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The ice princess constantly forgets to brush her teeth and floss. So now she has holes in her teeth that need urgent attention in this medical simulation game. She is waiting for you at the dentist and hopes that you can help her!

These four stylish princesses want to go out with their babies. Can you help them choose fantastic outfits for it? Instead of strollers, they would rather take baby carriers for their dear little ones this time.

These four best friends are stressed out at the wedding. Your friend has turned into a bridal monster! Now they have to change before the bride goes crazy. Can you help them find some new outfits quickly in this totally weird dressing game?

These girls are planning an exciting and really stylish challenge. Do you help them create great looks that show how talented they are in fashion? You have to choose the right outfits and the right make-up. Yes, that’s what girl power looks like in this cool dress-up game.

These princesses want to go surfing! But what should you wear for your beautiful summer day on your favorite beach? In this dress up game you can help them choose the perfect outfits and accessories. The girls just came from shopping, so they have loads of things to choose from.

These best friends are late for the yoga class! Can you help them quickly choose the right outfits in this dress up game? And after the course, you can also use them to prepare a quick healthy snack.

Elisa is looking for a new love in Elisa: Looking for a boyfriend, a fantastic game for girls. Help her ex in this awesome Dress Up to forget. After finding some exciting new outfits that are meant for four different dates, she is ready for the romantic side of life again. If you have fun Fashion– and boyfriend games, you’ll love this game.

Dating games are a lot of fun. If you like this game, you should Dial for love and My BFF’s Wedding try out.


CLICK LEFT to choose outfits and accessories for Elisa when she gets ready for her four dates

These two princesses take part in a baking championship. Both want to bake a cake, but first they need matching outfits. Are you looking for something pretty for them, so that they will also cut a good figure in the kitchen in this great dressing and cooking game??

The greatest and greatest night of the school year begins! Can you help these four highnesses get ready in Princesses: Prom Night Celebration?

They are late for their prom and need your fashion tips. Quickly find beautiful clothes, accessories and makeup and more for them in this one Dress Up.

Back to School: Princesses Rush and Princesses at a Masquerade are other great ones Princess Games, that you can try.


  • USE THE MOUSE to choose items for the princesses.
  • CLICK LEFT to use them for prom outfits.

These three princesses love anime. Now they want to dress up as some of their favorite anime characters. Can you help them design great cosplay costumes in this online girl game??

The prom is tomorrow and these princesses are not ready yet! Can you help them prepare for that unforgettable night in Prom at the Princess College?

You have to find the perfect dress and the right shoes and accessories! Help them as all six princesses put together beautiful outfits in this one Princesses game.

game controls

  • MOVE THE MOUSE to choose stylish items for your princesses.
  • CLICK LEFT to use it.

Being chic is not a question of the weather! Can you help these girls dress up for a gray afternoon My Cool Rain Boots?

You are looking for cool and comfortable boots in this Dress Up. You can also choose suitable makeup and clothing for her.


  • USE THE MOUSE to choose different types of clothing and makeup.
  • CLICK LEFT to apply it to an outfit.

It is high time that these fashionable girls did a makeover again! This time they want to choose new hairstyles and outfits first and then do a pedicure. Can you help them find fresh and fabulous new looks in this online game??

These famous cheerleaders are on their way to a competition. Can you help them choose some awesome makeup and uniforms in this dress up game and makeover game? After all, they have to look absolutely fantastic if they want to win!

Was it just a dream? Join this young princess on a magical journey and learn the truth in Princess: Enchanted Forest Ball.

Last night she dreamed of a trip to a land of wonders. In this princesses game you can accompany her and her friends when they return there and visit an enchanted ball. It will surely be a night full of fantasy, fun and beautiful clothes!

Princesses: Prom Ball and Fairy Tale Princess makeover are two more fantastic online games you should try.


  • USE THE MOUSE to choose clothes and makeup.
  • CLICK LEFT to select them for the princesses.

The Miss Beauty contest starts right away, but which of these stylish contestants wins the main prize? That depends on you! Help them pick the perfect dress, coolest swimsuit, and great accessories before going on stage in this awesome dress up game for girls.

The wedding bells will soon ring for this trendy bride! Do you help her and her friends design great outfits for the hen party in BFFs: Bachelorette Party?

It should be a night that they will never forget and they want to surprise everyone with their fantastic outfits. Can you design the perfect outfits for the bride and her four friends in this Wedding Game? You can choose her makeup, hairstyles, dresses, and more!


  • USE THE MOUSE to choose trendy items for the girls.
  • CLICK LEFT to see them in any of the great outfits.

Each of these five young princesses works on one new style. Can you help them in some exciting outfits Princess: Colorful fashionistas to create?

There are a lot of stunning dresses, accessories, and more to choose from for her. Can you think of some totally fabulous looks for the princesses??

