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September 1, 2017 — by MCutts0

"Fashionable hairstyles for long hair spring-summer 2018 photos" – such requests occupy first place in the list of search engines. After all, the warm season is great to open up to the beautiful half of humanity and to appear in all its glory. What are the trends in the beauty industry? The basic rule of the spring-summer 2018 style: healthy hair – the key to success.

Fashion news of the spring-summer 2018 season

The main trend of the season – naturalism, naturalness. Hence the fashion for medium and long lengths. Underlined straight strands are not desirable. Judging by the photo, stylists of the fashionable women’s hairstyles from 2017 prefer a light mess on long hair, wavy curls, curls, exposed strands and protruding ends.

One of the trends of the 2018 season will be naturalness and simplicity. In order to achieve perfection, complicated structures are no longer required – it is enough to make light curls. The minimal amount of styling gives your hair a natural look. Remember: gels, mousses and varnishes strain the hair so that it doesn’t get carried away. Curls on long hair look incredibly beautiful. You only need a pair of styling pliers to create this styling.

Start with curls near your forehead. After separating a small amount of hair, wrap it around the tweezers near the hair roots, hold it for a few seconds, hold the hair at the end of a long one, about two inches, and let go. Twisted and still hot curls pull the tip down with difficulty. So you have a big beautiful wave. Keep wrapping the hair over your head without changing direction. Finally, lower the hair and spray some varnish on it.

Hair curled on curlers – that’s really the trend of the season. Famous beauties contaminate the red carpet and surprise with beautiful curls. To make such styling look beautiful, you need thick and healthy hair. When natural data is more humble, you can use hair extensions – a few strands provide natural volume and density.

Stylists call beauties with curly curls in order to preserve their natural beauty and not to straighten their naughty strands. Natural beauty is the trend of the current season. In order for your hair to look beautiful, you need to take care of it. Therefore cut off the ends of the split ends in good time or "solder" them. Do not forget about the care products – masks, balms, serums. Long hair needs special attention, so do not shy away from the money to preserve its natural beauty.

Straight, loose hair and waves

Long flowing hair has always been the most beautiful hairstyle for a woman you can imagine. Although of course this is our subjective opinion and is objectively the best hairstyle you like.

Loose hair perfectly complemented the many pictures of models that represented the most diverse collections of the spring-summer 2018 season.

Jewelry – the main feature of hairstyles

There were various decorations at the fashion shows that underline the style. It can be complex, yet luminous attributes made of leather, plastic, fabric and even colors. Tiaras, headbands and hairpins perfectly complement any picture.

Curly hair is always expensive

Girls and women with curly hair can afford to relax. After all, fashion is rippling again. This also applies to light waves in the hair. Afro hair owners can surely emphasize their charm with bright makeup.

Grunge style is back in fashion

Grunge style resembles chaos on the head. The styling for long hair is eliminated. All you have to do is wash your hair and slightly curled curls, which makes the hair carefree.

The jet, slightly ruffled by the wind, simply looks original.


For lovers to collect hair in the tail, again a vacation. There is only one condition: hair with a low position. This style will perfectly complement the image of an office worker and at the same time help a woman look tender and virgin.

The bundle remains fashionable. Carelessness is important this season, or you can safely transform the curls into a harness and stab them with pins. When a pair of strands fell, not scary. This hairstyle is suitable for walking in the fresh air and for partying in the evening. In the second case, you need to add accessories.

Women used to braid their hair in long braids. Now the trend for such hairstyles is gaining momentum. Hair can be decorated with ribbons and accessories.

Choosing the most fashionable hairstyle with a bang on the average hair of the spring-summer season 2018 is not difficult, just look here -volosy-photo /

Fashionable place with a bang spring-summer season 2018, ideally underlines your elegance, look here

Fashionable new styling for medium hair spring-summer 2018 can be found here

Incredibly romantic, the braid trend was one of the most anticipated. Stylists of iconic fashion brands set no limits to their imaginations and presented entertaining variations with Afro braids, French, Dutch, fish tails, waterfalls, braids in boho style, etc.

