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Adventure hairdresser – worldwide: tips and tricks

Late in the afternoon I’m sitting in a "hairdressing salon" in the Crimea, back then Ukraine. It looks more like the living room, decorated with lace doilies and plastic plants. Around me curly blonde curls lie on the floor. I spontaneously say goodbye to all my hair.

The hairdresser knows no qualms. She quickly misses me a Soviet haircut.

I have never had such short hair since I was born.

I still see it pragmatically. The next months I don’t have to have my hair cut anymore. I am at the beginning of mine first world tour by bicycle.

However, what I am not considering at this point is that I still have a few cold weeks in Russia. Without the natural insulation, your head will get pretty cold.

The advantage of wearing a helmet is very versatile. He is holding you not only warm, you don’t see the haircut so much either.

I usually ask my host or hostel owner for a hairdresser. I am then often sent to a friend in some back yard.

Then you are much more excited than I am. In Southeast Asia, the hair is not very versatile, black, smooth, long. With my (formerly) blonde curls they are overwhelmed. You also don’t have this fearlessness of the Ukrainian hair stylist. Very often I have to ask them, shorter, shorter.

In Cambodia I occasionally see children with fair hair. But that is evidence of malnutrition. A law against hair coloring could be passed quickly. Banning corruption is much harder.

If I had known in advance what might come out of a hair appointment, I probably would not have been so daring.

In the Asian countries, a visit to the hairdresser is always a pleasure. Don’t just go for hair cutting. Treat yourself from time to time to simply wash your hair with an hour-long head and neck massage. You do not sit on a chair, but lie on your back on a kind of massage table.

In Guilin, China, I want to do something good for myself. I have a choice: massage or hairdresser? The young woman from the hostel wants to go to the hairdresser the next day and promises to take me with me.

We end up in a very chic, neon-lit, black and white, large hair salon. In the middle, in the waiting area, there are some laptops available. A young woman is even typing wildly on her computer while her hair is being straightened. I don’t really want that at the hairdresser. It should be a place of relaxation where you can enjoy the here and now. The head massage is a little shorter, the haircut is also not as I wanted it to be.

It will also be difficult for you to make it clear to a hairdresser how you want your hair cut if you don’t speak the language. That’s why I recommend you take photos with you. If you’re happy with the cut, take photos right away. You don’t have to explain much anymore.

On Lombok I have my hair cut very short in a back yard. It will be very hot in my next country, Australia.

Then I see Tom’s neck. Tom is a cyclist and Australian, d. H. always under the Australian sun. I regret having my hair cut so short. After all, they would have been great sun protection. Tom’s neck is totally wrinkled by the sun.

On tour I don’t really care about my hairstyle for several reasons. I am largely spared the sight of a mirror and usually have my helmet on anyway. So you don’t see the color of my hair and I still get acclaimed calls from nice, young men.

Before I come back to Germany, I make sure that my hair is back to a proper length.


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