Cindy doll – British toy bestseller, popular all over the world

September 28, 2016 — by MCutts0

Cindy Doll appeared in the UK in the 1960s. His peculiarities had short blond hair, chubby cheeks and big blue eyes. They called her "nice girl next door." Over time, his appearance has changed towards the deadly fashionista and beauty, which was very similar to his main competitor – the American Barbie. Doll Cindy was once incredibly popular, and more than 150 million copies were sold during the brand’s existence. We can say that this toy is one bestseller in the UK and abroad.

The most popular doll

Cindy Doll (and Barbie) very attractive and, most importantly, focused on the different age groups. Cindy is primarily aimed at school-age girls and Barbie, who is generally popular with older children. But all in all, when asked what kind of toys for girls around the world is still the most famous, we can confidently say that this, of course, is the doll. Barbie, Cindy (photo №1) and their friends have been the favorite toy for many years. The originals have become collectibles, and some of them are worth £ 1500. The "Cindy" brand was officially registered and protected in 56 countries.

Cindy – doll that is comfortable to wear

Started in September 1963, the doll Cindy was an excellent model for the demonstration of teenage fashion. Because it was created by a wide range of high quality fashion accessories and the best British designers. Manufacture of toys for girls at different times do five companies, and each of them has contributed something different to the appearance of the doll.

Face and body Cindy has gone through many changes, changed hair color, size, figure, facial features. In 1965 she had a friend, Paul, named in honor of Paul McCartney and in 1966 – a sister named Flecke. Houses were created for Cindy, cars, pets, and a group of friends: Cindy, Vicky and Fleisch.

Doll Accessories

Cindy’s outfits are diverse in fabrics and are made in many different styles. There were mini and maxi, stockings and tights, dresses, pants and even a range of clothing designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Hair clips, headbands, you can change hairstyle depending on your mood. Produces doll with different Hair color: Cindy Doll brunette, blonde and redhead.

Everything you need for a beautiful and successful picture

Shoes also changed over time. These were the different sandals, boots, sneakers, shoes, slippers, pumps and sandals in different shapes and colors. You could even buy furniture for dolls. its range became wider and more varied every year. Cindy Doll (photo in the article below) before she had beds, closets, horses, beauty salons, country greenhouses or even a television studio.

The development of the brand

Cindy Doll was made by British company Pedigree Dolls & Toys produced and mainly because of its rivalry with the American Barbie doll became the most popular toy for girls in England in the late 1960s. Within three years from the time of creating the form doll remained unchanged over the next 10 years, analogous doll looks changed, she had her eyelashes, she grows up, on the contrary, grew younger. Production company engaged in toys Louis Marx Toys (1978-1981), Wesco (1981), Hasbro (late 80s – late 90s), Vivid Imaginations, New Moons (2003), Tonner Doll (2012).

Doll Cindy and her friends

From 1965 to 1968 another popular toy was Paul, the production of which was not started until 1987 by Hasbro. Beside Paul, boys were Robbie names Imani, a black friend Mel. Juni and dark-skinned Gayle who didn’t make it to the British market – new friends were added in 1971. In 1986, when Hasbro received the license to manufacture the dolls Cindy and a number of other popular dolls in Europe, Peter and Tanya dolls included in production lines, as well as inseparable friends Marc and Marie.

Such different Cindy

Every new look was adopted in different ways. For some fans, similarity to Barbie was a real letdown, while others accepted the change with open arms. In 1993 Cindy celebrated her 30th birthday, in this context a limited edition of 10,000 dolls was released for collectors. Diamond Princess was the most expensive Cindy doll ever.

Cindy celebrated his 50th birthday in 2013

In 2013, the "Cindy" brand celebrated its 50th birthday. This is one of the most successful role models, best friend, and a style icon for millions of girls around the world. The first doll had a full clot> Cindy had a house, a car, a fully equipped fitness center and an ice rink, lots of new clothes. Modern Cindy has her roots completely back and focus on youth fashion. Much attention will be paid to the design of clothing and accessories, which together with a fresh new face shows all of its originality and natural beauty. The main characteristic of Cindy today is a young, fresh, cheerful temperament, innocence and natural beauty.


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