At the Emporio Armani Show, the models’ hair was braided into two deliberately sloppy French braids when she decided in fashionable Valentino House that one would be enough. And at Detacher, the stylists created 4 tight, symmetrical braids on each side of the head.

For those who want to create an unusual image, fashion houses have prepared various styling options: torn, straight, long, short bangs. In general, the stylists left the choice of a woman. What kind of pony does she want? What suits her? How do I wear a bang? You can safely experiment this season as there are no clear indications. Fashion houses show bangs as a kind of hairstyle attribute for the spring-summer 2018 season.

Chloe models have bangs that work best for most everyday looks. The Mary Tatrantzou show was largely remembered for the hairstyles with the most asymmetrical and unkempt bangs that corresponded to the general mood of the pictures – the deliberate carelessness of the rock girl.

Hairstyle with a non-standard bangs option will fit long hair, straight or curly and romantically designed. This is ensured by absolutely all beauty variants and a large space for fantasy collaborations for manipulations with length. At Mulberry, bangs with uneven tips didn’t even reach halfway up the forehead, and straight hair just below the shoulder blades made for an incredibly feminine, cheeky look.

Wreaths, lotions and other decorations in the hair for spring-summer 2018

We Ukrainians, wreaths of flowers, according to their taste. You don’t want flowers in your head – so please stones, rhinestones, tiara crowns and other decorations. Hairpins, you can easily hook the hair on the sides of the temples, weave the pearls into the braids or arrange a thread with stones perpendicular to the parting.

Dolce & Gabbana knows how to please Ukrainians

Another flower arrangement from the Dolce & Gabbana collection spring-summer 2018

Dedicated to lovers diad. Spring-summer 2018. Dolce collection & Gabbana

Straight long hair and bright details on the temple. Versace spring-summer collection

Dries Van Noten suggests highlighting the separation with rhinestones

Curls, lots of curls for the spring-summer season 2018

We do not insist that you run urgently and make a perm, but as an option to change the hairstyle, to give the image a playful look – the curls are the biggest! These can be small, practically afroquark and larger and can turn into curls. In addition, stylists offer us curls for both super short and long hair.

Collection models spring-summer 2018 Kenzo

Lush mop with slightly tousled little curls. Marques’Almeida Collection

Curls can be collected in tufts, tails and put aside. Calvin Luo spring-summer 2018

Smooth curls that turn into tangled curls

It seems that something like this was worn 30-40 years ago? By Gucci SS 2018

Banal tail or braid in fashion in spring and summer 2018

Or even better / worse – the hair is somehow tied into a knot with a rubber band. Banking, Carl! But there are more than enough variations on the subject: the tail rolls in the tail that merges into the tail, the ponytail adorned with a scarf, a short, barely noticeable tail. Who would have thought that The simplest and most comfortable hairstyle of millions of women will be the trendy spring-summer 2018.

Antonio Berardi spring-summer 2018 hairstyle

Wide wavy hair tie is not the worst option.

You can collect pre-twisted hair in the tail. Erdem collection

Another artistic option in the Alberta Ferretti collection

After sewing, you can still use remnants of braid or fabric. By Rochas SS 2018

The same tail rolls in the tail, rolls in the tail. Ermano Scervino SS 2018 collection

Victoria Beckham offers to not worry about the hairstyle

Even the shortest tail is a tail.

Comfortable and simple hairstyle is now becoming fashionable. Spit Temperley from London Spring-Summer 2018

Difficult braids for the spring-summer season 2018

They know that it is blasphemy and betrayal to have beautiful long hair and not to take the opportunity to weave braids. At least once a month / week / half a year, girls should turn into real girls and weave braids. Well, if this is your usual hairstyle, read the first paragraph about loose hair. Sometimes you have to change your views not only about life, but also about how you perceive yourself.

Demanding and elegant braids from the Jil Sander collection

Fashionable hairstyles for the spring-summer season 2018

Bandages, scarves on all heads in summer 2018

Wide, narrow, a la 20s, 50s-60s, sporty headbands, especially black and white, scarves, scarves. On the line of the associations on the head we give you a complete carte blanche. You understand, we and world designers!

