New Simple and Cool Hair Designs For Men

May 10, 2016 — by MCutts4

hair design for men

Hair cut designs for guys can include all forms of creativity, artistic quality and style while maintaining a classy look. A cool hair design will make a bold statement about you and your style preference. Intricate haircut designs can include numerous representations such as logos, geometric patterns, words and even pictures if you like. It is amazing to see how talented barbers can be when you marvel at the extent of creativity incorporated in their cool hair designs. Hair designs for men can work on all types of hair, short or long hair, in order to display the shaved pattern. If you want a cool haircut with style then checkout these marvelous haircut designs that will portray a beautiful version of yourself.

Simple Hair designs for men

simple hair designs for men

Simple hair designs do not require too much sophistication as in other hair styles but they can sound bold statements of style, fashion and looks. They are light in nature and characterized by sharp contrast at certain points. Here are some of the simple hair designs for men.

Back of the neck with simple lines

fine line hair design

Simplicity can bring out the best looks that we have ever seen. This is evident in this cool haircut with simple lines at the back of the neck. The simple lines with hard edges are very noticeable and look great when combined with a bald fade at the sidelines and back of the neck.

Disconnected fade

mens haircuts fade
back fade haircut

This mid-tier disconnected fade is one that many will love, standing out boldly with its separation. It does not come with too much style, pattern or anything but certainly very noticeable. Especially when the one wearing the design has a head tattoo which needs to be exposed. The hair on the top is very much intact with maybe some curls or waves to compliment the disconnected fade around the head.

Classic fade

classic fade haircut
haircut taper fade

Sometimes, going back to a classic, timeless look is the best option. This cool hair design for guys includes a regular fade with the top hair lying backwards and converging midway the back of the head. Simple design that looks classy especially with the beards.

Scissor fade

scissor fade

This simple fade includes short sides, fade up top and scissor cut. Here seen with David Beckham.

Wave line and high fade

high fade haircuts

The high fade and wave line cut bring a visible contrast with style. The wave line extends on the sides only without going round via the back of the head. This simple haircut design is used to make a statement and present a classy look. The top hair can remain as it is or apply some curls to add even more style.

Low fade haircut with a shaved side part

low fade haircut for men

This haircut design emphasizes on simplicity while providing a chic look with illusion quality when the fade becomes invisible towards the ear. A haircut line separates the fade from the top hair to give it contrast and a different look. This style is used for both style and convenience when you are looking for something different.

Curly Fade

curly hair fade haircuts

A curly afro hair can be paired together with a fade to make undisputable statement about style. In addition, a thick hairline is used to make the top standout on its own from the fade. Combined with a trimmed beard, the look is awesome and fresh.

360 Waves and a beard

wave fade haircut

The waves combined with low fade bring out an amazing look that is stylish. This haircut design can be formal and stylish at the same time and brings about the different textures of the beard and full head waves.

Urban Hair designs for men

urban trend hair design

Urban hair designs include fresh fades, pompadours, hair tattoos and undercuts all coming in innovative styles. The popularity of urban hair designs for men is increasing everyday with the fade being the most popular. A classy fade can be smoothed by reduction of hair length and pairing together with patterned sides, edgy outlines or a shaped top. The fade is a common style for young guys, men and even kids because of its chic look. Hair tattoos and patterns are also highly popular when combined with the fade. Regardless of your hair length and thickness, there is a suitable style for you to bring out a clean look. Here we look at some of the popular hair designs for men.

Slanted FauxHawk

fauxhawk fade

Among the coolest hair designs that you can have. The subtle slant gives you a perfect edge for haircut design line which runs from the front to the upper back of your head giving you a bold contrast from the fade. From the back of your head, the haircut line also slants accordingly surrounding the top hair and finally ending at the side in a stylish look.

Multi-level Flat top

flat top haircut black

This hair design shows multi-level flat top haircut parts which are intricately designed and separated by deep lines and finally ending in a skin fade. The strong curves of the flat top give a bold look and when combined with similarly designed beards, the result is a classy look that complements each other.

Star haircut

haircut designs with stars

What about haircut that is a star-themed hair tattoo? This classy urban look is refreshing and a joy to look at. The fade is strong with star cuts from the sides to the beards.

Curves and stars at the top

haircuts designs stars

A uniform shave with curves and stars at the top. Simple, and brings out the urban touch with star tattoos and curves.

Cool hair designs for men

cool hair designs for men

Other hair designs are just too awesome and adorable. Here are some cool hair designs with an urban hair design touch.

Low fade with a tattoo

hair tattoos designs

A hair tattoo can be included in a low fade to bring out a fresh urban look. The hair tattoo is clean-cut at the back of the head near the neck. Brings out texture and contrast which becomes noticeable.

Mohawk hair design with a hair tattoo

mohawk hair designs

A Mohawk with thick hair and a fade with tattoo brings out a statement look. The side can be made into patterns and geometric lines while the Mohawk stays intact.

Parting and Abrupt Fade line

parted fade haircut

A distinct parting and a fade line is also another popular hairstyle for guys. The ear line is shaved clean while the fade appears quite distinctively from the rest of the skin. To add even more style, the top is parted with a curve cut which runs from the middle to the front. As seen here with Sean Combs.

Long curly hair and high skin fade

curly top fade haircut

The long curly hair at the top is separated with a skin fade making it to stand out. A thin fade line extends also to the temple and forehead along the traces of hairline. The ear line is clean shaven all the way round on both sides of the head.

Pompadour and high fade

pompadour fade haircut

This trendsetting haircut design is intricate yet emphasizes on simplicity in style. The pompadour stands out on itself while a high fade is used for a smooth blend with the top. This cool hair design does not require much but will bring out the best looks possible.

Temple fade/ Blowout haircut

temple fade haircuts

The emphasis of this style is on the temple fade which is well lined extending to the ear line. Done on both sides, this style offers something unique and different in the simplest of ways.

High Skin fade with a slicked comb over

fade haircut comb over

Without much of haircut design lines, the skin fade with a slick comb over is a cool haircut design with emphasis on the slick comb over. A design line separates the top slick comb over with the high skin fade bringing out a deep contrast.

If you want a cool hair design, there are innumerable options to choose from above. They will give you an amazing look that will give you unbeatable confidence and personal style.

Tattoo hair design for men

hair tattoo designs

Getting a tattoo hair design represents a bold statement of taste and style with most popular tattoos representing celebrities on all walks of life in sport and entertainment.

Here are examples of tattoo hair designs for men.

hair design tattoos

A Kanye tattoo! Positioned at the back of the head.

hair stylist tattoos designs

Appears boldly from the rest of the hair

tattoo hair designs

Contrast made with some white shading and the tattoo appearing spectacularly at the back of the head. Very noticeable!

hair tattoo design

Setting on fire. This hair tattoo brings out contrast and a wide range of colors to complement appearance.

hair scissor tattoo designs

This hair tattoo includes abstraction tattoo styled from the back of the head in deep and bold design patterns which appear like butterfly wings formation.

hair pattern designs

This is a spiraling hair tattoo occupying full head in a series of spiral patterns for a hypnotic look on the head.

Black hair designs for men

hair designs for black men

Black hair designs come in a wide variety from hair tattoos, fades, undercuts and pompadour.

Here are some great black hair designs that you can choose.

hair designs for mohawk
black flat top haircut
facial hair beard styles


boys hair design

This type of haircut includes Mohawk designs and a fade. Deep haircut design lines give contrast between the Mohawk and the fade. Suitable as a black hair design for men.

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