Do you sometimes think you are not beautiful enough for men?

have you ever felt unattractive?

Have you ever felt that men ignored you at all??

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and thought: "I am not pretty – no wonder that I have not yet found a reasonable man who REALLY loves me."

Well, I’m not a woman, but I can still understand that you can’t permanently feel like a supermodel. Self-assessment and self-love fluctuate every day. This is completely normal – even for us men.

After all, we are all human beings and do not see in ourselves the wonderful being that we actually are.

Still – women have a much more critical view of how they see themselves than we do men. I remember countless conversations with women who suddenly no longer felt comfortable in their skin and for a reason, apparently for no reason.

And the more I said to you: "Yes, you look really stunning today!", The more you seemed to doubt yourself:

She: "I’m not going anywhere tonight, I find myself ugly …"

He: "You are not ugly, you are beautiful!"

She: "You only say that to comfort me, I look horrible, I stay at home."

No matter what a man says in such a situation – it is hopeless.

Have you ever noticed how many below average looking women are with the greatest men? Perhaps you have already secretly asked yourself with such "unequal" couples: "What did you have that he is with her?"

Well, one might argue that the look of a woman does NOT play the crucial role in making a man fall in love with her?

Still, many women feel that they just don’t look “perfect”. You just wouldn’t be attractive ENOUGH. And that mostly has nothing to do with your ACTUAL appearance.

But where does this feeling come from, that you don’t find yourself pretty? Not to experience the sight in the mirror as a pleasure, but sometimes rather as an agony? Even if only in phases …?

I have spoken to a number of women about this phenomenon. It seemed absolutely illogical and puzzling to me why women who look really adorable treat themselves so critically. Why you look at every detail of your body microscopically and discover every little "mistake".

And every woman has this exaggeratedly critical look at her appearance every now and then, regardless of her age or her actual appearance.

After hundreds of conversations with various women, I came to the following conclusion: It is a FEELING, deeply rooted in the female conception of "beauty". This feeling is responsible for the fact that women are so overly critical of their appearance. And this feeling mostly has nothing to do with reality.

But where does this feeling come from: "I’m not pretty enough" ?

Who or what has implanted this distorted perception in so many women?

I recently came across a video that clearly shows where this unrealistic attitude of many women to beauty comes from:

Mmmhhh … terrifying, right?

The interesting thing is: I have spoken to a number of men about this video and 95% of them said:

The woman looked better BEFORE, much more natural.

The fact is: EVERY photo of a woman that can be seen in the media has been edited in this way.

Such an artificially pretted woman can be found on almost every cover of any magazine. The entire beauty industry, with all its diets, the "miracle pills" for losing weight, all its overpriced beauty products, produces such unrealistic images of women – it has only one goal:

They want to increase their sales, at all costs. You make MILLIONS by selling "fake beauty".

They suggest this on every cover of the women’s magazines:

"Look how beautiful you could be –
you are NOT ….!
But no problem, just buy this magazine / this diet miracle cure / this new anti-wrinkle cream and you will be just as beautiful – practically overnight! "

Even if you think now: "Oh, I will not be impressed by this" – never underestimate the power of the media, dear reader. You are influenced by these artificial female bodies every day – everywhere. On TV, on the supermarket shelves, on advertising posters …

Unconsciously, this constant irrigation with fake beauty has an effect. Namely, that you are rarely 100% satisfied with your appearance. And that will (most likely) make you buy the latest anti-cellulite cream or slimming shake. Or at least carry huge sums to the hairdresser, who doubles your workload for the same amount of time when he charged a man …

Please don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you shouldn’t do anything about your appearance. What I just want to bring you closer: Become AWARENESS about the obscene game the beauty industry is playing with you to get your money’s worth.

So the next time you spot one of these “flawless beauties” on a billboard, just grin and tell yourself:

"The truth is, she has a lot more cellulite than I do …" &# 128521;

I hope to have brought an important principle to your attention today:

Namely, that the beauties advertised everywhere were ALL created on the computer and that NOTHING has to do with reality.

And: don’t let the media sell you for stupid, okay?

