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Beautiful hair stands for femininity and could draw everyone’s attention. Well-groomed hair gives you charm and promises a glamorous appearance. Glamorous appearance needs the perfect hair color, which emphasizes your type and fits your character perfectly. That means: If you want to showcase your hair properly, you should think about the right hair color for this reason. But how do you create the brilliant, shimmering hair color? There are a variety of variants available (from classic colors such as brown, red and black to trendy bright colors such as pink, purple, blue or green), but the color selection is becoming more difficult. If you, ladies, find your natural hair color too boring or naturally blessed with a rather unobtrusive hair color, then you probably feel like changing color, don’t you? The solution: to the hairdresser! But why go to the hairdresser and pay so much money for a new hair color when dyeing hair is so easy. No matter if you are for that fiery Red, the breathtaking light brown or for the Trendy purple decide, we show you how the desired hair color can be conjured up very easily at home. Take up the challenge by coloring your hair yourself! Since the basic rule applies here: Whoever does not dare does not win!

Coloring hair is not that difficult!

The preparation – plan the coloring in time!

When it comes to dyeing hair, there are a few tips and tricks to consider. It is very important: do not wash your hair before the dyeing process! Since the light sebum film protects the scalp, the color should usually be applied to the unwashed hair and the hair color. In order for the hair color to be even, it is advisable to treat the hair with strong styling a few days before. Not in the last place: if possible, pamper your hair with an intensive care program four weeks beforehand! That means: cut the tips yourself or have them cut so that the color looks as desired. Building cures and conditioners ensure the healthy hair structure, which contribute to the improvement of the structure and help against damaged, brittle and split hair.

The magic of hair color!

If you want to dye your hair, of course you need the right color that really emphasizes the character. You probably often ask yourself the question: But which color suits me? Hm..a question of taste, but not only. For those with a light, rosy complexion or green eyes, for example, a shade reminiscent of strawberries is just perfect! So, the color choice depends not only on your own preference, but also on other factors such as complexion and eyes. Yes, it is true that color plays an important role here. When choosing the right color, the ingredients are also crucial. Therefore, rely on high-quality and qualitative dyeings without ammonia! They protect the scalp and hair. Although in principle they do not last as long as the coloring with ammonia, they protect the hair from a cuticle with a special serum.

Spoiled for choice of colors!

Blonde nuances are still number 1 on the color charts!

But what color suits me?

Here we show you how the beautiful, shiny look works at home! You need the following materials to dye your hair:

All substances for hair color;

Cure for aftercare;

evl. Brushes and applicators;

Color hair yourself – what is needed?

Step by step instructions for self-dyeing:

First wash the hair once with a deep-cleaning shampoo so that any residues of styling products such as hair gel or spray are removed!

Then apply the coloring! Make sure that the package leaflet for the dye product requires coloration on wet, towel-dried or completely dry hair! Depending on your wishes and thus protecting the skin, use fatty cream or petroleum jelly! Spread the product over the ears, neck and hairline on the face!

Then put the old towel over your shoulder and put on the plastic gloves!

Mix the hair color according to the manufacturer’s instructions!

Apply the coloring with a brush or with the bottle head part by part on the hair!

Knead the color again in the hair so that the coloring is evenly distributed!

Leave the color on the head for about 20 to 30 minutes!

Rinse out the coloring!

Apply the hair treatment provided and leave it on for at least 3 minutes!

Finally wash out and blow dry!

Now admire the color result!

You could also create a beautiful ombre look in the same way!

Color hair: how it works!

Step 1

step 2

step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

If you want to dye your hair yourself, you should also take care of it yourself. There are special care products on the market for colored or tinted hair, which are of great benefit to you. They protect the hair from fading and with special UV filters Let radiate brilliantly. It’s so easy to maintain the intensity of the color for a long period of time! Do not mean it?

No idea which hair color to choose? Do not worry! Take a look at our great suggestions in the following gallery! Because every woman longs for the perfect hair styling!

Hair color is more than just color!


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