Famous and best short hairstyles from celebrities you know

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You can get a lot of positive attention very easily if you are dealing with the beautiful palette of vibrant colors, versatile short hairstyles and highlighting trends like the celebrities. Here are some of the hairstyles to be discussed by celebrities.

Short haircut by Katy Perry:
This is a cool style with a line bob haircut. It is for short hair. If you want to change your hairstyle with colors, then you can use rainbow colors for tons of fun, just like Katy. With beautiful deep green eyes, the striking blue turquoise base color just makes you feel “WOW”. So take an example from Katy’s hairstyle and just go for experimenting with colors, add on she her own eye color.

Short hairstyles from Miley Cyrus:
Miley Cyrus has edgy blonde short back and boy-cut sides. Her bleach blonde hair looked totally edgy and cool. It shows your extrovert personality. There is a sexy look with a platinum blonde short haircut. This is based on the vintage with short back and sides. This is a kind of daring haircut that stays on the top longer. It has a face-flattering tug on the forehead. It has a side-swept fringe that looks soft, feminine.

Carey Mulligan Short Hairstyles:
Carey Mulligan has chic short soft blonde bob with bangs. If you have a textured hair with medium texture, it will be fine, Carey have the short bob hairstyle. It is both youthful and flattering. It looks pretty to your face shape, like heart-shaped. The cut for this hairstyle spans many levels. There is additional texture and volume.

The wavy tousled bob cut by Vanessa Hudgens:
The thickness of naturally wavy hair looks really attractively short. It is for medium hairstyles. It is ideal for naturally curly hair. It can be difficult to control how the layer technique removes the bulk, which is undesirable.

Famous and best short hairstyles from celebrities you should know

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