I wish you the very best,

Your friend Christian Sander

Your beauty doesn’t need funds –

Cupid is naked and doesn’t love artificial beauty.

(Latin proverb)

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I am looking for help because I too have extreme problems in this regard. All women seem so perfect that I can’t believe a man could ever be loyal to me because I’m not pretty enough. I am 22 and refuse to enter into a relationship, even though I am actually sure that he is not angry with me. I also let myself be influenced too much by the outside world.

I am very happy to have found this article. :)

I used to feel ugly too … very long … I’m now 47 with two kids but feel better about myself than ever. I learned to love myself and felt the difference directly from the outside world. I notice how I shine and what effect this does not only have on men but also on everyone. And I certainly don’t look like a model … I don’t have to either. As soon as you feel comfortable in your skin and do not care what other people think about you, you draw on positive experiences. I could be in a room full of models and it would make me zero. Why? Because I stand by myself. It is worth listening to yourself and letting your character shine outwards. I can’t explain it any other way. Christian’s tips are awesome and they work. Thanks Christian!

Hello Christian thanks for the article.
I think a woman should make herself beautiful and take care of herself, but I find a woman who is no longer self-confident and should work on it more. I have determined with me or it works with many women so I do not know. But for me it is when I get to know a man that I have a lot of self-confidence, I am humorous, easy going, crazy;) but as soon as I fall in love I am conversely shy, reserved, of course not exaggerated, but stop differently, I make sure that I do nothing about my behavior wrong then I have to look in the mirror oh god I look nice sitting my hair and everything. Yes and all of this signals the partner. My question: what should a woman do after you fall in love, that you can be as before or just different. What methods. That you really fall in love. Thank you Christian and a nice Easter

Hello Christian Sander,
I don’t feel particularly beautiful and attractive. But I’m in love with a man.
When we see each other, we usually only start a small talk, when we are in a larger group it usually starts to tease me. he sometimes compliments me, but I guess they are just said "therefore". He never turns on me and I don’t know what I can do. Because I don’t know if he really likes me.
I hope you can help me there!
Because he just can’t get out of my head! &# 128577;
Sincerely yours

Hello Mr. Sander,
A lot has already been written.
But it is not the main problem that we want to make ourselves more beautiful, as the media claim.
The main problem is that most of them want to be beautiful enough for a man.
Every guy looks at the half-naked women on magazines and wishes to have one at home. Or watch slender legs.
On the other hand, woman cannot do anything.
Any residual self-confidence is destroyed immediately.
Before I thought I was more than ok.
Now with my boyfriend I’m constantly scared, he thinks others are better.
Then I put on my make-up and buy diet drinks.
Would say: Men, stop the porn shit and watch her
More on "normal" women!

The problem is that not only women have such a broken picture of "beauty", but also men, especially young men. And if there is a woman who feels beautiful and comfortable in her skin, the man finds her "ugly" because he only thinks of the photoshop model in his head.
Appearance attracts – character holds together
But if you don’t look good, you don’t get to present your character.
Wrong world…

Hello … I like to read through the articles and it is clear to me that the media shake our self-esteem a lot. Still I would rather understand why the men support this ?! I am 35, 3 children… I am 1.68 and have 60kg…. So there is no reason to complain … but I get to know men who are different from day to night. Many make "stupid" sayings and just want to have the perfect woman. Can be among us, I’m just a bluff! And that’s just because the men want it that way … "Breasts must have de" I have a size A and mogel to avoid a stupid saying. I have no presentable belly after three children … Thanks to the corset, things look different with tight clothes. The downside … be honest with the men … let the contact slowly fade away. It’s not just the media, men are also doing their part.

Hello Mr. Sander, everything you write and formulate understandably is so realistic – unbelievable. When I read the other comments, a self-description may be important to them because it is important to them at that moment. I can also express my opinion here that I can’t be everybodys darling – but you don’t want to convey that.
I understood for myself. More than that . . .
Also what you want to convey to us women. They give us women a "guideline" to cope better with the men’s world. I too have made my "mistakes" in the past and am not one that clings!
LOVE is giving and not taking. , only "woman" must be able to use it correctly. .

Thank you, Mr. Sander, you opened my eyes . .

