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May 12, 2019 — by MCutts0

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Welcome my friends of Japanese entertainment culture to an article that can save you a lot of time (with a certain feminine touch, … whatever that is).

The Flowers of Evil

Since the manga is quite successful, I read the first volume a few months ago and couldn’t do much with the series. Puberty and the questions about what “(a) normal” actually is, whether we are not all a bit strange, etc., are of limited interest to me as a topic in my entertainment media, so the characters have to be very impressive and versatile to compensate for this. In Flowers of Evil, I found them above all unappealing and much too exaggerated. Certainly not every series shows its full potential in the first volume, but here my interest in the following volumes could not be aroused. Now the animation adaptation has started and I give the series a second chance.

First of all, I think it’s not bad that you have extremely removed from the rather average and not very nice drawing style of the template. A realistic, adult style fits very well with the topic. In the manga the charas sometimes look like elementary school students, in the anime they could also go through as students.

At the same time, the style that the anime makers have chosen here is also very hard to get used to. They just painted over real people and for me this looks very unfinished and flat due to the lack of shading and details, especially in the faces. But at least we should be spared the typical exaggerated anime psycho facial expressions.

The anime takes a lot of time to introduce and the first episode was pretty boring for me. The fact that I already knew what happened from the manga didn’t help the tension of course, so I think I will at least give the series a few more episodes. Also to see if the scenes that I found exaggerated in the manga come across differently (meaning, hopefully better) in this more realistic style.

In general, Flowers of Evil is a nice change from the typical anime food (is also very pleasant for the ears thanks to the normal voices) and giving the series a chance certainly can’t hurt. Unfortunately, I don’t see a future masterpiece here either.

Attack on Titan

A currently very successful series that I wanted to test for a long time. Now the series was filmed faster than I could read, so I’m going to watch the whole thing in anime first. So far it is a dark fantasy series, which initially impresses with a really great staging. It reminds me of Beserk and Claymore in terms of setting, brutality and huge “monsters”, but that’s not a bad thing at first. I hope that the series is not only splatter, but also has something to offer in terms of history. A nice soundtrack and decent animations complete the whole thing, I’m curious what will come.

I like mermaids, but that …
As if the guy would just like that from the Do not put anything on the girl with a fishing rod. What the hell is he taking and where do you get that from? And what jerk has eyes on this style to draw thought?
Generally, this way of drawing your characters is the worst possible thing!
(Well, there are worse, but that’s really hard at my pain threshold)
Having a poorly scribbled sea girl explain the history of the earth and Greek mythology to me is really more than you can bear and that’s why: once and never again!

Meh, don’t have much to add. 10-minute, weird Moe Comedy à la Ika Musume. This time with magical girl mermaids? Not really bad, but I just find it boring. Who likes it.

Hamachi / My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected.

And the next series about disillusioned emo outsiders without friends who end up in a school working group to still have a fulfilled school time. From this point of view, I have nothing to complain about “Hamachi”. The series is standard food, but does not start badly and sometimes does not even have completely flat dialogues. The subject and setting are unfortunately extremely exhausted and I simply lack that certain something that would make me sit in front of the TV for another 25 minutes every week to watch the Charas bake cakes. If Hamachi tries really hard it could be a nice series, but from experience I don’t expect it. Well, 10 years ago I would have liked the series a lot better and just have a look. (Drop)

HenNeko / The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat.

Another entry in the endless list of fanservice / harem school comedies. Not a bad genre representative, I think I liked it a little better than Hamachi and 10 years ago I probably could have watched the series without any problems. Today she is bored too much, but it is certainly recommended for genre fans. (Drop)

In contrast to "Hamachi" and "Hentai Neko", PhotoKano is not only absolute standard stuff in terms of characters and content, it is also really badly implemented. I don’t see more than another superficial 0815 fanservice / harem school comedy here. And with the mass of choice that the anime fan has in this area, there is absolutely no reason to deal with this bad representative. (Drop!)

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (Season 2)

I was expecting something ridiculously ridiculous to pull off wonderfully, but it was just going to sleep.
Moments when I didn’t have to yawn all the time: bitch slap from Ayase compared to annoying Loli-Tsungirl number 3 and badly placed surreptitious laptop advertising.
Otherwise there was talk about Kirino’s return (waaas for a happening) for a thousand years, planes were observed and bought. lame.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Juhu, a Mecha series without the standard "teen pilot falls into the cockpit" first episode. The series surprised me positively that stories about “people vs. characterless aliens” mostly don’t inspire me very much. Gargantia has potentially endearing characters, a possibly interesting setting and great music. Will be looked at first.

Valvrave the Liberator

The situation is completely different for the second Mecha series. The most memorable thing about Valvrave is this hairstyle by one of the emo villains who can braid nicer braids than I can. Otherwise, the whole thing starts as a total 0815 Mecha series, the content of which, even if you put it on it, would probably not be much more cliché. Who knows, maybe you really came up with a great, creative story with vampires and something else, but in the first episode I couldn’t see any potential and I can’t really believe that the series will turn into anything. (Drop!)

