Fast and easy hairstyles for short hair: 6 trendy ideas for short hair – hairstyles 2020 new hairstyles and hair colors

In the modern rhythm of life, every woman tries to speed up the process of fees for work, studies and so on. And today Quick and easy hairstyles come out that are easy to create at home. Let’s discuss the most popular hairstyles and talk about how you can create quick and easy hairstyles for short hair.

Fast and easy hairstyles for short hair: trendy ideas

Volumetric hair styling

Volumetric hair styling has always been the standard for women’s style. In order to give the hair more volume, it is now sufficient to use means to provide a high degree of durability and to produce voluminous hair at the roots of the hair. Short hair with volume looks incredibly strong and tempting, hair can get extra volume with the help of bright and beautiful accessories.

For example, tires and borders made of silk and satin ribbons are very popular this season. Voluminous hairstyles on quads look simple and dynamic and are one of the quick and easy Hairstyles for short hair.

Fast curls

As stylists notice, all you need is Hair Styler. Look out for large diameter styler, because this year are very popular big curls that have been called angels. So, in order to create big curls at home, apply thermal spray to the hair, which allows a light moisturizer and protects against temperature influences. Next, with curling iron, wind hair and fix them with special clips. Apply hair spray to the hair after 5 minutes for a long-lasting effect. When we talk about quads, light curls will fit here.

Fast and easy hairstyles for short hair: fashionable ideas

Bohemian hairstyles

Bohemian hairstyles are very popular today with girls because they allow the picture to appear brighter and more romantic.

Boho style hairstyles suggest a variety of pigtails, light curls, and straight straight hair. The most popular variant is straight hair in combination with thin braids on all hair lengths.

Today, however, stylists recommend looking at three-dimensional braids that can be created in the center of the head. Decorate such hairstyles with thin satin ribbon edges and also form a beautiful hairstyle with a romantic pearl thread or floral accessories.

Stylish cocks

For many it seems that tails are boring and hairstyle too simple. In reality, however, everything is completely wrong. Modern tails incorporate additional elements in the form of weaves, as well as original accessories for the hair, which make the picture refined and unobtrusive.

As a daily hairstyle, stylists recommend choosing tails that can be supplemented with a side scythe or diagonally in the middle of the head.

The latter variant is a voluminous French braid in the form of a spikelet, in order to obtain an additional volume, which can be slightly straightened strands of hair. As a complement to high tails, stylists recommend laconic accessories in a minimalist style. It can be modest hair clips and metal figures.

Fast and easy hairstyles for short hair: stylish ideas

Hairstyles on loose hair

This includes both weaving and curls, small curls. Today, however, we will talk in detail about the hair from behind, at the apex. Short loose hair looks organic with Malvina style hairstyles, suggesting a combination of side strands. On side strands, it is fashionable to weave braids or knot hair. This hairstyle is easy to create in 5 minutes, but it looks really luxurious. It is important to make a voluminous coat on the crown before the haircut.

Samurai style hairstyle

If you want original light hairstyle, pay attention to styling in samurai style, which means high beam in the middle of the head.

It can be created based on loose hair, and it looks really unusual. In this case, it is not necessary to lay hair with a hair dryer or hair iron. This hairstyle can be created based on messy loose hair and fixed with thin ribbons. It looks incredibly stylish and original when added with curls or small curls. The final stage will be fashionable makeup with bright lipstick.


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