Graceful finish: hair loss: when men should shave a bald head

Hardly anything changes people as much as a new hairstyle – many shy away from the step to complete shaving.

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July 23, 2018, 11:06 a.m.

Berlin | "Strong signal", "made the best of it" – men rarely get so much praise for their hairdresser. Especially not when they are in the mocking spotlight. The English Prince William made these headlines some time ago – with almost no hair on the Head. Because he had the last head of his advancing bald head shaved off very briefly.

When did the time come to shave? Experts give tips for styling, but also for the care of the bald head areas:

From a visual point of view, when is shaving essential??

Jens Dagné from the hairdressers association Intercoiffure Mondial finds: "There is no right time for cutting extremely short or completely shaving off the remaining hair. But there are objective and subjective indicators."

Seen objectively, Dagné has reached the point when the hair has fallen back so far that the gap at the top of the head and the still thick strands of residual hair on the sides visually change the proportion of the head shape.

Subjectively, some men also find the complete graying of the already thin hair to be a good time to go bald, says the hairdresser from Worms. "You also have to ask yourself if it is a good solution to let hair grow forever around it once to be able to lay around the head."

How can you cover the gaps well at first??

The hair can be combed forward cheekily or guided with the help of structural reshaping or even perms, explains Dagné. He does not think much of mediums that are supposed to cover up gaps, such as bulk hair from a tube or color sprays. This leads to dirty hands and allergic reactions can occur.

How important is sun protection on a balding head?

Very important. "This skin was built for the shade", explains Uwe Schwichtenberg, chairman of the Bremen State Association in the professional association of German dermatologists. The longer you have a bald head, the more it is damaged by sunburn. White skin cancer is a problem on the head, says the dermatologist. He therefore advises UV protection as soon as the hair on the head is lifted. And all days with sunshine, not only on the hottest days. It is best to apply liquid sunscreen – for example as a spray – cream would stick to the rest of the hair.

An alternative can be the daily facial care that already contains UV protection. But that has to be more than just the usual anti-aging protection with a sun protection factor of three or four, emphasizes Schwichtenberg.

For hairdresser Dagné, an extremely high level of sun protection of 50 and more is even part of the basic care for a bald head.

Should I apply baldness on a daily basis, as is also advised for facial skin?

Yes, dermatologist Schwichtenberg advises. Even if the scalp is one "Type of construction between face and body skin" – Face cream is best for daily care, he explains.

Just like for the face, care should be selected that suits the skin condition, for example a cream for dry skin, explains the portal, which cooperates with the aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology working group. If you are bothered by a greasy or slightly oily scalp, it is best to use a mattifying day cream. The experts also recommend rubbing the hair-free head with baby oil occasionally, for example right after shaving. This ensures soft skin.

How to wash the scalp?

In addition to mild shampoos for the remaining hair, advises the use of facial cleansers in the form of lotion, foam and gel for the scalp. Then rinse with lukewarm water and apply moisturizing cream. It returns moisture to the skin that was removed by the detergents. This prevents irritation.

How do I wash the remaining hair that is getting thinner and thinner?

No different than usual, says dermatologist Schwichtenberg. Plant-related hair loss cannot be prevented with care products. "Strictly speaking, it is not hair loss, but less hair growth." They become thinner and grow shorter until they are completely gone. "Nothing can be torn with care here."


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