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In May and June the wedding season reached its climax again this year. But no matter which day of the year the bride and groom say yes, it should always be the most beautiful in life. So that the groom can shine with the most beautiful bride, the perfect wedding dress and the right wedding hairstyle should not be missing. Here we show what things women should consider when making a wedding hairstyle and what trends there are in 2015.

The right preparation

Organizing a wedding ceremony and the subsequent celebration is a lot of work. If you have a wedding guide at hand, you will certainly find the planning of the wedding hairstyle on the checklist. Because the hair style should be carefully considered, to suit your own type, dress and possibly also the motto of the wedding. If the wedding takes place in midsummer, the hair at the wedding must not disturb and at best keep the neck free. It is a wedding in the twenties style, offers yourself one Water wave on. A trial investment at the hairdresser is a worthwhile investment. The bride tests whether the desired hairstyle really looks the way she imagined it. The hairdresser can also give valuable tips on care so that everything goes smoothly on the day of the wedding. If you style your hair yourself, try your hand at best on a simpler hairstyle. In principle, there is the perfect wedding hairstyle for every hair structure and hair length. A look at the current looks offers inspiration.

Styles of hairstyles for brides this season:

  • Romantic-playful
  • ambitious
  • decorated

A romantic, playful wedding hairstyle looks like it has been styled itself and therefore exudes lightness. In fact, such a hairstyle has to fit perfectly so that it can survive the day unscathed. The romantic look is characterized by gentle waves, casual braids and strands that fall loosely in the face. The girlish style is just as suitable for loose hair as it is for hair that is pinned up or pinned around the head. Such a hairstyle must not look too wanted, which is why a few strands can look out here and there.

If you like it more elegant for your wedding, you should take a closer look at the current updos. A classic, strict bun with straight hair is stuck high on the back of the head. That looks noble and fits pretty much every woman and every dress. A variant of the classic knot is the chignon, which is tucked into the neck a little more relaxed.

Decorated bridal hairstyles are very popular this season. The classic veil is replaced by flowers and ribbons. These adorn both a bun and an open head of hair. Whether many small roses together with gypsophila or a lush rose blossom in white or pink – floral jewelry goes well with a natural look. Bows made of tulle or satin make the bride look sophisticated. Hairbands with feathers or small glitter stones as well as hairpins with pearls make every hairstyle a real eye-catcher.

The choice of the right bridal hairstyle must be carefully considered and integrated into the wedding planning early enough. In many cases, photos help the bride to find her very personal dream hairstyle.

Image origin: Thinkstock, Wavebreak Media, Wavebreakmedia Ltd


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