Clothing and hairstyles in the late 1980s

November 7, 2018 — by MCutts0

The 1980s went through a variety of styles for Kle >

credit: CREATISTA // Getty Images Whether curled with gel or fluffy, the mohawk has recently been a common hairstyle for men and women in the 80s.

Shoulders and waists

Big shoulders came into fashion in the mid-1980s and became a mainstay of fashion in the second half of the decade. Shoulder pads were associated with the idea of ​​power dressing. Inspired to a large extent of the nightly soap "Dynasty", men’s and women’s fashion wore large shoulders – thanks to the shoulder pads – which were emphasized by tight, tight waists or falling waistlines. Originally popular for women with a business career, oversized shoulders have become the norm for everyday use.

Bright colors and sportswear

Neon became the norm from the mid-1980s. These fluorescent colors were often used for skin-tight leggings and pants, minis and frilly skirts. Pairing neon-colored sweaters with light, acid-washed jeans has been a dominant trend for women. With the Sports fashion growth became the trend for branded sportswear from trendsetters Reebok and Nike to fashion icons. Tracksuits became regular daywear for adults and children. In the late eighties there was a baseball cap with a Pair of Air Jordans essential items for a fashion-conscious wardrobe.

Bold accessories

Accessories were the key to fashion in the late 80s. Colorful sunglasses, bandanas, capes, bracelets and bracelets were common. While glossy plated gold was used, neon colored plastic was also widely used. Leg warmers – as part of the sportswear fashion trend – have been used regularly as everyday wear >

Big hair to match

As with the clothes, the hair was colorful and big in the 80s. Hair for men and women had many layers and techniques such as perms and curls were used to increase volume. The trend towards big hair was embodied by mohawks, where hair was gelled and pulled up from the sides to create a straight, stiff comb that went from the temple to the neck. Large hairbows, hair ties and butterfly clips for hair were often used for women.


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