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Hello my dears,

actually the first of March would be the meteorological starting signal for the spring. But with us it looks like the deepest winter. It snows almost every day.

in the chicken coop we have that chickens cleared a path. They are desperately looking for and pawing for fresh green. But unfortunately not a single stalk sprouts.


Dear Christine,
what a great idea with the cress. I will do it again soon. Should still have cress seed there.
Your chickens are really pretty, very lovely ladies ;-) I would also like to have chickens.
kind regards

Oh your chickens are cute. What kind of breed is that?.
We also have chickens, about 50 of them at the moment and my husband is currently breeding the Bressehuhn (white).

Fortunately, we no longer have snow, but a lot of mud and the eggs are only dirty. The cress is a great idea, only I think that it is more sensible to eat it myself, because of the number of chickens I can’t keep up with the sowing :) But we have hope, spring is just around the corner.

Greetings to the mountain

What a love you are " chicken Mama". They can count themselves lucky that you
mean so well with them. I love chickens. yours are particularly beautiful.
Oh, you’ve got it too. Then get well soon and get well soon.
Bussi by Christine from the Palatinate

Dear Christine,
Thank you for your kind words. Yes, the chickens are a lot of fun for us. They are also so trusting and love to be around them on takes the arm.
Greetings to the Palatinate,

Dear Christine!
Your feathered ladies are very pretty.
They also long for the sun like we all do at the moment. Here it is snowing again.
The cress is a great idea.
We love to eat it here.
It tastes like spring to me!
Greetings from the Black Forest

Dear Christine,
that is funny. We also got three new chickens at the weekend
or saved from the soup pot. Two look like yours :-))) And a brown one
Chicken is also there. Now we have six chickens :-). Yours are beautiful
Ladies and the cress is great. I will do that too.
Lg Christiane

Dear Christine,
our chickens have already been fed a lot
but never a cress bed, until now.
I just saw your great amature in the kitchen in the background,
I’ve had one since Saturday and find it so beautiful.
best regards

Dear Christine,
Your chickens are funny. And I think you are a very nice chicken mom :-)
A good idea with the cress – it grows quickly, so you will soon have supplies again.
By the way, your photos are totally beautiful!!
best regards,

Dear Christine!
I hope you feel better so far !
I laughed while reading the post soooo. your chickens are sooooo photogenic, that’s awesome; 0). the photos are all great and the names are sooo beautiful! I think I want a chicken too; 0)
Cress is sooo delicious, but I definitely want to do the egg and hairstyle.
Greetings to you

Dear Christine
The pictures are awesome – the white of the chickens and the snow in combination with the fresh green of the cress – mega beautiful.
Mmmmmh, I love cress on bread – had completely forgotten – but now cress is being sown :-)
Kind regards

that’s a luxury chicken feast :))
I like to think that the ladies first looked funny :)
nice that you are better again!!
best regards

Dear Christine,
So the flu caught you too! We all had it here too and were unfortunately in bed with a high fever.
Your pictures are so beautiful and also so extraordinary. Who can take photos of chickens in the snow that also eat out of your hand? The red of the chicken comb, the white snow and the green of the cress – these are simply amazing colors and motifs !! Super Christine!
I like cress a lot, it is really quite healthy and perfect as decoration.
best regards

Dear Christine,
Cress is a fine thing and I also had it in an egg cup before, it looks pretty too!
This year we also want to make something with cress as an Easter gift :)
Your chickens in the snow are so adorable!
Glad that you enjoyed it :)
GGLG Kristin

Oh, what happy chickens. , , you will definitely reciprocate with the most vitamin-rich and fine Sunday eggs; O)
A very nice post. , , I had to scroll up and down several times !
Greetings Doris

Hello dear Christine,
you have not only pretty cows, but pretty chickens too! And to match your blog, of course in white :-)
The idea of ​​the cress is really great and is obviously well received. I think you can live well – whether as a chicken, cow, horse or whatever.
Dear greetings, and I keep my fingers crossed that spring will soon come to you too,

Hello Christine,
gosh, you have decorative chickens! One prettier than the other! Great pictures. Everyone loves cress here. With butter on bread, in quark or soups. But not to be scoffed at as decoration!
Thanks for the nice pictures and inspiration! All the best, Diana

Hello Christine,
that has become a really nice picture story. You took great photos! Fascinating, not only the chickens, even the crate is brilliant white. Yes, you give me the idea to sow cress in time for Easter this year.
LG Kathinka