Honestly: Just because a man with a lot of air exudes a lot of self-esteem doesn’t make him more attractive to me. &# 128521;

I can agree with the video. I think it is a mistake to blame the cause solely on the media. The fact is that every day you meet people who look better, are more active and more confident. In addition to the appearance, we also place other high demands on us. If one is not met, the chain reaction begins.
We constantly compare ourselves with the women where we think we are better than ourselves. I find the influence of the direct environment a more important factor than that of the media.

Hey ladies,
Do you know why so many find themselves ugly because they are so empty inside. If you really love yourself, i.e. love your inner being, you will also be loved from the outside. It is a natural law "as inside as outside". Life is much more than you can ever imagine. The "ugly" that you see is nothing more than an image of your inner being. People have stopped loving themselves. Education has taught us that whoever loves himself is a selfish person, but that’s wrong. Because only those who love themselves can love others and radiate this, that is beauty. Beauty is satisfaction with yourself or self-love. Do not be humiliated by anyone, believe in yourself and love yourself and your flaws and you will be amazed like yourself changed your life. ..

Hi there,
what we get from the media is really no longer beautiful and lacks any naturalness.
I would like to age with dignity, but it is suggested that you stand alone with it, as the only “old” so to speak, in the midst of smoothly poisoned and lifted people.
I am almost 50, have hardly any wrinkles and, despite several pregnancies, a BMI of 18.
I’m definitely not ugly and still men complain about me all the time.
Men are often simply superficial natures. They love to unsettle us women.
How often I was out with men who then demonstratively looked up younger women and I was suddenly breathless. The worst are the older men, those around 60 and older, who imagine they still get women between 20 and 30 years. Already experienced everything ;-).
The species man can now slide down my hump:
They are not worth tired cents for botox or anything.
LG by Maryline

Are you maybe a woman after all? And just pretend to be a man? You women understanders. I am a woman and have always lived an unusual life. Now I don’t care what men expect me to do. Everyone has something good about them. You just have to look for it. If you want to take the trouble. Many people don’t even strive for a character, an individual style, a critical opinion, a personality. I don’t mean that gender-specific. That’s so. From a psychological point of view, there is a conflict between convention and reality. I live primarily with myself and only then with others.
Maybe it’s good to learn to endure yourself before you can endure others. Who wants to deal with other people so extensively today? They should be easy to care for and give shallow answers. Sorry, no time i`m working.

Hi there,
I honestly don’t feel pretty either. I am not thin but also fat. My buddy thinks it depends on the inner values ​​anyway. But let’s face it men first look at the outside. And so that we feel comfortable women make up, etc. It is natural and yes media influence us but meanwhile everything affects us not only we women

Hello Mr. Sander, I am satisfied with myself and my appearance and my friend knows that. He keeps telling me that I’m only pretty at second glance. I started putting on make-up (dencent) and he was already messing around with what I’m now pretzeling out of. Then I let it go again and felt totally ugly for a while. For some time now I have found myself pretty again and dress more attractively, even in the colors that really suit me.
Today I have put on a skirt (knee length) and thicker pantyhose again because it is not so cold outside. He doesn’t even notice that I look totally different again today. I haven’t looked like this in a long time. Then I made the mistake and asked him if he didn’t notice anything about me today. Then he said no and then shortly afterwards oh you mean the skirt. I meant my whole look. Oh well, then only the answer came.
What am I supposed to do? I have the feeling that I totally do not care in any way regarding my attractiveness.
I told him today that I would go to the hairstyle again next month, because he said let it grow longer again. But I feel very beautiful and very comfortable with my current hairstyle. Why should I let my hair grow longer again? Just because he wants it?

