Cut pony: cut pony yourself – without a hairdresser

by Redaktion September 01, 2016 at 09:30 a.m.

Are the fringe fringes in your eyes again? Save yourself the visit to the hairdresser, because you can also recut yourself – with these tips this is not a problem.

Do you have a pony that is too long? Then just pick up the scissors yourself – we’ll explain step by step for step, how it works, what you need to consider and in which case you should go to a hairdresser.

You need the right accessories!

You don’t necessarily need professional scissors like the hairdresser’s, but at least the scissors of your choice should be suitable for cutting hair. That means: stay away from household and paper scissors, because with them you risk fatal cutting errors! Get it yourself one Hair cutting scissors in the drugstore, the cheapest models start at a price of around 20 euros. .

What you need to consider when cutting bangs

It is important that you only cut your bangs when the hair is dry. Because wet hair contracts a bit – so the bangs can get unwanted short. The ideal time to cut bangs is the day you wash your hair. Do not use scissors immediately after washing and blow-drying, but rather the evening after: Only then will the hair fall naturally.

And that’s the right technique

Before cutting, you should shake the hair in the forehead loosely with your fingers until it has the normal "fall position". If you comb too much, the bangs may be too flat on the head and may be too short when cutting. Pinch the hair on the sides with clips so they don’t accidentally get in your scissors. Now hold the bangs between your index and middle fingers and cut the tips off at a slight angle from below. It is very important that you only take a few millimeters away so that you can correct cutting errors more easily.

Newcomers to pony should go to the hairdresser for the first cut, by the way: they know exactly whether a pony suits you and what length fits your face perfectly.

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