Celebrity hairdresser aveda advised the

Celebrity hairdresser Aveda guess the

Udom Alevyılmaz Hair Design Salon Aveda Aveda for why we choose the natural content from guests as well as their products and brought health care for our team, our environmental policy and especially the brand of the Aveda sector changes. We believe that our guests’ health comes first line As the entire team, the best proof of this was the natural content of Aveda products.

(2) Aveda Hair what changes? What are your customers’ reaction?
It has been very positive reactions to our customers Aveda. Those who have met abroad before, Aveda, have found our gym so happy now. Start with hair products, the biggest change in the expression of a healthy hair, visible brightness and vitality.

Udom Alevyılmaz Hair Design Etiler

3) Paint colors to cover the difficulty we all know. Comments you receive from your customers about Aveda color reactions in which direction?
If the hair is very good, the structure of the profession and you are a hairdresser, which Can improve yourself with the range of colors offered by Aveda hair dye exactly the product you are looking for. Enjoy and Kuaförlüğünüzün color mixes to be creative. They also appear very shiny hair after another advantage of Aveda hair colors.

(4) makes the definition of healthy hair?
After washing your hair is not comfortable rubber opens, hair humidity in balanced, remains alive and light hair, whether treated hair is lost from the structure (e.g. wavy hair is cool with the waves and is flat matt "and lifeless does not appear), filled with the ends of the hair is not broken, the chemical processes done wrong and especially if the right products for hair very healthy hair care.

Type 5) hair of the Sun and the sea are food, dry. Summer preview, hair hair care like we do?
Decreasing moisture before summer hair at the top level and your hair needs, we need to give structure to hair vitamins. This is according to the hair structure and current direction will take place for at least 10 days, we can offer you a professional treatment. For example, if your hair is very lifeless and moisture free 40 minutes from an Aveda in 15 days and with a mixture of 3 different care professional care. Depending on the structure of the hair, a hairdresser in advance to your home, you can use the shampoo, conditioner and even recommend the rest of the hair with a nourishing cream.

(6) 2012 summer hair trends? Color and cut suggestions.
Summer 2012 hair trends the hall soon will carry out spring summer collection which we know exactly, but we can give some pointers. This summer, natural looking brunette in yellow tones of gold, silver is the reflection highlights, face and hair in the long layered cuts remains to be seen.

broken and damaged hair too 7) express care how do you do? For those who want to run which products themselves at home, you would recommend AVEDA?
Broken and damaged hair Aveda damage remedies treatment apply the massage hair products thoroughly, we offer to the population, so we see the effect of the product we are waiting for 5 minutes or so. Also Aveda Dry Remedies and Remedy Damage products are ready by mixing, applied to the hair with the help of the full cleared 15 minute Massage Express Wellbeing. for our guests who want to do hair care at home according to the structure of the hair consultation I suggest taking maintenance recommendations, because depending on the structure of the hair at home Aveda products can be used.

(8) which mimics the famous hairstyle?
Bridal hair design what I did for Ozge Ulusoy, Haar, Ceyda Düvenci and Bergüzar Korel in color these days, the most haunted and the desired views.

(9) Who are your customers? Working with the most famous is easy?
From my salon celebrities Ceyda Düvenci Bergüzar Korel, Ozge Ulusoy, Faisal, Sedef Avci, Selma Ergeç, Ece Seth, Farah Abdullah and dressmaker. Very easy to work with celebrities for us as all the houses in our lounge come as if they were families and mutual trust is at the highest level.

which one is your favorite see 10)?
I liked the open long in the colors brown, gold, copper and natural Vaklı hair.


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