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Are you looking for a suitable wedding hairdresser or a provider around the topic of styling for your wedding in Berlin or the surrounding area? In this category in our wedding directory you will find a selection for this. No matter whether a classic wedding hairstyle to put up or unusual styling with coloring of the extensions: Let Let your imagination run wild. And just let one of our suppliers find the right hairstyle for your wedding to inspire. And remember to show your wedding stylist photos of your favorite bridal wear. So he can give you even more precise tips on your hairstyle and wedding styling.

You are looking for a bright ambience, where individual service is important and you can relax perfectly? welcome at La Dolce Vita, your wedding hairdresser for the most beautiful day of your life!
The team around Andrea Jacobeit will warmly welcome you in their creative hairdressing salon and will be a wonderful partner for you in all things wedding hairstyles.

Behind Beautyside Berlin is Jasmin Stein-Hartmann, a make-up artist and hairstylist who understands her work. Put yourself in your hands for your big day and convince yourself of great skills in a stress-free setting. Make-up and hair of the bride are adapted to the dress, the bridal bouquet and the nature. The bride’s mother, sister, girlfriend and / or future husband are also happy to be taken care of. Let yourself be pampered and start your wedding relaxed!

Peggy Passehl is a make-up and hairstylist with heart and soul. She loves being part of planning a couple’s most important day. The Berliner practices her profession with passion. As a make-up artist, she takes care of your bridal make-up and your wedding hairstyle for your wedding in Berlin and the surrounding area with great dedication and great joy!

The woman behind “Different Faces” is Natalie Federl, a certified makeup artist. Through her job and her training, she was able to acquire a wide range of skills and abilities that will benefit you. Let yourself be transformed into a beautiful and happy bride with makeup and hairstyle!

Harmony and beauty are very important to Annes Rüdiger. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and relaxation and enjoy wonderful hours of wedding preparation in the wellness oasis! The team around Haarmony & Beauty takes care of your wedding hairstyle professionally and with dedication – so that everything is really perfect on the big day!

Tips for wedding hairstyles and hairstyling in Berlin

We have put together the best tips for a stress-free hairstyle for your wedding so that the wedding hairstyle is exactly finished and you do not panic on the morning of your wedding.

A perfect wedding follows a big theme, to which all decoration, locations, supporting program and of course the styling of the bride are subordinate. This creates the wow effect, an impressive overall impression.

The secret of professional wedding planners is based on the emergency case – which contains everything important for the bride! An overview of what should not be missing here!

On the day of the wedding, the bride is the center of attention – it is important to leave nothing to chance. For the big appearance, in addition to the beautiful dress and dreamy hair, perfectly manicured and pedicured nails are also mandatory!

Starting with the wedding dress, to the lovingly selected accessories and the perfectly fitting hairstyle to the subtly applied make-up: on the day of the wedding, all-round perfect styling is required! Tricks and tricks that ensure that everything really fits together.

Wedding hairdressers and styling for your wedding in Berlin

The most important thing about your styling and your hairstyle for the big day of the wedding is: it should be wind and weatherproof and then also beautiful! Both men and women should be adequately armed to withstand special climatic (wind and rain in Berlin) and emotional (hugs and tears) conditions. At the end of the day, you should (at least almost) look like you did in the morning – maybe a tad happier.

In order for this to work, both bride and groom should seek professional help and seek intensive advice from a wedding hairdresser in Berlin. Surely the gentlemen of creation will have it easier: If you have not planned an extravagant themed wedding with a special styling, then it is completely enough to go to the hairdresser again a week before your big day to miss a decent cut , On the day itself, gel, wax or hairspray are enough to make the hair Berlin-proof – the hairstyling is ready for your wedding reception.

For the bride, however, the matter is getting a little hairier. In any case, make an appointment for a test plug so that the hairstyle and make-up are exactly what you want. It is best for your hairdresser to come to you during the day to style – this saves you time and additional stress. And: choose your wedding hairdresser in Berlin so that the morning drive does not take too long. The traffic in the inner city of Berlin shouldn’t make a spanner in the works at your wedding – so the styling and the wedding hairstyle will not be a time eater.

Mirror, mirror – wedding hairstyle fits perfectly

For your perfect wedding styling, the following applies: It should suit you. On your big day, you are wearing an unusual dress, the attention will be entirely yours and your future husband’s, and in a way, a very special look is expected for this day – just don’t get dressed up.
They should look great, but not strange. It’s about your styling showing you your best side, but not assigning you a new type. If you are more the natural type and just apply a little blush and mascara in everyday life – then you should also do the same with your wedding hairstyle and styling and avoid falling into a paint pot. If you suddenly step out of the car with deep dark smokey eyes and bright red lips, your guests may not recognize you at first. Styling, wedding dress and hairstyle must therefore be well coordinated.

It is helpful if you show your dress to your wedding stylist on site in Berlin, point out possible color accents, which can be found in your bouquet or outfit, for example, and which can be (subtly) processed in your make-up or hairstyle , The same applies here: ideally find a wedding hairdresser in Berlin who is close to you and who also masters the entire topic of wedding styling.

Wedding hairstyles for your wedding in Berlin

Once the type question has been clarified, you and your wedding hairdresser can devote yourself entirely to the topic of hair splendor – because that will require a lot of energy: Whether updo or worn open, with bun, ponytail or braided, voluminous or strictly to the rear Combed, smooth or curly … – the choice of possible wedding hairstyles is endless. Coordinate the decision with the style of your dress and your wedding concept with your hairdresser in Berlin – this will further narrow the scope. Perhaps you have already seen some looks in a magazine beforehand or bought a specific hair accessory to match your dress – take this and the pictures with you to your consultation appointment – your wedding hairdresser and stylist on site in Berlin will surely come up with something original to let.

Ornate styling – creative hairdressers, that’s Berlin

Hair band, headband, pearls, flowers, feathers, hair comb, rhinestones, curlies, crowns, veils, hats or fascinators – the possibilities for special hair accessories are also seemingly limitless. This shows the true skills of a hairdresser or stylist in Berlin. They are a great way to spice up your look and give it a particularly festive touch. Similar to make-up, elements from your bouquet or your entire wedding concept can be processed into your hairstyle. Small pearls in the bridal bouquet, for example, can also be stuck in your hair. Let your ideas run free and discuss them with your hairdresser. And if you’re the type for it, a flower in your hair – to match your bouquet – can look great. It is important that the styling fits the overall appearance. But especially in Berlin you are much freer when it comes to wedding styling than in the conservative country, right? Berlin with its metropolitan flair offers a variety of unusual wedding stylists and wedding hairdressers. In conversation with your Berlin stylist and hairdresser, some great ideas will surely come up – be inspired!

Manicure and pedicure for the wedding in Berlin

For the perfect styling, of course, neither the wedding manicure nor the pedicure should be missing! In our directory for marriage in Berlin you will find not only hairdressers and stylists but also beauty professionals who take care of your hands and feet. The wedding ring can be attached to beautifully manicured fingers and the feet can be proudly presented in the chic wedding shoes.



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