Hair band and small bouffant – fashionable hairstyle for spring-summer 2018

Miu Miu 2018 hair band

A simple scarf, scarf or fabric to match the clothes complete the picture.

Short twisted bangs

Short bangs – one more thing Beauty trend from spring-summer 2018. Let’s say right away – not everyone will go, although what you can’t do for fashion and beauty reasons. It is believed that bangs that are too short only apply to girls with an oval face type. But as practice shows, firstly, you can always make a long bang and secondly, if you don’t take any risks, you can remind yourself of it.

Model from the Erdem collection

Long bangs can be twisted and stabbed invisibly

Top unusual hairstyles at the shows of the spring-summer 2018 collections

It is better to see them once than to talk about them twice.

Or is there something in there?

Alexander McQueen collection

Bella Hadid in the Fendi fashion show

Model from the Haider Ackermann collection

Improvisation on pony by Gucci

Curl of Passion, as the idea of ​​hairstyles for spring-summer 2018

Extreme hairstyle by Junya Watanabe

A little more extreme by Junya Watanabe

Fashionable hairstyle option in the Maison Margiela spring-summer 2018 collection

Insidious nets from Maison Margiela

One of the latest trends is the effect of wet hair.

Trendy ultra-short hairstyles spring summer 2018 photos new

The undisputed favorite of the spring-summer 2018 season, stylists consider this type of hairstyle. A few years ago, young women didn’t dare to shave their heads completely, but now more and more beauties are showing off a boyish hedgehog. Ultra-short haircut is a great opportunity to lose a few years and refresh your face. Bright, radical style "under zero" implies a hair length of no more than one centimeter. Despite her external freedom, the woman emphasizes fragile tenderness and childish helplessness. The hairstyle goes perfectly with any sweaters under the throat and large jewelry. By the way, the ultra-short version doesn’t have to be styled and blown regularly. A girl can forget about scum and varnish because her hair follows every movement of her hand. This hairstyle will be an excellent alternative to fashionable women with a weak head.

Fashionable haircuts square spring summer 2018 photo news

It’s worth it How the place? Cut your hair bravely and do not hesitate – you have not violated the fashion rules of the spring-summer 2018 season. A four of a kind in the spring-summer 2018 season has no less privileges than hair that is as long as the belt itself or even shoulder-length. There are a variety of hairstyles here too, and there are practically no restrictions in this regard. Everything is possible in 2018! Another hit – styling with the effect of wet hair. This hairstyle looks particularly charming with large curls. And the length of the hair has absolutely no meaning in this case.

Trendy bob haircuts spring summer 2018 new photos

Bob’s haircut for several consecutive years remains at the peak of popularity. If you choose a magician who respects the technique of haircuts, you can forget about the daily styling because the hair itself falls into a beautiful hairstyle without the need for long-term care. In the spring / summer 2018 season, almost all types of this haircut are relevant because it is ideal for both round and elongated faces. It is believed that bob-bob hairstyle is an option for short hair owners. However, this is not the case. Owners of hair up to the shoulders and longer can also afford a trendy haircut. The hair looks neat and tidy. In the morning, you only need to dry them with a hair dryer so that they form even strands. Haircut bob for long hair – looks natural and attractive. A medium length bob dash hairstyle is a great idea for fine hair. Properly done haircut gives your hair more volume and looks every day as if you just left the salon. Haircut Bob for short hair – the most popular option among lovers of short haircuts. Such a bean looks fresh, stylish and fashionable. By experimenting with different styles, you can choose the perfect picture for yourself, be it Bob or Pixie Bob, depending on your preferences. The hairstyle can also be done on very short hair in the style of Hollywood stars who are up to the boldest suggestions of stylists.

Trendy haircuts with a sleek cut spring summer 2018 photo message

Smooth hair returns despite the popularity of "sloppy styling" back in fashion. Haircut includes perfectly straight hair and requires daily styling. Looks spectacular, with a square bang on the eyebrows that Taylor Swift wore not so long ago. Lily-Rose Depp and Taylor Swift returned to a chin incision.