I see it like Paula, I think that the media influence us a lot when it comes to beauty. But I also believe that there is a much bigger reason why you doubt yourself. As a teenager, I myself was once told how ugly I am, which pains the psyche especially if you were told at the age of 15, in the middle of puberty, where you really need confirmation from others. I was always the ugly one of my friends, they were all more popular with the men than I was! I am now in my early 20s and what can I say, it is extremely difficult for me to talk to men, I am really scared to approach men because I am afraid that I will be rejected or will be told again that I am not exactly pretty. I wait until a man comes up to me and unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often! I haven’t heard anything negative about me for a long time, there have been several compliments even recently, but that’s no use I’m desperate, no matter what a man says I can’t overcome my fear! It kills me it’s damn hard and I don’t know how to get out of this mess &# 128577; I would like to believe that it is exactly as you wrote it Mr. Sander but unfortunately I have not noticed any of this yet

@Polly; Self-doubt is the ax on the tree of love.

Hello Mr. Christian,
a very simple question;

can become a 50 year old handsome man,
fall in love with a small, chubby, 67-year-old woman
and plan a future together .
He only knows her from pictures and letters !
She has told him her doubts and he says:
For him, only 10% are on the outside.
Can it go well ?!

Why do women always return to men who don’t love them (i.e. women who don’t love men) when they feel lonely?

@ Stefanie
If you have a partner, they must find you attractive despite your acne.
The fact that you are forgiven confirms the thesis of Mr. Sander, provided you really look as bad as you perceive yourself. It is enough if you have one that you like despite your flaws. You can’t please everyone.

1. I will never pass on my email address
2. No, I’m not a frustrated single, I have a partner
3. Mr. sander, not only do the media sell you for stupid, don’t you?
4. I am not a dreamer, I am realistic.

Well … you can write a lot, but unfortunately the reality looks very different. Why should you believe such a curd cheese? For me it is so that I have bad acne that does not go away, I tried everything. Show me a man who finds something attractive. Face painting makes it worse. There are more things to do but I don’t want to bore anyone here. I have the same experience every day: only the exterior counts everywhere!!

Paula, you speak from my soul. I heard from my own mother as a child: "When a man realizes what a stupid thing you are / is no good / has eyes in your head / etc., he looks for something better." – I look at the pictures of my child, and I see a sturdy but lovable girl with an enchanting laugh, and wonder why my family couldn’t love this child, because my older brother was so hostile to me too. Disgusted and disgusted, he always turned away from me when I reached puberty. This has poisoned my soul and the many rejections in my life, often with insults and malice, have caused further wounds. Several therapies could not help me there, just made it clear what was going on.
I have withdrawn from people because I simply have no strength left. I am tired of struggling to approach people, to be exploited and fooled, especially by men, of course. The result is an almost unbearable loneliness, because no matter where I go, no matter what I do, people look at me that I feel like a rare animal. There are women who are much thicker than me, and I am not ugly or stupid, men also told me that, but only until they reached their goal. Or said: "Then not!" To lose weight, I would need a lot of mental strength. In order to be interesting for a man, I mustn’t be "mentally" hungry, or a lot of stamina and strength so that nobody feels it. Then I already lost.
I can still read so many guides, it will not help me!!

Thank you for the article. However, I personally have found that men are very critical of the appearance of women. And that women who really embody anything other than the beauty of our society are not wrong to despair of their looks. In such cases, despair is not the result of excessive self-criticism, but is also caused by society, by the ratings of its attractiveness by men. Something like that also happens. How can a woman who, for example, has been judged to be clearly unattractive in her early youth and grew up and grew up with this conscience, will ever overcome this despair?
If such a negative assessment of yourself has just arisen from the environment, then the way out of this agony is almost impossible. Cosmetic surgery may be an option, but cosmetic surgery also has its limits.

You write that you found the woman prettier in the video before. However, all of my male acquaintances all agree that the woman previously looked inconspicuous and barren.

I believe that women’s doubts about their attractiveness are not only caused by their own excessive self-criticism. It was shaped in our society that women should be the fair sex. And so the pressure on women to look good is simply much greater.

