Greek style hairstyle on medium length hair

April 15, 2020 — by MCutts0

It is known that the Greeks could boast in the past a beautiful and long hair, so her hairstyles were amazing. Unfortunately, not every woman today has long and thick hair, which is why stylists come up with some of the Greek hairstyles for medium length hair, so they call by the names of the Greek goddesses. This is understandable because the canon of beauty has always been the goddess. In addition, for completeness, you can request a photo of the hairstyle in the Greek style. They are in every salon that respects themselves and they are shown to you.

Greek style hairstyle for medium hair: Aphrodite

It is the goddess of love in Greek mythology. According to the canon, she was a blonde, so this hairstyle is more suitable for girls with medium-length blonde hair. Curl your hair with light and carefree curls and whips. Curls should be like waves because, according to legend, Aphrodite came from sea foam. Take a little hair on the back of the head and fix it with beautiful hairpins with rhinestones or a hair clip.

Greek style hairstyle for medium hair: Floris

It is the goddess of flowers in ancient Greek mythology. Therefore, hairstyles in this style are usually decorated with living or artificial flowers. Their structure resembles a complex construction of curls, small braids and exquisite curls. Usually these hairstyles are most popular with brides. In addition, all Floris-style hairstyles are not only decorated with flowers, but flowers are the link. That means they are woven directly into your hair. "Floris" – More Greek style wedding hairstyle, photo offered by specialists in the salons. It is almost impossible to do this miracle on your own.

Greek style hairstyle on medium hair: Artemis

It is the goddess of hunting. An easy one, elegant and flying hairstyle is exactly what you need to feel like Artemis. Pull your hair slightly together to make the hair more voluminous. This measure is optional for long hair owners. After waving, carefully collect the hair and twist it into a bundle, fixing the construction with rivets. Raspushite bun so that the hair does not resemble the classic image of the old maid.

Greek style hairstyle on medium length hair: Athena

It is the goddess of wisdom in the mythology of the Greeks. Hairstyles in their style are braids in different variations. It can be a braid that is braided around the head, or several that are then intertwined. Since the hair length is medium, the variants with spikelets and long Greek braids disappear. But you can braid a bundle of small flagella, which then combine into a bundle and sprinkle with varnish.

Keep in mind that almost all Greek hairstyles for medium hair length means a slight wave. This is due to the fact that women of this nationality usually have curly hair. And also with the fact that you can achieve fluffiness and volume of hair in this way. In addition, bands and tires are now very fashionable. Decorate your hair with this accessory and pretend to be a citizen to change.


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