Trendy hairstyles for girls with long hair

For girls with long hair, stylists recommend paying attention to the cascade. This option can be called a win-win because this hairstyle always looks attractive in both composite and loose form.

Such a haircut can soften the facial features and make the overall picture harmonious and stylish. The benefits of the cascade include a variety of different hair styling options that can be selected depending on the situation. As an everyday hairstyle, hair can simply be combined into a ponytail or bun. Removing a few strands of hair will give you a carelessness effect that is so popular in the new season.

When you go to a gala event, you can decorate your hair with a different decor, making a celebration of an ordinary hairstyle in just a few minutes.

If you let the hair loose, make a side parting, which is also a 2018 fashion trend.

Trendy hairstyles for girls with medium hair

It’s the average hair length that most fashionistas choose today because it offers endless styling options. In 2018, cutting bob on medium-length hair remains relevant, with the season’s new additions to the symmetrical car. But you have to be careful with bangs. Clear contours fit almost everyone. While due to slight negligence, it is necessary to reject those who do not consider facial features ideal.

Trendy hairstyles for girls with short hair

Fashionistas with short hair, stylists in 2018 offer to stay with pixie or rockabilly. The fashionable hairstyles also include an open forehead or a haircut without bangs.

Due to the popular haircuts in 2018, the haircut under the boy is attributed, supplemented by the shortest bangs. No matter which haircut you choose for short hair, decorate it with multicolored strands. At the same time, shadows can be the most incredible.

The weird pony that was popular last season will be replaced with a long and straight one in 2018. This option is suitable for any type of appearance. On the benefits of such bangs and the fact that you don’t have to spend too much time putting it on while the haircut always looks stylish. Girls with curly hair can straighten it with an iron.

Fashionable car

Kare – one of those hairstyles that will always stay current and fashionable. However, stylists make some changes and additions almost every season. In 2018 the contour square will be relevant. Such a haircut always looks good and does not require long styling. Based on the face shape, you can choose the length of the haircut.

In the new season, stylists have relied on a place without a bang. However, if your forehead is too wide, it is still better to leave a long bang. Above all, the picture remains harmonious. The only ones who should reject such a haircut are girls with curly hair, as they have difficulty styling.

Bob haircut

Another timeless haircut is Bob. And all thanks to its versatility, convenience and exquisite appearance. For girls with a round face, a bean helps to pull it out visually. The length of the haircut can be different, the most important thing is to keep its gradation. Because of this difference, the hairstyle looks volumetric and as natural as possible. This makes the facial features more feminine and expressive, since even an ultra-short bob is absolutely not aggressive.

In 2018 everything should look as natural as possible. Therefore, girls with curly hair don’t have to spend time straightening them. Wavy bob will be very welcome after all.

Haircut cascade

Clear contours are gradually losing ground. So pay attention to the cascade when deciding to improve your haircut in 2018. This option is ideal for long hair because it looks good not only on straight hair but also on curly hair.

There are many variations of the cascade. In 2018, the “ladder” will be relevant across the entire length of the hair, which will soothe the most disobedient hair and create volume or a cascade along the face contour.


Pixie’s hairstyle has not lost ground for several years. Since there are many variations, every fashionista can choose the right variant. To make the face look longer, you can stop at the elf with oblique bangs. If you want to emphasize the oval face and make the picture more playful, pull the haircut straight with bangs.

Haircut cap

The current discounts in 2018 include a spectacular one "cap". It can be done on the same level or asymmetrically. Simply choose a haircut here. Note that you need to visit the beauty salon regularly to adjust it. In addition, the cap needs to be styled regularly so that not many choose it. In addition, a harmonious haircut only looks in combination with an oval face.

Fashion mohawk

Stylists are increasingly shocking us with their suggestions. One of these new products was a Mohawk in 2018. However, it is not necessary to immediately imagine a punk, now the Mohawk is a clean transition from shaved temples to fairly long hair on the crown. In addition, this haircut can be painted in different colors.

When choosing a new haircut, keep in mind that in 2018 the naturalness and the harmonious combination of hairstyle and appearance are still relevant.