I think it’s good that a man talks about women’s problems. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. I find a Fau or a man with wrinkles on the face more attractive than lifted. For me, wrinkles are a sign of living life. Few women have model dimensions, it always depends on how you perceive yourself, so you also affect your counterpart. I think your advice is great, keep it up. But I have not yet found the topic that would have interested me at this moment. What does a woman do when she falls in love with a man (51, widower, a son of 25) at the age of 56 (married over 28 years, including 15 years without intimate life, a 28 year old son). Who comes from America, is in Afghanistan and with whom I am in contact only with a translation program. I don’t know if his details are correct and still
I totally fell in love with this man. I told my husband because I didn’t know where to put my feelings. He just said that you don’t fall in love so easily and you don’t want to just throw away the 28 years. I am totally upside down at the moment, am headless and still in love. My husband does not want to speak to me about the certain topic, not in the past or in the future.
Here I would like advice from a man’s point of view. But there is more to this man than I can talk about here. Love goes its own way, because I was not looking, he found me. The end or rather the exit is open …

Hello Mr. Sander,
… I am already over 50, have given birth to 3 children, but still have a BMI of 22… I am fortunate that the men speak to me and (still) look after me…. probably because I’m a happy woman. I am neither lifted nor "well operated", not particularly fashion-conscious – I do what I like!
I just think it’s wonderful that these clear words about "beauty" and the tips for women come from a man’s pen. I very much wish that the younger women in particular internalize this …. maybe there will be less "anorexic models and anorexic women".
Thank you very much and best regards

I am also very self-critical with myself, I was 23 at a party yesterday … that is not good for me, I am comparing myself and I am never addressed, I also try to distance myself from men as much as possible so that no one confirms what I have to say about myself think. I wish I could only find myself a little bit great e.g. I could never say what’s beautiful about me – not a thing. was with my sister she is addressed several times I pay no attention, I believe I am also anchored in the subject of beauty. My whole day is determined by my reflection. I need urgent help. these are normal so insignificant things but I deal with them more often or during the day at least 6 hours unintentionally. Of course, it is comforting to see and remember someone without make-up, just as normal, but for me that does not change the fact that they are only sedatives inside me to make you feel better, the fact remains that you are not satisfied … it comes high at patys you get the mirror in front of me, in spite of everything i always go back and then i realize how wrong that was, self-awareness courses maybe that’s an option. Oh yes, I feel even weirder when I hear that I’m pretty, mostly of women – so at intervals – who may have pity? no idea … it’s all absurd.

Great article, thanks!

hi Guys,
I’ve had the following experiences. It is actually the case that everything that looks better is also looked at first. Among real people. The older you get, the worse you are looked at. That is changing currently really that only young and beautiful counts here. It’s annoying, everything else is always marginalized, and values ​​hardly count anymore. The simple people are the dearest I always find. I also don’t feel particularly attractive as a woman, which I also feel. That’s why you distance yourself more. But I still have two good friends who stand by one.

yes, everything is clear and conscious to me. But what do you do with this knowledge if the partner describes exactly these female bodies that are presented to him every day as horny bodies, with the additional comment that there are, these perfect, horny bodies and I have to put up with that…. he just looks at it and that’s it

I see the mistake in the man…. his perception is in quotation marks to look after beautiful women. ..but you didn’t even think about how exhausting it is to be beautiful. .. yes there are many women who are simply beautiful by nature .. and many who have to do something for it. ..but you all say that beauty always counts for the date etc to be addressed … true … but you thought differently. That beautiful women are cheated. .. think about the celebrities eg sylvie meis beautiful woman inside and out … even she was cheated by her husband with her best friend and why? because she’s ugly now? So do you think it should be now? Of course, the beautiful ones are always addressed in our eyes .. but did you take a look over the edge of the plate … whether they have a happy marriage or are always satisfied because they are beautiful .. why can celebrities be operated even though they are usually already beautiful? Because they have no self-esteem and want to be even more beautiful. .heist beauty is always satisfied. ..what counts in your life. ..would you just think of being beautiful in your life? What is more important to you in life than beauty, focus on it. … very strongly even … tell yourself yes she is beautiful and is turned on but maybe she has no friends or is dissatisfied .?

Hello Christian,
I came across their site by chance and am amazed by them, their tips and their homepage.
Thanks a lot for this,
Your Tanya

Hello Mr. Sander!

I thank you for writing this guide! I will turn 30 next year and have not had a single relationship in my life, but thanks to you I have learned that it is not everything. I never had a relationship, so I don’t know what it’s like and I don’t lack that (female logic, what ^^)? Instead, I want to focus on other things that I can influence ACTIVE (e.g. broaden my language skills, buy my own apartment, etc.) and IF "the rest" comes, then it comes … if not – my life is the same very happy!