We have a lot of other cool ones Fashion Games and princess games. Ellie: Get Ready With Me, Fashion addicted princesses, and Princess Fashion Blogger are just three of them!

game controls

  • CLICK LEFT to create great outfits for the princesses.

The sun is shining and this princess and her friends are looking forward to eating their favorite summer candy! Spend a day of fun and fashion with them Princess: We Love Ice Cream.

It is both a dressing room– as well as Ice Cream Game! First you design great outfits for the girls and then they choose their favorite ice cream flavors. Help them put together the perfect outfit for the season.

game controls

CLICK LEFT to create outfits and desserts for the princess and her friends.

These three princesses have decided to have a crazy candy party! Can you help them find totally cute and stylish outfits in this dress up game and design game? You can decorate them with gummy candy, peppermint candy and other sweets!

K-Pop is one of the coolest genres of music there is! So these four princesses just can’t get enough of their favorite Korean bands! One of them is on tour in her kingdom and the princesses have tickets for the first concert. Can you help them choose fantastic outfits for this unforgettable evening in this dress up game?

Welcome to the future of fashion! Can you get exciting outfits in Princesses: This is the Future create?

These four princesses are so bored with the current trends. That’s why they want in this Princesses game create new and futuristic styles. Help them in thisDress Up, Create cool designs with lots of great clothes and makeup that look like they come straight from the 23rd century!

Do you want to create more futuristic outfits? Then give it a try The Princess: Sent to the Future and Princesses: Future Fashion out.


  • USE THE MOUSE to choose makeup, clothing, and other items.
  • CLICK LEFT to use it.

These trendy princesses like to dress appropriately for the season! Can you help them create magical outfits in Princesses of the 4 Seasons?

Each of them loves a special season in this Makeover game. Design a beautiful autumn fairy outfit for the princess who loves autumn and find out whether you can also put together the perfect style for the winter-loving princess. Will you be able to make each of the young and stylish majesties shine in a magical seasonal outfit?


  • USE THE MOUSE to choose items for each princess.
  • CLICK LEFT to apply the outfits.

These three girls want new sweaters that not only cozy, but also totally chic! Can you help them design such sweaters in their virtual studio in this dress up game and design game? You can also choose cool skirts and accessories for the girls that make the outfit perfect.

The weekend is here and these princesses want to spend it completely relaxed and really relax. Can you help them spend a few chilled days away from their court duties in this online game? You prefer to relax with wellness, makeover and more.

Which sister is wearing the most elegant outfit? Find out now in this awesome dress up game. Choose breathtaking outfits and a suitable make-up with them, so that they can then take part in this year’s celebrations for the Grand Fashion Award. One will definitely win!

Abby has a lot going for this summer. She wants to build a tree house, hold a muffin party, look at the stars and much more! Spend a wonderful summer with her in this online game for girls!

These young princesses want to bake cupcakes together! Can you make sure that this dressing up game is great fun? To do this, they first have to put together the perfect outfits.

These three princesses are having a steampunk party tonight. Almost everything is ready, only they haven’t chosen their own costumes yet. Can you help the princesses in this online dress-up game to quickly find really cool outfits with the right great accessories?

Ellie has booked a wonderful trip to Hawaii. Do you help her prepare for this unforgettable vacation? She could really use your help in this awesome girl makeover game. Pick a fantastic outfit and cute makeup for her and quickly give her a manicure.

Another great day in the life of this princess with super powers! But before she can take on the biggest villains in the kingdom, she has to decide what to wear. Can you help her choose a cool costume, matching makeup and a strong hairstyle in this online game for girls?

Abby wants to have a nice afternoon with her latest decoration projects. Can you help her put together new designs for her outfits, bag, and more?

This princess has a rendezvous after school and her big crush is a prince. So she wants everything to be perfect on this lovely afternoon. Help her choose a great outfit and matching shoes so that she looks fabulous in this attractive dress up game for girls?

They are best friends, but both take part in the same fashion showdown. Will Ellie win the main prize or will Blondie go home as the winner in this exciting dress-up game? Help them create adorable outfits before the competition starts!

Ellie wants to impress her boyfriend Kevin with a quick makeover, but she’s really late in this online dress up and shopping game! Join her when she visits the beauty salon and her favorite boutiques. Can you help her a great one new Create look for the holidays?

The ice princess wants to start a blog about her favorite clothes and makeup. What should she write about first? Help her decide which great styles to celebrate in this online girl game.

Ellie’s fashion blog has a new topic: The woman in red. So she has to create many new looks, for example with red skirts, tops, make-up, etc. Help her put together cool outfits in this attractive design game for girls?

Ellie likes fringed outfits, but she just doesn’t know how to style her hair. Which accessories should she choose or should she try colored contact lenses? Help her make the right decision in this cool dress up and makeover game for girls?


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