Dear Christine, how nice of you that you grow cress for your chickens.
I am surprised that you like them, cress is very peculiar to their taste.
Your chickens are so pretty, I didn’t even know there were black and white chickens.
Our dear Jade, will be happy about this wonderful post.
L.g. Edith. (It makes me very happy how good you are with your animals)

Oh, that’s sweet, dear Christine. to kneel! And how beautiful the girls are. if only all chickens had such a paradise on earth – your heart will really open! A wonderful spring week to you and all your sweeties and best wishes,

see you soon, sincerely Jade

Oh these are great pictures!
And now I’m hungry for a sandwich. I also really like cress.
Then the eggs will now taste particularly good :-)
Best wishes

Dear Christine,
get well soon!!
That you still have so much snow. insane!
Your pictures. the hammer. and the names of the chickens.
to beep nice!

Hello Christine,
the pictures are pure feast for the eyes!
Nice to watch the chickens this way.
I didn’t like cress before, but today I love it.
A fresh bread, butter, tomato and cress.
I’m going to the kitchen now. ;-))
Kind regards, Kerstin

Hello dear Christine,
what great chicken pictures. My husband would be jealous. He has long wanted some.
Enjoy the snow and make yourself comfortable.
All the best Julia

Wow what great winter pictures of the chickens! The cress idea is really sweet! :-)

A successful spring cure! The 3 are the purest models! Great pictures!
best regards,

Dear Christiane,
what a great post with great pictures.
Your three chickens make a very enthusiastic impression, let’s see how you like the eggs now.
And the Struwelpeter look great. The egg cups are pretty.
Now I’m going to sow again. In kindergarten times we always did this at Easter.
Have a nice weekend, best regards
I will show the cookbook in one of the next posts. ☺

my sooooo nice de PIPIHENDLA.
the glab das de bled gschaut ham..
with the vuina GREEN.
in the EGG CUP the KRESSE looks soooo
hearty ,, from. will go SEEDS kaffa,
raised no an fine TO
see you soon BIRGIT

Hello Christine!
What a cute picture – white chicken in the snow.
And thanks for the memory of cress, I have to look for one right away.
Got it fine

Dear Christine, what a delightful sight! But you made your dogs really happy! But even if the snow white suits their plumage well and the cress obviously tastes excellent, I finally wish you really Spring and real green grass! He has already arrived with us!
Dear rust rose Sunday greetings
from the Traude

Hello Christine,
wonderful, I love cress on a sandwich. I haven’t eaten for ages and I’m goggling for cress seeds tomorrow.
I nominated you for the Liebster Award today and I would be very happy if you took part ;-)
Best wishes and a nice Sunday evening
Petra vom Revier13

Dear Christina, these are wonderful pictures! I wanted to sow cress now, but so far I have not been able to get myself to do it. Your chickens seem to like it :)

Wonderful, your 3 chicken ladies in the snow.
Even the first picture conjured up a smile on your face. The white feathered chicken pops in the snow! Hi hi!
Sooo nice! Your photos are great again. The cress looks green and the cockscombs red, that works great in the photos. It would have looked even better in nature.

Hello Christine,
Your chickens made me smile, what successful pictures. grandiose.I have long had the desire to keep chickens with us, maybe this will be something this year;) With such a great pampering program they will hopefully lay an egg for you :). The idea of ​​the cress in the eggs I guess I do too, it looks so cute, I hope you were able to cure your flu and you’re fine.
Lovely wishes

What beautiful pictures! Your chickens are really good! And how funny, next week I will also have a post about cress, which is part of our Easter holiday. Best regards, Ulli

Hello Christine,
the three are too cute and the pictures are simply wonderful. I would have always wanted to have some chickens, but now that the fox has already brought a duck and the hawk is constantly circling here. I would rather look at your three sweeties.
GlG Christina

Hello Christine, thank you for yours love Words, I was very happy and then come over. Your photos are a feast for the eyes. And you also seem to be a country egg ;-). I am totally excited and now take a look around you. Everything looks incredibly promising. I wish you a nice coming week soon Christian

Dear Christine, I am very excited about your chickens !! The ladies are real beauties !! My five ladies and Gustav, our rooster, would also be happy about cress. Cress is wonderful at all and is also part of our Easter menu. A cherished tradition !! Unfortunately, it did not work for us with the winter shoot, it is bitterly cold and foggy. But we don’t give up hope !! Greetings, Nicole (who took you to her reading list!)

Great photos! And chickens! I really would like some too. I know the egg cups :-) I have them too! Nice blog, come now more often!

Dear Christine,
what beautiful chickens. and above all how happy they are.
The term happy chickens is used a lot, often wrongly, you are right.
All the best


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