I especially like this page. I personally have NEVER heard from anyone that I am pretty (apart from my mom, of course ^^) and in "bad days" this page helps me a lot to gain self-confidence. When you mentioned these posters, I even had to grin. I have to say that I am overweight (BMI 27, but the pounds are "well distributed" :-)) and used to think when I looked at such posters: "Why am I not that slim?" … but today I think to myself : "I don’t know if I should look at the woman or use it as a cutting board because she is so flat!" XDDDDD

I know that well, especially when I was younger, around 20-25 years I often doubted myself about my appearance. One incisor is slightly crooked and that’s why I was teased at school, which led to the fact that at some point I no longer dared to laugh, instead I just “screwed up” my mouth. Later I often let myself be influenced by cover girls, of course I would never have admitted that &# 128521; At some point there was an article in a newspaper that showed how a couple of Hollywood beauties WITHOUT MAKE UP looked … .. insanity. When I saw Pamela Anderson’s picture I just thought "Wow does that look … .." more precisely I had to look three times to even recognize her. At that time it was the big "Baywatch time". The article also mentioned that she spent 3 hours in the mask before each shoot. Anyway, this picture cured me, after that I never compared myself to any of these beauties. I even cut out the picture and whenever I had days when I felt really ugly I only had to look at this picture. * Laughs *

As for my tooth, my husband thinks it looks incredibly cute. &# 128521;

I also feel ugly, 70 years and the wrinkles can not be stopped …
but of course standing with age is difficult.

So I’m just like you are Jenny! I will never be addressed, although I would call myself very attractive! I think that’s more likely

Hi there ,
I only say love you yourself, because there are always people who do not find you beautiful. This is because everyone has their own taste. That is also the meaning of beauty. Everyone finds something else beautiful, so do not listen to others where you are because of that you are no longer loyal, do not bend because of others, appreciate what you have, for example if you have a friend and if not then the person who comes right tells you that you don’t have to worry, I did that at the beginning because I was single
that I’m ugly, fat, don’t radiate anything but that’s just in my head they don’t find themselves beautiful that’s really sick for women. you know what I bene above all > mfg steffi

So to be honest, of course you look a lot better if you put on your make-up! &# 128578;
The woman looked incredible! I don’t understand why they worked on the face … which is really not necessary.

there must be something about certain statements that the appearance of a woman is not so crucial.
I am 20 years old, blonde, tall, slim and everyone says I am really pretty.
I’ve also got style, I was told, and I’m trying with one smile to go through the world.
But I can look what I want, do what I want – I just don’t get addressed at parties and discos.
Friends of mine who are a bit greasy, other women who, as others tell me, are nowhere near as pretty as I am – they all "get one off" – I don’t.

I was with my first friend for 5 years until 2 months ago. He was no good, smoked, didn’t look very special either.
Nevertheless, although I supposedly have everything – I’m studying, I’m not stupid and, as he told me every day, even after 5 hours – he found me beautiful.
He said that to me two days before he suddenly left me nothing and nothing.
So there is something wrong with me, right?

You see, dear ones, appearance doesn’t seem to matter at all.
I hope that gives you some courage.

"You find a person attractive because of his advantages, but you love him because of his mistakes" TRUE!
I’m excited about your belly
(have had a friend for a month … with a tummy that I love … that’s why;))

P.S. and I myself am far from perfect (cellulite / pregnancy strips), but my body feels good in its hands …

P.P.S. maybe we should just stop looking at ourselves in the mirror and look for a partner who tells us we are beautiful … maybe we should look for a partner we can love … and only then ask ourselves if he is too can love?

"Can other women / girls who are not super slim now eat normal things without gaining weight?"

Yes, you can. There are people who are blessed with such a body, others have to work for it and still have little chance of ever coming to this point.