Hairstyles for summer 2018: actual length

Extended bobsleigh and square hit of the season.

Really universal bob hairstyle continues to be at the peak of popularity in the current summer season. Medium length is a great compromise, suitable for hair of any structure, for any face shape and for all experiments. An elongated bean can be placed in waves, smoothed with an iron, or put together into a tail. It is easy to care for such hair and it does not take much time to style. All of this applies to the elongated caret.

There are also many fans of this trend among celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Margot Robbie and Kendall Jenner show ideal laying examples.

Among the fashionable summer hairstyles 2018 for long hair are hairstyles for smooth and wavy hair popular. This is our favorite cascade, ladder and perfectly straight long hairstyle.

For short hair in summer choose a haircut squeak. She is good with short or long sloping bangs.

Short pony 2018

Another striking trend in haircuts is a very short, torn edge that doesn’t reach the middle of the forehead. This was recently demonstrated by Emma Watson and sparked heated debates among fans. Some thought such a bang was too childish, others voted for a bold new style.

Such bangs are interesting, but not everyone is suitable for them, and care and styling must also be taken into account. Before getting a haircut this way, it’s best to experiment with the overhead strands.

Wet hair effect

This season, many models went on the podium with styling that mimicked wet hair. Examples are Jason Wu, Marni, Etro, Sportmax and others.

Such a picture is good for hot summer days, but the styling is quite insidious and requires some skill. In the event of a defect or the use of inferior tools, there is a high probability that others will have the impression that you have not washed your head for a long time. So if you want to repeat the picture, practice first at home.

Curls and waves

Another trendy styling of the coming summer – lush curls. You have to be wild and wild, as if you had a real lion’s mane by nature that you didn’t think you could tame.

Owners of round and angular faces should experiment with this styling with caution.

In contrast to the elastic wild curls, there is also current summer wave styling. Light waves fit everyone and look great on any hair length.

Low tail

Hairdressers offer long hair owners to collect them in a low tail. It is recommended to decorate them with clips, rings, ribbons and scarves. Look for interesting examples from Tibi, Laura Biagiotti, Chanel, Max Mara.

Hippie braids

In summer there are not one or two braids in which all hair is collected, but several small braids in the sense of "hippie chic" and boho.

Of course, this hairstyle goes perfectly with boho-style dresses and such a striking trend this summer, like fringes.

80s styling

We have not mentioned this trend for nothing – in our opinion it is one of the boldest, liveliest and most memorable. By the way, they don’t just determine fashion for 80 years. Have a look at models Anna Sui or Phillip Lim: pony and bouffant like Bridget Bardot in the 60s. But Topshop Unique really preferred the 80s with their incredible waves, curls and curls. A very interesting example is Gucci – voluminous bangs that have curled up into strands like girls from pin-up pictures.

Different types of partitions

Side parting – a matter of purely personal preferences. With a farewell, both fashionable women’s hairstyles for short hair as well as for long. In the spring-summer 2018 season, we advise you to pay attention to the side parting. Almost inconspicuously deviate a few centimeters from the center (as in philosophy) or make a very deep part directly above your ear (as in Michael Kors or Prada) – there are many options. The side separation gives the hair more volume. If you comb it on different sides, you can completely change your face.

But this option will make the volume of your hair a little "catch". On the other hand, such long female hairstyles for spring-summer 2017 will make the face much more symmetrical and the curls will fall evenly on both parts of the face – comfortably and conveniently. Just have a look at the models by Roberto Cavalli and immediately feel the atmosphere of the hippies from the 70s. Tibi David coma styling is ideal for the office – perfectly straight hair that is combed into the tail.

Straight hair

If you prefer straight, loose hair, you need an iron and a thermal protective hair serum. Apply heat protection serum to washed and dried hair, paying particular attention to curls in the middle of the length and tips.

Part a small section of hair and straighten it with a flat iron, pulling the hair straight down. Start straightening closer to the roots and let the hair run down as quickly as possible so that the hair leaves no traces.

After stretching the strands all over your head, part your hair with a deep side parting and apply a serum with a gloss effect. With a little time and effort, you can have a stylish and beautiful styling.

