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June 9, 2019 — by MCutts0

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In our time, we can do so many different hairstyles that the selection is really difficult. But the bun is the most stylish and classy hairstyle that everyone loves and fits all of us. We present you an inspiration gallery with photos and videos about light downhill bun . The low bun is a wonderful solution for special occasions, for hot days and if we want something that is connected to our heads. The variations are really a lot and you can choose, depending on the length and type of your hair – a smooth one, chaotic, messy, loose, braided bun, side, etc. In most cases, you can make a nice bun without preparing your hair, but if you want, you can crepe for more volume or use products to straighten hair. You will also need rubber bands and pens to fix the hairstyle.

The simplest bun is made with an elastic one, but if you have very long hair, this variant won’t go for you. You make a ponytail and you pinch the hair at the end to get the effect. Think of the thousand solutions for the line, you can also play with the height and side of the bun. You always have the option, some Loosen eyelashes and let them fall freely.

Another option is to pick up the hair and wrap it with the space between the head and the rubber band. This way you get a nice litter that is very quick and very easy to make and that is the perfect end to your official outfit. It is an ideal hairstyle when you are invited to a wedding – not very engaging, but pretty enough and give you a sophisticated look.

The Easy Down Bun is a classic hairstyle that doesn’t go out of style

A light down bun for medium length hair

A quick hairstyle with hair split in two – low bun for long hair

Simple bun on the side

The hairy buns are a complete success on the podium

Two low buns with a vertical stripe

Jen Lindeley and her low bun

Elegant wrapped bun

Accesorise to your taste!

Divide the hair into three parts and twist the bottom part with pins. Then “coat” the other two

Simple and beautiful for a romantic look

Control over this bun may take a little longer, but it’s worth trying!

A feminine and pretty topknot that is not very long

The simplest bun that comes with a hair donut

The messy bun – the fastest hairstyle for those of you who have medium and rather short hair

If you have fine hair, it would not be difficult for you

To achieve this elegant effect, you have to bulge a little in front of the bun

Simple bohemian bun


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