Create beautiful curly hairstyles with the curling iron

Especially women with straight hair want a somewhat voluminous and curly mane every now and then. No problem thanks to the curling iron! With a little practice, this will conjure up beautiful light curls for you in no time. A hairstyle made with the curling iron is usually suitable both in everyday life and on special occasions, since it always gives your hair a little more pizzazz and can also look very romantic and playful.

But what hairstyles can now be conjured up with a curling iron?

With the curling iron to more volume

There are many simple hairstyles that you can improve a little with the help of a curling iron. It is important that whenever you work with the curling iron, you spray a heat protection spray on the hair beforehand so that it is at least somewhat protected from the heat of the curling iron. You should also make sure that the curling iron has exactly the right temperature and is neither too hot nor too cold. This is the only way to make really great curls with the curling iron. We have put together a few beautiful hairstyles that you can easily imitate with the curling iron.

Hairstyles with the curling iron

Dreamlike curls

Especially for women with naturally straight hair, simple, light curls can become an eye-catcher. No matter whether in everyday life or on festive occasions: well-groomed hair with beautiful curls always look great! The easiest way to make yourself beautiful Conjure curls, if you use a curling iron to help you. On this reputable specialist site you will also find instructions on how to make your dream come true in no time Curls with the hair straightener. If you want to style your hair with the curling iron, you first cut off a relatively large strand of hair.

This is simply wrapped around the preheated curling iron and held in the wrapped position for a few seconds. Then you let go of the strand carefully. You already have the first voluminous curl. This way you continue with the rest of the hair. One after the other strand is so beautifully voluminous. It is important that you make sure that you always wrap the respective strand backwards around the curling iron. Otherwise, the strands fall ugly on your face, as you can also read in this popular specialist magazine.

Half-open hairstyle

Half-open hairstyles in particular look particularly beautiful when the open part of the hair is somewhat curly. Therefore, for this half-open hairstyle, you should first curl the hair normally, as described above, with the help of the curling iron. Then cut off a medium-sized section of hair at the front. This is then divided into two strands again. So that a particularly romantic look is created, you now wrap the two strands of the divided hair section very carefully and loosely around each other.

Then you can loosen the twisted braid a little by gently plucking it. The end of the braid you can first with a hair tie or simply with one Bobby Fix the pin. On the other side, too, you divide a corresponding strand and style the strand as well as on the other side. When you are finished, you can take both strands of hair together and fix them at the back of your head with a hair tie. The rest of the hair just hangs loose.

Ponytail with curls

A braid can also be spiced up with the curling iron. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for women with short or half-length hair. First you style your ponytail on the top of your head. You can find out how this works best in this well-known trade journal. This should sit as high as possible. Then you work the braid strand by strand with the piercing stick, so that many small curls arise. You can also use the curling iron to gently curl hair that falls out of the braid at the front because it is too short. Finally, fix the individual strands with a little hair spray and toup – done!

Conclusion on hairstyles with the curling iron

Many hairstyles just look really gorgeous if you curl your hair a little before styling. This gives straight hair a comfortable volume. In this context, the curling iron is really a real must-have. After all, you can not only conjure simple curls with it, but also beautify half-open hairstyles and even the ordinary ponytail. Just try out a bit which hairstyles can be created with the help of the curling iron in addition to the ones mentioned here.


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