Perfect smoothness

In order to create such a hairstyle for medium hair, gel or wax must also be used in spring-summer 2018. The hair should be perfectly dried, and then with the help of a gel in a parting and literally "smooth" to be shared. Fill the curls behind the ears and divide them into a straight part, as with DKNY, Elie Saab or Christian Siriano. If you are concerned that the hair is not perfectly straight and remains loose, remove your upper part from your temples in a "ponytail" like in Carolina Herrera.

This fashion season is designed in a retro style, especially in the style of the 60s. There will be high, lush hair that can be caught with a ribbon or styled with a hair piece.

These hairstyles look particularly good with the right make-up and the right clothes.

Long hair spring summer modern color of 2018 season

The trend towards naturalness also remains when dyeing threads:

  • For blondes, the stylists are offering a varied selection of women’s bows this year. Blonde natural cold tones like ash gray are relevant. The trend of the season – fine gray hair. In contrast to him are warm blonde shades of pink and caramel. Trend – wheat brown tones,
  • Blonde is the squeak of the current season. Nothing is more natural than the light brown color of the strands. It is not at all difficult for women with a Slavic appearance to maintain this natural shade.
  • The most fashionable hair color 2018 for brown-haired – cherry coffee. Deep red with a variety of chocolate, copper or coffee tones gives the female image a special charm, as can be seen in the photo. Bright red, fiery hair color is the squeak of fashion 2018,
  • Fashionable colors for brunettes in 2018 emphasize the depth of dark hair. Charcoal black tones, blueberries, coffee and chocolate make for an unforgettable picture.

Daily solutions

Casual hairstyles for every day are what every girl should deal with. It is enough to master a few simple tricks and get some nice accessories to solve the problem with the daily hairstyles. So, must-kev season 2018. Simple styling means highlighting the individual strands and hair clips. So you can create a relaxed, casual picture or remove hair and emphasize serenity and seriousness (useful for everyday business).

Different chewing gums, hairpins and bows. A simple tail still looks interesting and rich when you use accessories.

Simple side parting – the easiest way is not with a comb, but with the fingers. Some threads are raised, creating additional volume.

And of course you need to learn how to tie intricate knots and twist flagella. I hope you haven’t forgotten how to braid? Then you will shine with a new hairstyle next season.

After reading the fashionable hairstyles for long hair spring-summer 2018, you can say for sure that this season is the main thing – lightness and simplicity of styling. Complex designs are a thing of the past. Despite this multitude of trends, you should keep in mind that hair should initially be healthy and well-groomed.

Fashion trends in hair 2018

Trend season spring summer 2018 – careless haircuts with strands that are collected on the ears or placed on one side. Slightly tousled bangs on the eyebrows complete the picture well. Plus haircuts in this even thin hair seem to be fluffy in it. Another option for haircuts is perfectly straight hair, a clear cut line and a straight parting like Rihanna. This hairstyle needs to be put on every morning, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re sorry to part with curls, do an elongated foursome with the hair trimmed straight to the back of the head.

Trendy Haircut Elf Spring Summer 2018 photo news

The main advantages of the pixie hairstyle are the amazing simplicity and highlighting the benefits of a woman’s appearance. And this hairstyle is easy to style every day. The pixie hairstyle was born in 1953 thanks to actress Audrey Hepburn’s determined outburst. In the role of an independent and freedom-loving girl in the film "Roman Holiday", she cuts off her beautiful curls decisively, but becomes even more attractive despite this trick. And after the release of the film "Pixie" most popular among young girls. Since then, she has climbed to the climax of her fame and has become a hit in the spring-summer 2018 season. In the 60s of the 20th century, she changed her simple look, as complex hairstyles as "Bob" and "Square". Today she looks exquisite and at the same time just that, and most modern women have admired her with admiration. It has so many variations that a woman can accommodate an "elf" with any type of hair and face. The main thing is that the stylist should work properly with the threads. The hairstyle is primarily designed for short hair, but it is possible to cut hair on medium hair. The hair is sheared from layers and shaped at the top as a female “cap”.

