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May 4, 2019 — by MCutts0

Dreadlock short hair is a new addition and modification to the old dreadlocks hairstyles. In ancient times, this dreadlock hair was used by the Indians with the name "Jata". Later, these hairstyles will appear among all other parts and people the whole world popular. In the case of African American people, this hairstyle best suits braiding because it has hair structure and other ethnic characteristics. In this article, we’ll discuss the short versions of the popular dreadlocks hairstyles to make you even more crazy and wild. So let’s start.

The blonde locks

The first is the blonde and thin dreadlocks braids with an updo design. This hairstyle comes from the dreadlocks, but has been modified with modern concepts. Here the braids are positioned as an updo with a beautiful, blonde color. You will be the magnetic part around you when you wear this super cool hairstyle.


Here comes the symbol of trust. The woman in the picture is wearing a tiny and colored dreadlocks hairstyle. This hairstyle gives you a flawless beauty and perfect cunning for their Office and home. You will enjoy the hassle free maintenance and great charm of this hairstyle if you use this for you.


Most African American women can be seen with these colorful dreadlocks braids in modern times. The main reason for using these braids is the timeless beauty and wonderful effect of this sexy hairstyle. Wear this and be the queen of the world of beauty to enchant others with your glamor.

Highlighted edges

Introducing the highlighted edges of the dreadlocks short braids. Here the beautiful braids are short and the edges are colored blonde. This hairstyle is much more popular among young stars and teenagers. With this hairstyle you can safely rule the world of beauty. So let it be the next hairstyle for you.


Now let’s try an updo with the short dreadlocks braids. Look at the picture and try to understand the beauty and effect of this hairstyle. Be careful, you can be enchanted with it. And don’t forget the tribal earing and necklace used by the girl because they added an extra effect with this hairstyle.

More direction braids

The same short braids, the same color and the same hairstyle are shown in this hairstyle in a simple and slightly different way. Here the beautiful braids of the shirt are positioned multidirectionally to give the braids a charming effect. Everyone will fall in love with this super sexy hairstyle from you.

Twisted dreadlocks braid

Now it’s time to add some color and twist to the short dreadlocks braids to get a different look with the same braided hairstyle. This hairstyle consists of the blonde and short dreadlocks braids and a twisted design. This hairstyle is highly recommended for the beauty conscious and working from home women for the maintenance of work and beauty at a time.

Blonde and dark

Here’s a great combination of spiky short dreadlocks braids with two big hair colors. The blonde and the dark are both the most beautiful colors for the hairstyle of any type of women. To the African American black women is perfect for that. The front braids are studded and colored and the rest of the braids are naturally colored. Beautiful, is not it?

Side braids

Hit them with the dreadlocks braids. Her short braids are pointed on one side of the head and the other side is released. The red color, the patterns of the braids and their hair design made this possible. Try this while going to a party or occasion. You will surely rock the party.

Bob shaped

Bob-shaped braids can be a good choice for you if you want a short hairstyle with the dreadlocks braids. Among all short hairstyles, the bob hairstyle is the most used and popular hairstyle for African American black women. Use this hairstyle and let the world bow to you for your effective beauty.

Red highlights

Color makes you different and unique like these women. The same dreadlocks braids with some red highlights made them look like a heavenly angel. This angelic look has become possible for her lovely red highlighted dreadlocks braids.

Wild braids

The wilder you are, the crazier you are and the most beautiful is your area. I don’t think I have to prove that after presenting this hairstyle to you. This girl, with her perfect short magnetic hair braids, can make someone turn to her twice.

With pearls

Dreadlocks are wild and the pearls are wild too. If you combine these two elements of hairstyles together, the output will be just like the picture. The thick and short dreadlocks braids with beautiful iridescent braids. To make you more charming and breathtaking, use this super sexy hairstyle.

Mohawk and dreadlocks

Mohawk can be a good choice for you with short dreadlocks braids. The same mohawk hairstyle is prepared here with the dreadlocks braids. And the effect of this hairstyle is wonderful enough to enchant everyone in no time.

Dreadlock twist sweet bun

About 92% of African American black women love the bun hairstyles most for some kind of embellishment. With the help of short dreadlocks braids, a sweet and charming bun was created. And the effect and beauty of this hairstyle cannot be described in words.

The simple short

Simplicity hides the real effect of beauty and glamor. These simple dreadlocks braids have proven that once again. I don’t have to explain about this hairstyle or recommend how you have already been enchanted with it.


Use short braids, make some of them pointed and point them forward, and color the spiky ones with the blonde color, leaving the rest of the braids with the natural color as usual. You are done with your hairstyle and enjoy.


Now you should judge this great beauty. I have nothing to say, let us know which one you chose for you and what the effect of it was.

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