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In addition to the usual foams, mousses and hair gels, styling powder is becoming increasingly popular. The tool creates excellent volume and repairs the hairstyle, although the mechanism of action is completely different.

What is hair styling powder?

In appearance, the product is similar to a shampoo for dry hair and has a similar effect: it absorbs sebum, but still works differently. Powder is made to add volume to hair. In addition, it thickens the hair at the roots, textures and slightly blunts the surface.

The tool is equally suitable for short haircuts and for styling long hair. The powder has a high resistance: valid until the next hair wash. Simply adjust your hair with your fingers and the volume will return.

You can find a detailed overview of hair styling powder in the article "How hair styling powder works".

How to use powder for hair?

The tool is easy to use, but it is worth considering some nuances.

  • It is necessary to distribute the powder only on clean hair, otherwise the opposite effect is achieved: Instead of the volume, there are messy hanging strands.
  • The product is applied to the hair roots, with the strands being spread 4 to 5 cm over the entire area of ​​the head.
  • You need to spread the product with your hands without using a comb. In order not to lose volume, the hair should be combed thoroughly before use.
  • Part of the powder that flows out of the holes in the glass is enough to create the effect of voluminous hair. If you spend too much money, the result can be affected.
  • Do not comb out the powder before washing your hair – it will be washed off with an ordinary shampoo.

How many times can I use hair powder?

Experts advise from daily use since the product must be applied to clean hair and frequent washing affects the condition of the hair. In addition, some stylists believe that the constant presence of powder can cause dull and brittle hair. The optimal frequency of use is 1-2 times a week.

Hair styling methods with hair powder

The basic volume of the product results from the fact that when it penetrates the hair, it dissolves and forms an invisible film at the roots around each hair, while the effect of dirty hair does not occur. It copes with styling loose hair.

Apply powder to complex hairstyles with braids and bundles too. The tool is applied to an already prepared hairstyle and promoted in the styling between the hair layers.

Which species of hair powder there is?

A styling tool is available in different versions.

  • Powdery form. The packaging looks like a salt shaker with holes in the lid. The tool sleeps in dosed, which makes it easy to measure the required amount.
  • Spray powder. The product is simply sprayed onto the basal zone from a distance of 10 cm. The shape is convenient for use, it allows you to maintain cleanliness and accuracy on the dressing table. It is important to monitor the dosage to avoid it with the To exaggerate product. Experts recommend shaking the can vigorously before application.


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