Hair accessories 2018

This season, hairpins and various clips dominate hair accessories. Trend that is worth noticing. A pair of elegant hair clips give the picture a touch of glamor. Put a few barrettes in a cosmetic bag and you won’t be surprised by an unexpected party invitation.

Rubber band or scarf

The bandage appears to be just a simple accessory, but you can use it to create several different images. In a company with a lot of arrows and arrows, you become a diva from the 1960s. In a company with curls and short hair, it fits perfectly with a sporty image in the spirit of the 80s. In combination with a "wet" styling and bright make-up, a picture in grunge style from the 90s is created.

Many invisible hair colors are the best decoration. You should stand out from your hair. Secure them with any shapes and combinations.

Photo of the short fashion haircuts spring-summer 2018

Fashionable and beautiful hairstyles in the spring-summer 2018 season will not disappoint those women who prefer short hairstyles, easy-care, stylish and interesting. The trends in 2018 should once again prove that short hairstyles can look attractive and feminine. It is not necessary to use classic techniques. Masters call for experimenting with shapes, interesting additions in the form of bangs and an unusual separation. And in combination with fashionable colors, you can quickly achieve the desired result and create a stylish bow.

Lovers of hairstyles for long hair will be surprised to learn that short hairstyles in the new fashion season are ready to impress fashionistas with a variety and interesting styles.

  1. Popular haircuts
  2. Haircuts with geometric shapes.
  3. Stylish haircut grunge.
  4. Short bob
  5. Trendy pixie.
  6. Short volumetric hairstyles with different bangs.

Women who are ready to be the center of attention of their fellow human beings choose the first option and combine it with new coloring techniques with bright colors. Classic fans can follow standard bean shapes or a variety of short squares. Experimenting with the image enables grunge that many stars have chosen for their new image. Haircuts for short hair are particularly impressive and will look stylish with long bangs in 2018.

Trendy medium length hairstyles spring-summer 2018

It seems that haircuts for medium hair won’t lose ground and will go out of style. This is an excellent option for women who want to create a hairstyle that doesn’t take a lot of time for styling, but still offers the opportunity to use interesting styling options.

Fashionable medium-length hairstyles can be seen in the photo, proving that fashionistas have more freedom of choice in the spring-summer 2018 season due to the different hairstyle options, including the following:

  1. classic bob with asymmetrical bangs,
  2. Cascade with ultra-short bangs,
  3. Caret with elongated front strands.

Fashionable hairstyles for spring / summer 2018 will not disappoint fashion fans. Stylists ask women of different ages to choose classic medium-length haircuts, but to complement them with interesting elements – torn or short bangs, interesting color inserts on several strands. It is recommended to play with a degree. This is especially true for women who want to create extra volume on the head.

Stylists recommend combining such hairstyles with strong dark hair tones, choosing strong chocolate and chestnut tones and thinning the base with several shades. The Californian highlighting looks good on a medium length haircut, especially if the haircut chosen by a woman is multi-level.

Fashionable long photo of haircuts spring-summer 2018

In the warm season, it is not necessary to say goodbye to your favorite long hair to stay fashionable and stylish. Fashion experts say that in 2018, the focus should be on the cascade and patchwork haircut.

These two options will be win-win. And their main advantage is that they are suitable for women of different ages and with different face shapes. This versatility is supplemented by the possibility of different design options. Haircuts are suitable for women with thin hair and ideally hit the natural volume of those who have no problems with thick hair.

Each of the presented fashionable hairstyles can be improved by a master who responds to the wishes of the customers and uses the knowledge to select the perfect technique for a particular style, taking into account the external data of a woman. In contrast to the cascade, the patchwork haircut also enables a woman to have a highly modern, somewhat extravagant and unusual look. This is a bold decision that allows you to express individuality and stand out from the crowd.

Fashionable hairstyles of the spring-summer 2018 fashion season remind women that you shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with looks. Vivid images of celebrities who have already resorted to new products in the world of fashionable hairstyles prove that every woman this year can find the version of a haircut that allows her to look stylish and attractive.


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