15 Popular Dreadlocks Styles for Men

May 10, 2016 — by MCutts0

men dread hairstyles

You will agree that a hairstyle can say so much about your person without you ever having to utter a word. For men who wish to stand out of the crowd, a unique hairstyle is a must. Often times, the more intricate the style is, more unique it makes the wearer. Dreadlock styles for men has for ages captured the attention of many due to its innate beauty. Great world figures like Bob Marley, Lucky Dube and so many more helped in popularizing this hairstyle. Men dreads is a hairstyle that cuts across all cultures and religion all around the world.

Brief history of dreadlocks styles for men

dreadlocks origin

Dreadlock hairstyles can be traced way back to ancient Greece where Spartan soldiers were required to mat their hair into locks as part of their military camouflage. With time, it began to spread to other cultures and religion as some notable Christian of old have been reported spotted on dreadlocks. Notable among them was James the Just, the first man to be appointed bishop of Jerusalem. Not only where Christian clerics wearing dreadlocks, but their Islamic counterparts wore dreadlocks hairstyle. Popular Islamic men that wore men dreads were Shaykh Aamadu Bamba of Senegal, Fulani men from Northern Nigeria and Chad etc.

Dreadlock hairstyle was adopted by many religions, as a means of achieving a high “spiritual status”. In Christianity, men who took Nazarite oath were obliged never to cut their hair no matter the reason. They took a cue from Samson accounted in the bible to have superhuman strength because of the dreadlocks he wore. Hindu holy men and women wore dreadlocks as a symbol of disconnection from the artificial things of the world. Dreadlock was also a symbol of power in these religions. Adherents to Buddhism saw dreadlocks as a way of escaping the vanities of the world, while living a consecrated life.

Dread hairstyles for men in modern culture

hairstyle modern

There are some common misconceptions held by so many people as regards dreads, but two are very common. First misconception is that men with dreadlocks don’t take care of their hair and that they leave it dirty and shabby at all times. This is of course not true as keeping dreads require a lot of maintenance even for religious purposes. In this article, we will share different techniques for maintaining dreadlocks. Secondly is that dreads is worn by religious people or Rastafarians alone. Dreadlocks need not necessarily be long, as there are some cool short dread styles for men in case you have been considering trying out dreads.

Dread hairstyles you can choose from

dread lock styles for men

Looking for inspiration on some cool dreads to wear? Below are several styles you can choose from. It does not matter if you have been keeping dreads for years, or decided your New Year resolution is to wear dreads, there is enough room for everyone.

#1. Short dread locks that is thick

This short dread style for men come in different arrays and variation that fits all types of personalities. If you dread keeping lengthy hair and still want to keep dreads, this hairstyle fits very well for you.

#2. Braided ponytail dreadlocks

braided dreads styles for men

When it comes to being edgy and trendy, this dreadlock style rocks hard. To create a deeper impression, colored dyes are used in creating different shades. The hair is then braided backwards, forming a spiky pineapple-like pony tail.

#3. High bun dreadlocks

If you choose to make your dreads long, then you must be willing to bear the weight of the dreadlocks because they are heavy. Wish to eliminate this problem; one sure solution is making your locks point high into the skies. To make your dread look more edgy, wear them in buns and wear them up high.

#4. Twisted bun dreadlocks

different dread styles for men

Twisted bun style is becoming more popular among black men and Africans alike. This black men dreads is achieved by twisting the hair into three weighty buns and then sending them backwards. For a more creative look, secure the three heavy locks together with a hair band.

#5. Long and full dreads

What comes to your mind whenever you think of dread locks? Long and thick hair locks is obviously the first thing that races to the mind. Well the truth is that before dreadlocks were worn for the purpose of fashion, they were mostly worn in long locks. If done properly and well maintained, you are sure to stand out in this hairstyle no matter your personality.

#6. Curly dreadlocks

curled dreads

Many dreadlock lovers and admirers are unaware that dreads can be coiled up for a more edgy look. Curled dreadlocks afford you some more styles for your look. The good thing about this style is that it is pretty easy to do, and you can as well curl up your dreads yourself.

#7. Messy dreadlocks

styling dreads for men

Want women to be swept off their feet when they see you, then you have to mess your dreads up. You don’t need to consult an expert or even go to a salon to get your dreads messed up. Just do as your mind dictates, and you are sure to come up with something great. It is as simple as that.

#8. Twisted dreadlocks in faux hawk style

styles for dreads for black men

This short dread style for men is the way to go for men who want their personality to stand out. Twisting the locks in the top section of the hair creates an interesting look for the wearer.

#9 Blonde Mohawk dreadlocks

dreadlocks mohawk

Do you have a bold personality and want to get heads twisting whenever you pass, this hair dreads is right for you. With locks matted into hawks and side hair completely shaved, you are sure to have a one in a million look.

#10 Twisted individual dreadlocks

different styles of dreads for men

This braided dreads styles for men truly make you look different from the pack. As unique as it is, individual dreadlocks is simply the combination of twisted and individual locks. For a more colorful impression, hair accessories with different shades of colors are worn on the hair.

#11 Two-tone dreadlocks

Experimenting with different colors on your dreads makes it look more cool and edgy. This style of dreads is truly for guys that want to make a strong impression.

#12 Low ponytail dreadlocks

mens dreadlock styles photos

When it comes to dreads, no one does it better than black men. This black men dreads style is perfect if you find yourself in a conservative environment were dreads is very much accepted. Nothing really stops you from consulting a professional if you wish to get a truly remarkable hairstyle.

#13 Men’s braided Mohawk with twists and dreadlocks

loc twists mohawk style

You would not mention one of the coolest and most intricate men dreads without mention braided Mohawk. This braided dreads styles for men is truly one of the best forms of dreads. Side hairs are braided and then locked into twists. As a final touch, the braided locks are fussed together and sent backwards so as to form a ponytail.

#14. Basket weave dreadlocks

dreadlocks with weave

This braided dreads styles for men demands a lot of patience because it consumes a lot of time. But with enough endurance, you are sure to come up with a dread that is intricately beautiful and spotlessly clean.

#15. Fade and spiked dreadlocks

short dread styles men

There are some dread styles that are just too edgy to be ignored and this dread style is one of them. This is basically a combination of faded sides and very low dreads that creates a spike-like look.

So there you have them. There are still several dread styles that will awe you when you see them, but space is a limitation here. As earlier said, dreads require a lot of maintenance even if they were naturally matted. So we will be looking at some techniques for maintaining dread styles.

For dreads that is clean and free of dandruffs, soak the dreadlocks into water mixed with shampoo, after which you will squeeze the dreads. Next is to wipe the dreads with dry towels so as to take out moisture from the hair. To achieve maximum result. Soak and squeeze the hair three times in shampoo before rinsing and drying.

It is easy for dreads to rotten if they are not properly dried. So before wearing a head gear on your dread after washing, ensure it is well exposed to air and heat. Preferably, you can make use of a hand dryer after washing.
Ensure that the shampoo you use on your dreads has no residue so as to keep your hair smooth all the time. Feel free to use wax when styling your hair. Maintaining dreadlocks is not that hard, neither is it that easy, but it is one of the few hairstyles that makes you stand out.

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