Ginga Kik? Tai Majestic Prince

Nobody falls into the cockpit here, but you get annoying charas, ridiculous aliens and naive storytelling … I thought the rivets were sent to the front as cannon fodder, because when you evacuate you like to rely on those who can’t do anything, but apparently it was so that they could recognize their superpowers … well, what did I expect from a series called Majestic Prince … (Drop)

Everyday comedy about schoolgirl No. 71239. I have nothing to complain about in the series, it is very funny and cute, but in terms of content I am simply not interested in watching googlers anymore. (Drop)

Zettai Boei Leviathan

And the next fantasy parody. This time with incompetent Lolis who have to save the world. I laughed about Slayers as a teenager and I also found Guruguru funny. Either these old series were simply better or I was too old for the genre. Or both. In any case, there is no interest on my part to pursue these lame jokes here. (Drop)

Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%

And another such anime that can only be followed from jokes to have counter-arguments for the many fan girls. Sigh. This episode was pure foreign embarrassment for the dance interludes and outfits alone. For God’s sake, what blind drag queen has dressed her?
But at least the Yaoi fans have something to screech. And so that they know that, it is shown at the beginning of what is probably the most embarrassing show of all time and illustrated auditorily. And what they do is really everything, but definitely not music. This is acoustic and optical torture. Never again.
In addition, there is this fake story: I do not find this building where I have to follow a completely straight path to get there. Random guy 1 has to show up, make beautiful eyes and tell me: "Keep going straight ahead" so that I can find it. Then you are dug by random guy 2 and 3 and give the shy naive while the two fight each other. Random guy 4 is not long in coming, followed by random guys 5 to 7 and now random guy 8, so that every fetish is served.
All of them slick, fake stereotypes. Suck the whole thing. This series is definitely not for my nerve costume.

Aq? Is this a mystery series? Did they say anything about a curse? The only thing that got to me is … a hair fetishist molested a little girl and "killing goods" … no thanks. (Drop)

Um, no, too. A typical fighting beauty, but I really can’t do anything with the ridiculous hairstyles and the funny fan service in a series that seems to take itself seriously. (Drop)

To be honest, I was hoping for something like K Project. For me this means: nice drawing style, possibly humor, cheap story, but at least one interesting guy based on Lunya’s preferences.
Instead, I got that. This fast yaoi stuff gets worse every year.
What is that for one Hairstyle with violet "rags / ears" that the Main wears out while constantly reciting any name? Gosh, that’s starting well.

I don’t know either of them yet and both of them are already starting to get on my nerves.
In addition, since D Grayman, this trend of white-haired main with black-haired counterparts (mostly also with braid) seems to have been there: see No 6 and K Project.
Then a very agile monster woman appears, the cheap copy of Claude from Kuroshitsuji and number 1 fan service, who all conduct their unimportant dialogues. So far we know: This bracelet and this ominous Kuroku is so extremely important to the Main that it has to keep repeating its name so that even I can remember it.
What else happened: Monster woman eats her assistant offscreen; flashback flashbacks on Main 2’s terrible past (yawn); mysterious cloak man without face talks to monster woman and then kills her offscreen (the interesting events happen somehow all offscreen); flying secondary characters and since we are just about to give a shit about physics, we also jump on moving trains and stand around for a while (it really has to run very slowly so that this can be possible); on the train they only notice after tens of minutes of chatting that there are no passengers in the compartment with them; then suddenly a butler clone attack with a fan service entourage; the Main hears tones that can be treated therapeutically and meanwhile this professional hostage-taking of any characters that we don’t yet know. Perfect.
Glitter parchment wand from the butler clone, bomb defusing Main 2 and dialogues again.
No noteworthy Charas, nice drawing style and lots of Plotholes in the first episode. Not what I expected, not a bit of humor and, above all, not a type according to Lunya’s preferences. If there aren’t any more, that’s it for this series.

Arata – The Legend

One of the great Sh? Jo authors tries the Sh? Gen genre. I have been interested in Arata for a long time, but again the filming was faster than me. Well, when I started with cross-dressing, I thought at first, ok, you can tell where the author comes from, but then she creates a great introduction that makes you want more. The series has the potential not to be a typical fighting beautiful and generally a nice fantasy series.

Nice artwork might be fine. So much for the preliminary ideas.
Cut your hair with a pair of scissors … hm. And then why everyone makes such a fuss is only the pony.
Shy Charas aren’t usually mine, but this Main is the exception. Maybe because I like her hairstyle. The computer scene was also fairly well presented.
The guy was also funny: Hey, there just landed a helicopter for anyway.
Cut to a helicopter that is about to land. This guy sees the future.
A bit cheesy, the whole thing, but pretty good from the current story approaches and the drawing. If braids were not so expensive, I could also imagine them as a standard hairstyle.
And this guy from childhood has gambled away with Lunya’s sympathy from the very first moment. Great, it starts well with that. That I hate someone after such a short time really doesn’t happen too often.
So again: I-like-the-main-but-everyone-bullies-her-and-it-gets-me-ready-that-she-can’t-defend-anime? We will see. As long as they are not forcibly married to a couple and the guy is still changing, it looks quite positive so far. Will definitely be watched for the main (hairstyle).

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Thanks for Attack on Titan! I would have totally overlooked it without this post! For a long time again an anime that immediately makes me addicted!


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