Hair styling: these 5 hairstyles are absolute no go – s for women

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by Redaktion April 14, 2018 at 9:10 a.m.

Not every hairstyle that women like is also well received by men. Are you planning a new hairstyle and want it to go down well with your loved one? Then you should rather keep your hands off these looks.

As is well known, there is a dispute about taste, and sometimes the views diverge very widely, especially between women and men. Men do not like a hairstyle that women find absolutely great. We’ll show you which hairstyle doesn’t go down well with men.

Hairstyle No. 1: strict bun and braid

Do you like to wear your hair sleek backwards? It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a braid or a bun, the main thing is hair from your face? Then unfortunately we have bad news, because men often see an accurate hairstyle as bourgeois, boring and too serious.

This hairstyle implies rigor and compulsion for the man, as well as the inability to let yourself go. That woman sometimes just doesn’t feel like her mane everybody morning Very few are interested in washing and blow-drying Men.

Hairstyle # 2: very short hair

While women love short hairstyles, they generally don’t go down well with some men. A bob-length hairstyle might go through, but anything shorter will fail. The man often sees the short hairstyle as too boyish, which supposedly takes away the femininity from the woman. Even strong trend hairstyles such as the pixie or bobbed head are perceived as too boyishly cheeky. Such nonsense, we think and wear our cool cut with pride.

Hairstyle No. 3: Beehive

The topped 60ies hairstyle was already worn by real style icons – Brigitte Bardot and Amy Winehouse are perhaps the best known examples. For women, the hairstyle with the partially tucked back part of the hair looks stylish, sexy and feminine.

Some women give the hairstyle its popular finish by lightly topping the hair on the back of the head. For the man, the hairstyle is rather old-fashioned and complicated. The whole hairspray also allows the look to be made for men and look unnatural.

Hairstyle no.4: creped hair

Admittedly, with a creped hairstyle, you are walking on a fine line between a mop look and the modern messy look. Men feel catapulted back into the 80s by the jagged strands and even then the hairstyle was rather unpopular with them. Unfortunately, not much has changed to this day.

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Hairstyle No. 5: pot cut

Ok, the name doesn’t sound very flattering: pot cut. However, it is clear that this hairstyle can be rocked by a self-confident wearer and this can often be intimidating for the man. While cool men certainly love the hairstyle, most find it hard to please.

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