It’s easy to create, but gorgeous in appearance, hairstyle. It takes a pigtail or two, spiked along the head. At the same point where the length of the hair begins, we weave and leave good old ponytails. This tail and in itself is often a guest at ceremonial events, and if it is seasoned with beautiful weaving, it will look wonderful.

Braid from the forehead, braid to the top of the crown and tie a high tail there. If you weave two spikelets, you will make intricate zigzag separations or powdery hair roots with shiny sequins. The rest of the tail can be screwed to the curling bar to get soft, airy curls. Also, opt for an experiment and dye some strands in bright colors: green, purple, or red, it will add to your glossy image.

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