But that is not the point. Okay, at 22 you give your body a lot more weight in the man-woman game than it actually has. I didn’t feel any different (as a man). When I was 33, I gained a little belly and I am no longer as visually attractive as I used to be. But during that time I gained confidence and learned what (especially cool) women are attracted to and how I can play with them. And I am often amazed at what great looking women are attracted to me. &# 128512;

No matter, I digressed. Everyone has problem areas, even supermodels. The point is: you see primarily the "problem areas" of your body and compare them with the fictitious norm of the glossy magazines. If a man finds you attractive, he never, never sees your problem areas … But he is so distracted from all the other features that you have no time for it. And believe me, I know what I’m talking about …

And I understand the whole delusion of perfection less and less. What’s the name of it? You find a person attractive because of his advantages, but you love him because of his mistakes &# 128521; So, ladies, who wants to fall in love with my beer belly approach?

Hello Christian and dear readers,

i am 22 years old or young how you take it. I know this video and it’s really bad because I think it looks really beautiful after that … Of course I thought right away, I will never look like that. I find it all really bad and that so many of it can be guided.
I myself would not call myself slim, rather normal, I just have a really feminine body, actually I should be proud of which woman still has really great curves today? I have these, but I am actually rarely satisfied with myself. I also always think that I’m much too fat for today and that becomes frustrating in the long run because I will sit in front of the TV at some point and feed a lot of chocolate into myself. After that, of course, I have the super bad feeling and something else I often think when I watch series, great I will never look like that. And it’s actually not that I really punish myself, I still eat normally, I love good food and I eat something sweet every day. I can’t really let it go, but then I complain that I am not as slim as everyone else.
But does that only catch my eye or can other women / girls who are not super slim now eat normal things without gaining weight? How do they do it? Or do I only see that? But I almost don’t believe that.
In any case, the point is that when I get to know men, nobody says to me that I’m fat, everyone says you have a great figure .. and those who may not think I don’t get to know anyway, but they are actually for uninteresting because it’s just too different. Well, what do I do that I feel good? I go running – regularly – but I often think to myself that it can not be that I only feel really good afterwards and above all feel good in my skin and body.
Back to the men again, even though I’m not as slim as the media say and many young people imitate me, so I have a size 40 – oh my god if I actually read this – is the limit already? Nevertheless now more and more often I don’t feel these 40 I just see my sexy bottom and my curves.

So back I often get to know handsome men, they’re not top models now, but I don’t want that at all, I don’t want a perfect man, I just want a man. And everyone was actually always slimmer than me or slim men who really do something for it, train hard and really everyone told me that you have a great body. I could never understand that and it will always be a struggle with myself as I see myself and since I really try to be happy for myself and happy with my life, everything is easier, I have almost no problems approaching people and I am addressed much more by men. Is also probably because I am not looking for a plan, I have often gone out with normal clothes after work and was never alone.

So to all women, we learn to love each other and then men also love us &# 128578; we are women right? We should also have a womanly body and be proud of it and not be ashamed of it.
I saw something recently, do you know Coco? This is the wife of Ice-T (American rapper) of course everything is not so natural with her and even if she has a super flat stomach, ok she is a star in Hollywood – for me they are not people – for me she looks looks like the worst chick but she has a great body .. why? Because he is totally female, she has wide hips, a normal or, for some, already big bottom and female curves. She loves herself for it and is loved by all men.

Ok ok I wrote a little bit, but maybe other women like me are too. Lie to all of you

Hi Christian,
I have a friend that I said hundreds of times but she still feels totally fat because a few stupid boys say that to her and she was mopped but she lost a lot of weight and still feels fat. And now she has fallen in love with a super cute guy with whom she gets along really well and he likes her. But she has self-doubt and believes that he will never fall in love with her. What can I do to help her?.

Thanks for this article!

It speaks to me from the soul, but above all young girls and women should know that "beauty" is produced in this way and that no woman looks so natural! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but industry always suggests to young people that they look like this with their means, I find it really bad!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for your article.
Find this very interesting, and I totally agree with you.
But it is really very difficult to implement all of this, and totally terrible how quickly you are influenced by the media when it comes to beauty ^^

Have a nice week.

Thank you for this article!
Sure I know all this … but I forgot again, merci for remembering …
however, I have never seen it as vividly as in this film … krasssss.


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