Hairstyle trends 2010: short hairstyles

November 11, 2018 — by MCutts0

Sporty, cheeky and young: This is how short hairstyles work on female heads. Who isn’t one in the morning half Want to spend eternity in the bathroom with the styling of his hair is well advised with a short hairstyle. And if you think that short hair is not female, you do not know the new hairstyle trends!
Not only women like Victoria Beckham can wear short hairstyles like the pixie cut. Such a cut can also be extremely beneficial to us normal women. You can experiment a lot with short hair – from "mop of curly hair" to the strict "Smooth head" everything is possible. However, one should pay attention to whether short hairstyles are also used face shape fit. A short haircut usually doesn’t look so good on roundish faces.

More and more women like short hairstyles

Stars like Halle Berry have made short haircuts for women again socially acceptable in recent years. Short hairstyles look particularly feminine and sexy because they leave the neck and neck free. With the right wardrobe, these parts of the body will become real eye-catchers thanks to the new short hairstyle trends. Short hairstyles make the woman look younger and more girly and therefore mostly appear livelier than long, flowing hair.
This is why these hairstyle trends are particularly popular with active, mature women. But not only for this reason, but also simply because short hairstyles are so easy to style yourself, they are becoming increasingly popular in the women’s world.

Short hairstyles determine the hairstyle trends

Not only bob hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular with women. Even shorter ones haircuts you see more and more on German streets. The women now dare more and use scissors more often than before. If you have a really good short haircut cut by the hairdresser, you can usually experiment a lot with it at home. The handling of short hair is usually easy, because just a few simple steps and the right styling products are enough to keep trying out new short hairstyle creations.
Shabby short hairstyles look particularly cheeky and sporty. It is enough to spread gel or hair wax between the hands and then run your hands through the hair and mess it up. Depending on the cut, it can fit very well to leave a few pony fringes at an angle over the forehead or to blow-dry a full pony using the round brush. Products that are not too liquid should be used as a gel or wax for short hairstyles. With them, short hair can be modeled and shaped particularly easily. So that the hairstyle lasts long-term, you should always fix it at the end with hairspray.
A graded short haircut is suitable for particularly fine hair. This ensures that the hairstyle looks fuller and more voluminous. For an elegant smooth hairstyle à la Liza Minelli, blow-dry the hair straight into the face using a round brush. Then the hairstyle is only brushed with a gloss cream and smoothed and you are ready to go out.

author: Anne Bartel, Platinetz editorial team


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