Fresh spring look: new hairstyle? 5 reasons why now is the right time

by Redaktion March 11, 2018 at 9:08 am

New year, New hair – many women want a new look, especially in spring, and often the new hairstyle becomes the basis for a complete change of type. But why is spring so much better for a new hairstyle than other seasons??

Again and again it is said: A change in type in women is the sign of the end of their relationship. It is logical, because many women process a relationship end with the desire for a complete fresh start, including a new look. But there are other good reasons for a new hairstyle – right now in spring.

Don’t be afraid to cut your hair short!

Snap, snap, off – wearing your hairstyle short is out of the question for you? You fight with the hairdresser for every inch that threatens to fall victim to his scissors. But when is the time better to take a radical step than now in spring? Everything fresh, everything new, everything at the beginning – also for your hair. There are good reasons for a new hairstyle in the spring, but of course you don’t necessarily have to leave hair for a type change and new hairstyle.


Five reasons to choose a new hairstyle

1. New season, new look – winter is retreating and scarves and hats are disappearing again. It becomes more important how your hair lies again, because simply hiding the bad hair day under the hat will be difficult. The weather is also suitable for a color change, because the sun is not yet too intense , so that the color does not fade directly.

2. The Fashion Weeks bring new trends: the end of winter and the transition to spring is traditionally the time of fashion weeks in the big fashion metropolises. Not only fashion trends are set there, but also hairstyle trends. If you want to come out as a trendsetter when it comes to new hairstyles, now is the right time.

3. Short hair make statements. A good reason to wear your hairstyle short is to emphasize your face. A short haircut gives it a soft frame and at the same time ensures contours.

4. Healthier hair: If you have your hair cut regularly, regardless of whether it is radically short, with a length that fits the face, or just the tips, then your hair will not only look healthier, it will be.

5. A new hairstyle is good for the ego, because really everyone will talk to you about your type change and who is not good for attention?

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