Elegant hairstyles for short hair: 8 stylish and trendy ideas for short hair – hairstyles 2020 new hairstyles and hair colors

There is an opinion that the short haircut looks the same. That is not true! Make elegant hairstyles for short hair using our selection, which gives detailed instructions for each styling.

Elegant hairstyles for short hair: trendy ideas

We offer elegant hairstyles for short hair that make everyday life varied:

Wreath of harness

Separate yourself from the page. Gather hair from each side and fold it with strands. Pick up strands from behind, also twist and wrap. Fix hair with invisibility, form wreath. Hairstyle fix with varnish. When locks turn, it’s not creepy: they’ll add elegance.

Retro styling

Comb your hair. Sprinkle vertex strands with varnish. Scratch after drying. On the back, fix the hair wiper with invisible. Smooth them out with the comb. Include free lower locks. Lay them down carefully and secure them with invisible ones. If desired, fold scarf in the form of stripes and knots in front, hide. Variant without a scarf fits into the business style.

Lay in the Greek style

Screw curls with brackets or curling for volume. Tighten the elastic band. Twist the flagella strands on a circle and place them under a rubber band. Cover your hair with varnish. This hairstyle is not difficult, but it can change your look dramatically.

Elegant hairstyles for short hair: stylish ideas


Part hair in the middle or side parting. Braid Braids on both sides towards the ear using the technology of the spikelet. Attach the pigtails firmly behind the ears.


Preheat the iron or curling iron. Pinch top locks. Start rolling around the back of your head, twisting short locks. Long curls roll in different directions. Pull or straighten the iron vertically. Twist bangs and firms the hairstyle with varnish. Curl is suitable for all hair lengths. It fits perfectly with the evening dress.

elegant bun

Curl your hair lightly to make it look lush. Leave the strands on the sides, the rest gather in the tail and make the waistband on the back of the head. Free curly braid with French braids, strands under the floor. Connect the pigtails over the bar, hide The tips and fix the rivets. Hairstyle looks impressive, suitable for not too short hair.

Elegant hairstyles for short hair: fashionable ideas

Crown of braids

Separate strands from both sides. Embroider Dutch braids over your head. Listen to your ears, don’t snap new strands. Relax with braids for the volume. Locks on the back of the head in an endless loop. Pair braids, cover with a bow and secure with invisible. Decorate the pit in the middle with flowers if desired.

Braids on the sides

Divide sideways or in the middle. To the right, twist the fish tail out of the thin strands. Twist two thin French braids on the left. Lift the strand of hair on the crown and fasten it invisibly under the crossed braids. Lower curls and gently loose hair. As a result, the hair to the shoulders looks very different.


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